RP International Conference is a six day “family reunion” held every four years. The conference brings a segment of the family of God together which includes new families who have united with the RPCNA, as well as families with a longer history of God’s covenant faithfulness.  Family members come from places as far away as Africa, Australia, Cyprus, Ireland, Japan, Scotland, and perhaps East Asia and the Middle East.  Over 2000 people of all ages enjoy fellowship focused on the Word of God, the Psalms, and prayer.  Beyond such worship experiences there is plenty of diversity in workshops, seminars, classes for all ages, and recreation. It is a golden opportunity for the young people of the church to learn how the Lord is moving among their peers throughout the world. Becoming acquainted with the members of Christ’s family through the talent night, the consecration service, social events, and free time, helps passages like I Corinthians 12 to come to life.

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