August Prayer Points


18th-24th August

  • PRAY that God would use the books that have gone out from the Covenanter Bookshop, to edify and comfort God’s people in these days.
  • Nantes, France – For a number of years the Nantes Fellowship has been blessed by the presence of many international students. PRAY that as a new academic year dawns, they will again be encouraged in this way.
  • PRAY for Convoy RPC Holiday Bible Club, 21st – 22nd August, that many children will come and for the contacts that will be made with the parents.
  • PRAY that God will continue to bless Galway city centre bookshop ministry. PRAY that those with whom the members of Covenant Christian Fellowship have come in contact through this ministry will be transformed as they share the gospel through their lives, lips and literature.
  • Convoy RPC – Our senior member, William Ramsay, died recently.  Please ask God to uphold and comfort his family at this time of loss and grief.


11th-17th August

  • Convoy RPC – We are delighted to have a GO mission team coming to help us with our outreach work next week. The team members are Hamish Allen, Eileanoir Blair, Labhaoise Blair and Thomas Jemphrey. As well as helping to run our annual children’s club the GO Team will also help to distribute some literature around Convoy. Please pray for unity among the team and the congregation, for a real sense of God’s presence during the week, that God would  bless us as we serve him together and that he would give us the grace and strength we need to serve him.  Please pray that God will save people and add them to the church through our GO Team this summer.
  • Ballenon & Ballylane RPC – The Go Relief Team head off tonight to Serbia to undertake major renovations to a small Baptist Church in Mitroviska about an hours journey from Belgrade. Photos of the work will be posted in due course. Please pray for the team of 39 people. Pray for safety, unity and the abilty to complete what we plan to do.
  • TFY – Day 3 at TFY Ireland was jam packed with teaching from God’s word. We began by considering Covenant Theology with David Sutherland and thought about the “stepping stones” or high points that run through the story of redemption. Pray that we would all delight in our study of God’s unfolding covenant plans for his people in his son Jesus. In the afternoon we thought about the regulative principle of worship and how liberating this great doctrine is. Please pray that our worship would be more and more glorifying to our worthy God!
  • PRAY for the Go Relief Team as they make their way to Serbia. PRAY for safety in travel and on site as they work. PRAY that all team members will enjoy the team spirit and fellowship. PRAY that the worship and unity of the team will be a witness to any team members who are not Christians.
  • GIVE THANKS for the good response to the Music and Rhyme Time, for babies and toddlers organised by Bready RPC. PRAY for guidance concerning future plans for the autumn and for relationships to develop between the leaders and the adults who accompany the children.
  • PRAY for Ballyclabber RPC Outreach Week, 12th – 18th August, that members will know God’s help as they reach out into the community. PRAY that there will be a good response to the “Word on the Street” as it is distributed in homes in Coleraine and to the open air Psalm singing in the centre of the town.
  • GIVE THANKS for the relationships established with parents and carers, who bring children to Lisburn RPC Little Tots.  PRAY that God will use the Bible lesson taught to the children each week to bring parents and children from the community to know Him as their Saviour.


4th-10th August

  • PRAY for the officers, cooks and campers at Boys’ Discovery Camp this week, using the PRAYER Points for last week’s Junior Camps.
  • Please PRAY for Newtownards RPC Holiday Bible Club to be held from 5th – 9th August. PRAY that all planned is in the will of God and that lots of contacts will be made with local children and their parents.
  • PRAY for the Lord’s guidance for Aaron Bell as he comes to the end of his Short-Term service with Shaftesbury Square RPC.
  • Remember the Go Team at Cloughmills RPC this week, 5th – 10th August. PRAY that the Holy Spirit would be working in and through the congregation and Go Team, bringing salvation to the people of the area.
  • Please PRAY for the Instruction of the Young Committee as they continue to work on revising our Sabbath School teaching materials. Seven working groups, the Lord willing, are currently finishing the first draft of Unit 1 for Primary and Junior. PRAY all will be done well for the glory of King Jesus.
  • Please PRAY that God would continue to raise up gifted missionaries for the work of reaching Jewish people with the good news about Jesus the Messiah. PRAY that the Church will generously support this important mission.



28th July – 3rd August

  • PRAY that God will equip and provide for Girls’ Discovery, Girls’ Adventure and Boys’ Adventure Camp officers this week as they prepare and give talks and organise activities, and for the cooks as they prepare meals. GIVE THANKS for each camper. PRAY that they will all enjoy camp, make long lasting friendships and also enjoy learning about God. PRAY that those at camp for the first time will not be homesick and also for safety in travel and in all activities.
  • PRAY for the addition of new members to all our congregations as the good news of the gospel is proclaimed throughout the world. May hearts be made ready and lives transformed through the power of our Lord and Saviour.
  • PRAY that all our students will know God’s guidance on what is their next step with regard to education or employment.
  • PRAY for the Convenor and Committee of the Covenanter Bookshop as they seek to plan, guide and give direction going forward.
  • Nantes, France – We have been asking you to pray for Mirabel and her baby girl, Victory. We are thankful that they have been given a room in a hotel 10 minutes’ drive from our home. It isn’t clear how long they will be able to stay there. Pray for Mirabel as she now begins the long process of applying for papers to allow her and her daughter to stay in France. Pray especially for opportunities to speak of the Saviour Jesus Christ.
  • Nantes, France – Pray for physical and spiritual refreshment for all over the summer months, for safety in travels, for warm fellowship with regulars/tourists and that all of us may see and seize opportunities for witness wherever we may be.
  • Boys Discovery Camp – Pray for safety in travel, games, and all aspects of camp.
  • Girls Discovery Camp – Pray that the GDC team will work well together and be great Christian role models for the girls.  Pray for safety in all the practical aspects of camp.
  • Boys Adventure Camp – Pray for the spiritual preparation and readiness of each Officer and Cook prior to and during Camp and that their faith would flourish throughout the week.  Pray for unity among the BAC Team, that both Officers and Cooks would relish serving Christ together.  Pray that God would be glorified, honoured and exalted as a result of Boys Adventure Camp this summer.
  • Girls Adventure Camp – Pray for Lois as she leads for the first time, for Grace and Karla as they join the cook team and Deborah and Bethan as they move across to the officer team.




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