November/December Prayer Points

29th November – 5th December

  • Nantes, France RPC – Pray for the impact of the many gospel calendars which will be given out in the coming weeks. We’ve ordered over 100 calendars in a range of languages which the various members of the fellowship hope to give to family, friends and neighbours. Pray that this good seed would bring forth much fruit.
  • Cloughmills – Pray for schools today.
  • Senior Camp Girls: Tuesday is the next in study in the series the girls are working through together. Pray that as they join together on zoom the girls will really benefit from all that they will learn together from the Life of Peter.
  • Carrickfergus RPC –  GIVE THANKS  that our market outreach resumed mid-July. PRAY that the opportunities to share the Gospel will lead to people being saved and added to the Church.
  • Theological College –  GIVE THANKS that the College was able to commence in October. PRAY that staff and students will be kept in good health.
  • GIVE THANKS for the number of ReLove events Ballyclabber RPC has been able to hold over a number of years. PRAY that many who have attended in the past will continue to be challenged by the Gospel message they heard.
  • GIVE THANKS for the number of ladies, of all ages, throughout the denomination and friends who attended the Women’s Fellowship Evening of Prayer and Mission Updates arranged in October.
  • Woodstock RPC – GIVE THANKS also for the friends who have been watching services on Facebook live.
  • Convoy RPC – Like other churches in the Republic of Ireland, we have been holding all our meetings online recently.  Please pray that churches would be permitted to reopen soon.
  • Covenant Christian Fellowship, Galway – Pray for our young people back at school and for our students at college as they study mainly online. Pray for the Dóchas CU group (Bethany and Thomas serve on the committee) as they seek to encourage and help Christian students in this strange semester via online Bible studies and meeting up one to one outside.
  • Milford & Letterkenny RPC – Give thanks for some family members watching services along with our members and please pray that God would bring them to faith.
  • Spain RPC – Praise God for the Spanish session, in operation since late June, as they seek to encourage the men on the ground. Pray for the spiritual walk of Isaac and Rachel and of Martin and his family, that they would know God speaking to them, rebuking them, if necessary, and always loving them.


22nd-28th November

  • Lisburn RPC –  PRAY for greater conviction among our young people to remain where possible within our denomination to assist with the fellowship and work of our congregations.
  • Gateway RPC – PRAY for those returning to education in the autumn in what may be quite changed circumstances, that they would know God’s guidance and His wisdom for immediate decisions they have to make and for the future trajectory of their lives.
  • Cookstown RPC – PRAY the Lord will humble us as a denomination. May He teach us where we err.
  • Convoy RPC – We normally have our annual meal for our congregation and friends on the last Friday in November.  As we can’t have it this year, we have organised a fireside quiz instead.  We have distributed quiz sheets and  will meet by Zoom on Friday evening for the answers to the quiz and a short talk from the Bible.  Please pray that God will encourage and bless us through this time together.
  • Covenant Christian Fellowship, Galway – Pray for Gospel churches throughout ROI as we correspond unitedly with the government asking for it to reconsider the restrictions placed on our gathering for worship. Pray for the Lord to give us much wisdom and to grant us success and to use this time of crisis for much spiritual blessing in the humbling and awakening of many throughout our country.
  • Milford & Letterkenny RPC – Jonny and Mark are preaching live from their studies each Lord’s Day. Pray for God’s grace for all the extra technical work this entails. Pray that our studies in John’s Gospel would cause us all to marvel at Jesus’ resurrection and that our studies in Daniel would give us a balanced and biblical perspective on what is currently going on in the world.
  • Spain RPC – Praise God for the wise counsel and godly example of Martin Rizley, the pastor in Malaga. Pray for Martin and Isaac as they would seek to work together in difficult conditions, where even Christian people are a little apprehensive about receiving visits. Pray that they would find opportunities to challenge unbelievers and to encourage believers.


15th-21st November

  • Milford & Letterkenny RPC – Churches in Ireland are currently prohibited from gathering physically due to Covid-19 restrictions. Give thanks for opportunities Mark and Jonny have had to meet with evangelical leaders in Ireland in order to engage with the government on this. Give thanks for representatives of over 100 churches who have signed letters to the Taoiseach and pray that God would open ears within the Taoiseach’s office and that the government would recognise the utmost importance of Christ’s church meeting in a safe and reasonable way.
  • Renwick – Pray for Joel Wallace as he is the Resident-in-Charge for the incoming year. Pray that the Renwick committee would find 2 new volunteers to fill roles. Continue to remember the students living in Renwick and Christian students studying in Belfast.
  • Please PRAY for the Synodical Day of Prayer on 16th November which will be held in Cullybackey RPC.
  • Knockbracken RPC –  PRAY for those who continue to reject Christ and ignore the Gospel of grace, that God would wake them from sleep to see that the night is far spent and their souls are in serious danger.
  • PRAY for the leaders and teams of all five camps as they discuss plans for reunions that God will oversee their plans. PRAY for wisdom for plans being put in place for camps next summer.
  • Convoy RPC – Please pray that we will be drawn closer to our Saviour and learn more about his kingdom.  Also pray that we would be able to meet together for worship again soon.
  • Covenant Christian Fellowship, Galway – Pray for those in our Fellowship from different countries who are away from their families back home and for whom it is particularly hard in the times when we are not able to meet as a church family in person. (Presently we are in the middle of a 6-week lockdown at level 5 which is to end on 1st December)
  • Spain RPC – Pray for Rachel and the Berrocal family. Praise God that Elias and Abraham, the two younger boys, while not liking masks, are in good form and communicating more. Pray for Isaac Junior and the older girls who are attending school every other day, that they will make
    new friends and that there may even be evangelistic opportunities in their schools. Pray for Kezia who has just started school.


8th-14th November

  • Covenant Christian Fellowship, Galway – Pray for Billy as he speaks in Newtownards RP on 15th November on ‘How do you cope with children with additional needs?’ Pray too for the Lord’s provision as Billy and Mary look for a suitable new house in Galway.
  • GIVE THANKS for those who took part in membership classes at Cullybackey via zoom during lockdown. PRAY for God’s blessing both on them, as they make their promises, and us as a congregation as we welcome them to communion.
  • Ballyclare RPC – PRAY for wisdom for all our congregations in knowing how to conduct their services during this pandemic.
  • GIVE THANKS for Joel and Hamish coming into membership at Enniskillen RPC. PRAY for new members to join the Church.
  • Gateway RPC –  PRAY for Jordan and the others on the C.U. committee in Magee as they plan meetings up until Christmas. PRAY that they may be able to respond to what may be increased interest in spiritual things with their finger pointing firmly to the sufficiency of Jesus and His Word in all things.
  • Convoy RPC – Please pray that the Lord will encourage us at this time, that he would help us to cope with the changes, to adjust, to trust in him, and to grow in our faith during this lockdown.  Pray that God would protect the most vulnerable, and those working on the front lines.
  • Spain RPC – Thank God that He has kept the Berrocal family well recently. Please pray for Isaac’s preaching. He has been preaching both in Malaga Reformed Baptist and among the group that meets in his home in the evenings. Pray for contacts who have recently come to the evening meeting, that they will hear God speaking to them clearly from His Word about their sin and about the only Saviour. Pray too that others will be helped from Isaac’s sermons on Youtube.


1st-7th November

  • PRAY for guidance and wisdom for the leadership of the Covenanter Bookshop, the convener, committee and bookshop staff as they seek to serve God in this ministry.
  • Lisburn RPC –  PRAY for our outreach work, the “Upper Room”, that people who have attended in the past would be enabled to return and that the Gospel would be clearly presented.
  • Faughan RPC –  GIVE THANKS that although relatively few feel able to come out to worship, we have also seen a few visitors at our services since we began meeting together. PRAY that these people will keep coming back. PRAY also that the elderly and vulnerable of the congregation will be kept safe and well.
  • Convoy RPC – Pray that local people would be saved and added to the congregation.
  • Reformed Theological College: Pray for the safety of both students and lecturers at the college during the 2020/2021 session. Give thanks that classes have been able to continue in person with precautions in place. Pray for the 3 men as they start into their final year of studies in preparation for being ministers of the gospel.
  • Newtownards: Pray for the series of meetings running over the next 5 Sunday evenings “How do you deal with grief?” Philip Murphy addressed the topic of grief this past Sunday. Pray for those who listened in person or online. Pray that they will be challeged by what they heard. Pray that they will seek Jesus Christ as the only true source of comfort in their grief.
  • Spain RPC – PRAY for the new ‘session’ formed at the end of June – men from the Southern Presbytery and the Overseas Section, and comprising Martin and Isaac too, that as we meet month by month we will know harmony and will sense God’s direction through whatever problems may arise, for His glory.
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