A group of colleagues, students, family, and friends gathered at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary on April 16th, 2021 to express their appreciation for Dr. Jack Kinneer, Adjunct Professor of New Testament Studies.

Dr. Kinneer began teaching at RPTS in 2003. He also was instrumental in the launch of the Doctor of Ministry program and played a crucial role in the refinement of the Seminary’s internal assessment processes.

Dr. C. J. Williams spoke on behalf of the faculty, Dr. Ray Heiple (Providence Church, PCA) brought remarks from the alumni, and Mr. Ian Gillies (Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland) spoke for the current students.

“Not only has Dr. Kinneer imparted to us a knowledge of Greek but he has encouraged and challenged us through his careful preaching centered upon the saving work of Jesus Christ.”

Representing the Seminary Board of Trustees, RPTS President, Dr. Barry York, delivered several gifts of appreciation, including a wonderful book of tributes written by many impacted through Dr. Kinneer’s eighteen years of ministry at RPTS.

Dr. Kinneer expressed his gratitude for the privilege of serving Christ at RPTS. He and his wife, Janice, look forward to many day trips and short camping adventures in the coming days!

Please continue to pray for Dr. Kinneer as he deals with the physical impact of cancer treatments. The Seminary community is praying for healing and endurance after the cyclical rounds of chemo.

Mark Sampson, Chief Administrative Officer at RPTS and a ruling elder at Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church (Gibsonia, Pennsylvania).

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