In November of 2017, the Midwest Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA) approved a plan to begin worship services in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio is the is the seventh most populous city in the United States. Settled by the Spanish almost 300 years ago, the city’s deep history is contrasted with its rapid growth: it was the fastest-growing of the ten largest cities in the United States from 2000 to 2010!

The church plant will be under the oversight of a presbytery committee led by Rev. Jonathan Leach. Also serving on the San Antonio Committee are a teaching and a ruling elder from the Dallas RPC and an experienced teaching elder providing on-site pastoral leadership in the Alamo City. We got in touch with them to ask for some more info:

“Our vision is to become a distinctly Reformed Presbyterian congregation proclaiming to San Antonio and all of South Texas:

  • the great reconciliation God has achieved for elect sinners by his death on the cross and by raising the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead;
  • the ascended Lord Jesus Christ’s present glorious reign over every sphere of human life and influence;
  • the coming judgment of men and nations at his return, and
  • the ethical implications of his cross and crown for every human institution and field of endeavour.

With God’s help, we aim to make this vision a reality by:

  • the plain exposition and relevant application of the whole counsel of God from the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments;
  • supporting one another toward the living of quiet, productive lives within well-ordered, loving families
  • urging a Biblical testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ’s crown rights over the individual, the family, education, all vocations and commerce, arts and leisure, the civil government, and the church;
  • maintaining a robust capability for effective diaconal ministry toward families in need, in order to become and remain a self-sustaining Christian congregation financially independent of secular agencies.

Come visit* sunny, historic San Antonio as she celebrates her tricentennial in 2018. Celebrate with us, too, the planting and growth of this newborn fellowship which will be Reformed in doctrine, Presbyterian in governance, and heartily committed to the simplicity and straightforwardness of worshiping our risen, ascended, and reigning Christ in Biblical praise, prayer, and instruction. Weekly worship services, followed by lunch and an afternoon bible study, are scheduled to commence in January 2018. For details on worship schedule and location, you can contact Pastor Leach at”

Pastor Mark Kroller, San Antonio Committee 

*For those of you in reading this in Australia, Ireland or Japan visiting may not be an option, but we here at Global Alliance would encourage you to pray, send a note of encouragement, or follow the work on Facebook and give them the occasional ‘like’!

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