We invite you to investigate the Christian faith at First Reformed Presbyterian Church. Our church is made up of people of all ages, from many places and backgrounds, who share a common living faith and seek to live faithful lives. Come and listen, ask questions, and participate in bible studies.

We are a congregation of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America.

We follow a historic Reformation liturgy which includes prayer, the singing of Psalms, the reading of Scripture, preaching, an offering, and in the morning service, the Lord’s Supper.

Our praise of God follows a 3000 year old biblical tradition. We sing the Psalms of the Bible with the accompaniment of our hearts and voices (a cappella = chapel style). We sing in four-part harmony but generally sing the first verse in unison. This way if you are not familiar with the tune your ear can pick it up.

We believe that the children of believers are part of the church. We teach our children about worship and they are welcome to stay with you through the entire service. If, however, a young child is not comfortable, there is a nursery available.

If you visit us and would like to partake of the Lord’s Supper during the morning service, please come by 10:45AM so that you can briefly meet with one of our elders to confirm that you are a baptized Christian and a member in good standing of a Bible-believing church. Members in good standing of other RPCNA congregations are always welcome to partake with us.

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