I’ve been going to White Lake Covenanter Camp for as long as I can remember! My grandfather took my father to White Lake when he was a kid. I grew up going to this camp, I’ve been going for a while now and the 2017 Camp experience was easily the best year I’ve been to!

The counselors and staff were great this year. My counselor really helped me a lot. The staff I interacted with were really kind and they were cool. The camp director is the best and always made a point to ask me how I was doing. The speakers this year were really smart and I learned a lot of new things which helped me understand more about the Bible.

White Lake has been like a home away from home for me. I’ve made so many new friends here. I’ve stayed in touch with a few of them and I really appreciate having them to talk to and relate to. White Lake has been great and I highly encourage any young men and women to come down next year and participate!


Issac Robson from Providence RP, Rhode Island 

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