December Prayer Points

8th-14th December

  • Cookstown Please PRAY for `Let Them Live’ as they continue to preach the Gospel into the abortion debate in NI and GIVE THANKS to all who took to the streets in September and October to fight against making abortion legal here. Please PRAY for the many thousands in NI who mourn the law changes with abortion and same-sex marriage. PRAY that both these laws will be repealed soon.
  • PRAY for the Convoy Seniors who get a homemade gift, Bible book mark and Christian calendar at the annual community party on Sat 14 Dec 2019. We THANK GOD that we have the chance to witness to around a hundred people each year.
  • GIVE THANKS for the commitment of the students to their studies and the professors to their teaching at the Reformed Theological College.  PRAY that both lecturers and students will be kept in good health and strength throughout the winter months of study at the Theological College.  PRAY that the students will be preserved as they travel each week to minister both in vacant and other congregations throughout the church.
  • Nantes, France – On 15th December we are planning an outreach event in our home. We’ve encouraged the church members to invite non-christian friends and family so please pray that many would come along to hear what the Bible says about the reasons for the birth of the Lord Jesus.
  • Nantes, France – As in previous years, there will be a distribution of presents to the many prostitutes who can be found nightly on the streets of Nantes. Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel with these girls and to demonstrate the love of Christ in a powerful way.


1st-7th December

  •  Go Relief — GIVE THANKS for all the work completed on the church in Serbia. PRAY that the church will grow and that many in Serbia will come to know the Lord.
  • Trinity — PRAY for the ordination and installation of new deacons in December, following an election at the end of November. PRAY for wisdom regarding plans to extend/renovate the church building.
  • Woodstock — PRAY for new contacts through the Saturday outreach on the first two Saturdays of December and PRAY for new contacts through the lunch time outreach each Thursday.
  • Covenant Christian Fellowship, Galway – Pray for those in our Fellowship seeking employment.
  • Spain – Please pray that we may find a house suitable to do the work of the Lord. (Rachel has not been able to drive the steep road up to the house in their 9-seater car and there have been other problems with the house, including a lack of a municipal bin service).
  • Nantes, France – At the end of November, Andrew was invited to preach at an English service in the main protestant church in Nantes. Give thanks for this opportunity to preach the Gospel to many who would not normally hear it. Some very encouraging conversations were had after the service. Pray for lasting fruit from this seed sown.
  • Nantes, France – We continue to work on the paperwork for the creation of a new legal structure for the church. The work is slow and there are various pitfalls to avoid. Pray for those working on the necessary documents that we would be guided and given wisdom as we do this important work.
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