October Prayer Points

20th-26th October

  •  PRAY for the mission at Ballenon and Ballylane from 23rd- 25th and 27th October. The speaker is Rev Gareth Burke.
  • GIVE THANKS for the Interim Moderator in Lisburn RPC, Rev John Hawthorne, and the willingness of all who have come to preach over the past year. PRAY that God will lead us to call the man that He is preparing for us. May the Lord provide pastors and teachers for His Church.
  • GIVE THANKS for the opportunity that Rev Isaac Berrocal has been given to work with a local football club [in the new mission in Spain PHP]. PRAY for the impact of two outreach teams this summer and the opportunities that might follow them.
  • GIVE THANKS for the staff of the Covenanter Bookshop and please continue to PRAY for them as they seek to serve Christ and His Church through the ministry of the bookshop. PRAY for the Convener and Committee as they seek to plan, guide and give direction going forward.
  • Convoy RPC – At our midweek Bible study we have started studying the doctrine of man and sin.  We pray that God will use this to help us grow in our understanding of ourselves, our situation and what he has done for us.
  • Nantes RPC – Continue to pray for Robin and Claudia Holmes and their children, Helen and Daniel. Their presence in our fellowship is greatly appreciated. Pray for them in their ministry amongst the large immigrant population in Nantes and also amongst international students. Pray that Helen and Daniel would continue to make progress in learning French and in settling in to life in Nantes.
  • Nantes RPC – Please pray for wisdom and guidance for local church leaders as they plan an evangelism project for the department of Loire Atlantique. There are some 200 communes with no evangelical witness and as local churches we are seeking to reach out to these communes with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Nantes RPC – For the past 4 years, Andrew has been attending “Prêche la Parole”, an annual conference in Paris, training men in expository preaching. Give thanks for the creation of a local PLP group which met for the first time at the start of October. Pray for Andrew and the other men as they plan to grow this group and give thanks for the time of rich fellowship that was shared.


13th-19th October

  • Will you please pray with us for Northern Ireland—that the Lord will visit us in mercy even at this late stage, before 21 October, when humanly speaking all hope seems gone. That he will act in supernatural power, with wonder upon wonder (v14) to cause the worldly wisdom of politicians to perish.
  • Dervock RP Church is holding meetings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week in the local community centre. Rev Mark Loughridge, Rev Robert Robb and Rev David Sutherland will be speaking on suffering, depression, and grief. PRAY for local people who have been facing these trials to come along.
  • GIVE THANKS for three people coming into membership in Galway Covenant Christian Fellowship recently and for all that the Lord enabled the GO Team to do. PRAY for the Spirit to produce much spiritual fruit through the sowing of the seed of God’s Word.
  • Please PRAY for the WF Central Committee as they meet this Saturday, that all decisions made will be for the glory of God and the extension of His Kingdom.
  • Ballyclare RPC requests PRAYER for their monthly Friendship Group. PRAY that non-Christians may be converted and the Christians challenged and encouraged in their faith.
  • THANK God for the people who help run the Bailiesmills Winter Bible Club. PRAY that God would use the club to do great good in the lives of Primary School children.
  • Convoy RPC – Pray for the teachers and young people in our Sabbath School, that God would bless them richly in their time together and that each of the young people would come to, and grow in, a personal faith in Christ.
  • Nantes, France RPC – Our first afternoon Sunday school went well, even though a number of people weren’t able to be present. During the class for the children, the adults met in groups to study the Bible and pray. Several have expressed their appreciation of the time together. Our next time together will be the 20th October. Please pray for this time.
  • Nantes, France RPC – The new academic year has brought some new students to our fellowship. Please pray for two in particular: Eleanor Blair from Limavady RPC who is working as a language assistant in a local school and Tom Freeburn from Portadown who is working in a local firm of accountants. Pray for Tom’s search for accommodation which in a month has yielded nothing, making his journey from our house to his work over an hour long.
  • Nantes, France RPC – Please pray for Heather as she has begun teaching English in Matthieu’s school and has resumed her English classes for adults. We give thanks for the contact that this teaching gives with many people and pray that, in time, this would lead to more opportunities for Heather to speak of her faith.


6th-12th October

  •  PRAY for the mission at Dromara RPC from 7th -11th October. The Speaker is Rev Gareth Burke.
  • Nantes – Each new academic year often brings students to the Nantes Fellowship. PRAY that those who come this year will be blessed by being part of the church and that they will also be a blessing.
  • At least two more elders are needed for the Faughan congregation. Please PRAY for an election of elders to take place in October, that God would lead suitable men in the congregation to be called to the eldership and that the congregation would be led to vote for them.
  • Gateway Christian Fellowship asks that we would PRAY for the contacts made during their Summer Club in August, that through the children they may establish a link with some of the local parents. PRAISE God for good exam results and graduations over the summer. PRAY for those moving into a new sphere of work that they may know God’s guidance and personal help through their study of His Word.
  • Rathfriland RPC is having a short series of meetings to mark the refurbishment of the Church buildings from Sabbath 13th- Tuesday 15th October. The theme is ‘The People, The Land and The Book.’ Please PRAY for our guest speaker Rev. Desi Maxwell as he prepares and delivers these illustrated talks.
  • Convoy RPC – I am continuing to preach through Mark’s gospel.  Please pray God speaks powerfully to us through His Word and uses it to change us.
  • Nantes, France – Give thanks for the spirit of unity and warm fellowship which we experience on a weekly basis in the fellowship. We have been really thrilled to see people taking on new responsibilities and showing an eagerness to serve within the church.



29th September-5th October

  • PRAY for the Sabbath School which will start in Nantes this autumn for both adults and children. PRAY that the Lord would use it to strengthen his Church and especially that it would be a blessing to the covenant children in the Fellowship.
  • PRAY for Eileanoir Blair (Limavady RPC) who has just started a six month placement as a language assistant in La Perverie School, Nantes.  PRAY that God will use her and that she will quickly settle in both to her work in the school and to the Nantes Fellowship.
  • PRAY for Prof Andrew Kerr as he gives the address at the opening of the Theological College on Tuesday 1st October.  PRAY that the students and lecturers may be given health and strength to fulfil all the demands of the 2019/2010 year.
  • PRAY for Dervock RPC’s autumn Youth Club and Parents and Toddlers ministries, which provide opportunities to proclaim the gospel to local families. PRAY for good numbers, particularly for children who came to our Summer Bible Club that they would come to Youth Club.
  • GIVE THANKS for the contacts made in the last four years at the Mums and Tots Group at Knockbracken RPC and PRAY that as they start a new year they would know God’s guidance in every way.
  • Convoy RPC – Our congregation and friends had a very enjoyable barbecue at the start of September.  We thank God for this lovely evening and opportunity to spend time together.
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