May/June Prayer Points

28th May – 3rd June

  • Pray that the Camps and Conference Training Day would be a time of blessing and benefit to all preparing for Summer Camps. Pray for Rebekah McCullough as she leads training on “Understanding and Supporting Behaviour in children and young people”.
  • Give thanks that Jonny Fitzsimons and Kenny Stephenson both completed their second year at the Reformed Theological College and did well in their end of year exams.
  • Convoy RPC – Please pray that God would use the reading and preaching of His Word to speak into our hearts and to change us to make us more like Christ.
  • Seville RPC (Spain) – Pray for Simone. She had an operation in November to remove cancer from her head. She still has lung cancer, Pray that the Lord would comfort and heal her.
  • Nantes RPC (France) – Many of our students have gone back to their home country. We said good bye to Erin Peel and give thanks to God for the time she had as part of our church. We’re delighted that Aline, a student from Brazil, has been offered a PhD post in Nantes for the next 3 years. Please pray for Seoyoung (South Korea) and Chandrapaul (India) as they investigate different options for their future. We would love them to be able to stay in Nantes as they have been a real blessing to us. Please pray also for Olivia Holmes as she applies to study French in Nantes as of September.


21st-27th May

  • Give thanks and pray for the RPCNA Missions Team coming to Enniskillen (DV) from 11th July to 7th August to assist with mission and practical work.
  • Seville RPC (Spain) – Praise God for the 15 young people who attend our Youth Meeting at Seville. Some of these young people are showing an interest in the things of the Lord. Pray for them that they will be capable to show for themselves what we believe.
  • Stranorlar RPC – Pray for us as we continue to reach out to the whole community, that the Lord would enable us to help all those he has sent our way. Pray for our monthly outreach events that have been blessed by people attending our worship services.
  • Please give thanks for the election of Elders and Deacons in Loughbrickland RPC. Please pray for wisdom as they care for the congregation and progress the work of the Gospel.
  • Convoy RPC – Please continue to pray for those struggling with poor health, that they may know the Lord’s presence, strength and healing hand.
  • Nantes RPC (France) – We give thanks to God for the very positive Irish evening we had on the 17th March. We had around 40 people from outside the church, neighbours, friends from school, sports clubs and many of Heather’s adult students. It was a really positive evening and several people have asked if they could come to a church service. Please pray that this request would become a reality and that people would actually take the step of coming to church.


14th-20th May

  • Pray for the Ministers’ Wives Conference on Friday and Mrs Sandra McCollum as she speaks at it.
  • Convoy RPC – Our ladies’ outreach meetings continue on the third Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm.  Please pray that God would use these to extend his kingdom.  Also pray that the Lord would open other doors for us to share the good news of Jesus Christ with people in the Convoy area.
  • Knockbracken RPC – Pray that as a church family we would remain in the vine and bear much fruit to the glory of God.
  • Bready RPC – Pray for their missionary evening on Tuesday.
  • Seville RPC (Spain) – Pray for new contacts: M and Y. They are a couple that Rachel met, they come from an evangelical background with reformed convictions. They come to the church every two weeks.
  • Nantes RPC (France) – Please pray for Ana-Rita, the daughter of Sonia. We believe that she has been born again and so we plan to meet with her in the coming weeks to prepare her for baptism. Seeing her spiritual journey has been a real source of encouragement, especially to her mum, and is an answer to much prayer. Please pray for the coming weeks as we study God’s word together and for her baptism which is planned for the end of May.


7th-13th May

  •  Faughan RPC –  Pray that our congregational weekend 12th-14th May will be a time of spiritual growth for our congregation through teaching from God’s word and fellowship. Pray for God’s grace for our speaker, Rev. David Sutherland, as he delivers the addresses. Pray also for their Battle for the Bible evening on Thursday.
  • Pray for Cloughmills Women’s Fellowship meeting on Tuesday.
  • Please continue to pray for a building for Letterkenny RPC. Pray that we see fruit in our personal and congregational evangelism. Pray for our church weekend coming up at the end of May with Rev Jeff Ballantine.
  • Give thanks that has been and is being used worldwide in providing access to Reformed Evangelical books and please pray that God would continue to use this ministry of the Covenanter Bookshop for His glory and the good of His people.
  • Woodstock RPC –  Pray for opportunities to present the gospel to those who attend the English classes. Pray for wisdom and resources to know how best to make use of the key location we have on the Woodstock Road.
  • Please remember in prayer the final morning of Equipped to Lead on the 13th.
  • Gateway RPC –  Pray for Gospel opportunities for our young people through their work.
  • Ballylaggan RPC – Pray for the congregation and family as they grieve the death of Samuel Quigley.
  • Convoy RPC – Please pray for our children in Sabbath School as they learn from God’s Word each week, that through it each of our young people would come to know and to love the Lord more and more.  Pray that the teachers would know God’s help in this important work.
  • Knockbracken RPC – Pray that with one mind we would strive side by side for the faith of the gospel.
  • Seville RPC (Spain) – Pray for new contacts – S. She comes from a difficult situation. She has been coming for several months but not every week.
  • Nantes RPC (France) – Give thanks for the several new people who have been joining us for worship and Bible study in recent months. There are very few Lord’s Days when we don’t have someone out for the first time. We’re at the point where, if everyone is present, we don’t have enough space. This issue serves to underline the urgent need to finish the building work as soon as possible.


30th April – 6th May

  • Pray for the Knockbracken Guest Service on Lord’s Day evening 7th May.
  • Seville RPC (Spain) – Praise God that we have finished translating another book along with 12-14 Reformed churches in Spain. I have also sent our first book by PDF to churches in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and San Salvador. Please pray that the Lord would use this ministry to proclaim the gospel and strengthen the faith of Christians.
  • Give thanks for the children who attend our Good News Club at Bready. Give thanks that a child asked for a Bible and pray that this would lead to her salvation. Pray for more children to come along, in particular from the local housing development.
  • Reformed Theological College –  Summer Placements are due to begin at the start of May – Jonny Fitzsimons in Cullybackey and Kenny Stephenson in Dromara. Pray that these two months of practical training will prove to be of great benefit to the men themselves and to those among whom they serve.
  • Give thanks for encouraging attendances of students at Shaftesbury Fellowship and at worship services, and pray that our ministry to students will be fruitful. Pray for wisdom in reaching out to a diverse and spiritually very needy community around us in the [Belfast] city centre.
  • Convoy RPC – Please continue to pray that the Holy Spirit would quicken the ministry of God’s Word to the hearts and lives of all who attend worship so that sinners would be converted and believers built up in their faith.  And pray that we would know the God’s blessing as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper together this month.
  • Nantes RPC (France) – Summer team – We are planning a summer work team from our church in Ireland towards the end of August. What the team will be able to do will depend largely on the response of the town planners. Please pray that God will give wisdom in all the decisions to be made regarding the team.
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