The Jerusalem Chamber podcast had its conception with a simple text from Nathan Eshelman to friends Shawn Anderson, Kyle Borg, and Joel Wood, “…I wonder if the four of us could do a podcast on the Westminster Confession of Faith?” Enthusiastic about the potential we brainstormed how we might serve the broader church community in a way that promoted the the faith and life of the Westminster Confession in a pastorally practical and doctrinally rich way. Thus, The Jerusalem Chamber was born!

The Jerusalem Chamber is named for the room where the Westminster Assembly met in Westminster Abbey to write, among other things, the Confession of Faith. This podcast is a unique and collaborative effort between four RPCNA pastors who also share a close friendship to provide a roundtable discussion on every paragraph of the “humble advice of the Assembly of Divines.” Our aim is to do so in a way that is informative and practical, but also captures the laughter and fun we enjoy in our friendship with one another.

While there are many good resources related to the Westminster Confession of Faith, our hope is to provide another accessible way to reach as many as possible. Far from being an irrelevant relic the Confession represents the evangelical faith that can respond to the self-centered godlessness of our culture, and answer the pressing questions on how to know, love, serve, and commune with the God of the Bible. Representing very different ministry contexts—from the political milieu of the nation’s capital, to the high-rise cityscape of Los Angeles, down to the hardworking communities of the midwest and rural countryside—Nathan, Shawn, Kyle, and Joel are united in their belief that the vitality of the church depends on returning to the biblical doctrine, worship, and piety summarized in the Confession.

The Jerusalem Chamber releases an episode every Monday. As we move chronologically through the Westminster Confession, each 30-45 minute episode focuses on a single paragraph. For every chapter of the Confession we will conclude with a Q&A from our listeners, and also include a featured interview with a theologian/scholar on related material. We are thankful for the generosity of more than eight publishing companies who have contributed all kinds of books for us to giveaway to our listeners. You can find us at, visit us on our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter @Jerusalem_Chmbr, and become a full subscriptionist through iTunes or Sermon Audio. May God receive all the glory through this simple endeavor from four friends whose faith is seeking understanding.

Rev Kyle Borg

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