We are a congregation in the Pacific Coast Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. Our denomination has its roots in the Scottish Reformation, and our earliest congregations go back to the early years of this country.

This congregation has been located in central Phoenix for over 60 years, and has tried to serve God faithfully in preaching the doctrines of grace as seen in the Holy Scriptures, and further expounded in the Westminster Confession of Faith.

As Presbyterians, we have a group of elders who lead the church alongside the pastor. These are men who are ordained into the leadership because of the godly quality evident in their lives, and because they meet the Biblical qualifications for such leadership.

Our desire is to see Christian men and women growing strong and maturing in their Christian walks, equipping them to bring up their children to also be men and women of God.

It is also our desire to see those who are without Christ hear the Word of God, become convicted of sin, and realize their own need of a Savior, which can only be found only in Jesus Christ.

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