Our church is located in the northern suburbs of the city of Pittsburgh, a diverse congregation that delights in seeing the work of Christ across generational lines.  Families, including youth of all ages and the elderly, worship together each LORD’s Day.  We also experience a small taste of the power of the gospel working around the world as we worship with brothers and sisters from a variety of nations and races.  Our mission is simply stated – to proclaim the excellencies of Jesus Christ so that we might live, love, and serve in His victory.

God has enlarged the borders of our congregation in recent years.  Since 2011, we have coordinated a multi-level ESL (English as a Second Language) program for the community during the school year.  Since 2016, God’s Word is preached in both Mandarin and in English each Sabbath morning.  We support Christian missionaries around the world through financial contributions to R.P. Global Missions, sponsor international men and their wives as they study for ministry at the seminary, and have sent a number of sons and daughters of our congregation to serve on the mission field.  In all of this, we have experienced great joy in seeing a number of people come to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ through these ministries.

God has also been faithful to those whose home is the Steel City.  By God’s grace, love and good works abound in our midst as members serve one another (through meals, moving assistance, and other practical support) and enjoy good fellowship over meals, in times of prayer, and through fun activities.  There are weekly prayer meetings, various Bible study groups, “Saturday Night Alive” youth events, monthly fellowship meals, and many more opportunities for us to serve and show our love for one another and our community.  In 2007, we daughtered another congregation slightly further north – the Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church of Gibsonia, PA, and continue to partner with them in activities, youth events, and special times of worship.

As the Lord leads, we invite you to come visit and worship with us!

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