September Prayer Points

17th-23rd September

  • Cloughmills RPC – Pray that the congregation would be refreshed by Peter Jemphrey’s ministry at our church weekend (22nd-24th Sept.).
  • Renwick House – Please pray for those returning to Renwick and that that are new and away from home for the first time.  Pray that there would be unity among the residents and a desire to deepen their relationship with Christ during this year.  Please also pray for the resident-in-charge as he leads the Bible study.
  • Convoy RPC – Pray for our interactions with the asylum seekers in Convoy that we might reach out to them and show God’s love.  Give thanks for continuing contacts with others in Convoy that they might come to faith.


10th-16th September

  • New Life Fellowship, Letterkenny RPC – Pray for their outreach evening ‘Hope in the Stubborn Darkness’ on Wednesday the 13th.  Pray for Rev. Robert Robb as he speaks at it.
  • Sevilla RPC (Spain) – Please pray for the group of young people, that the Lord will still help us to keep the group together.  We lose some young people, but we are happy that those faithful are encouraged to learn more of the Word of God.
  • Carrickfergus RPC – Give thanks for continued unity in the congregation and for supply pastors to lead us in worship.  Pray with us for a settled pastor to lead our worship and ministry forward for the glory of God.  Pray for the day-t0-day personal witness of members and the outreach from the market refreshment stall and also the Saturday morning Coffee Stop at the church.  Pray for new members through conversions.
  • Shaftesbury Square RPC – Pray for students who have finished their courses and have important decisions to make.  Give thanks for a good year at Shaftesbury Fellowship.  Pray for students who will be coming to Belfast for the first time in September.  Pray that we will be able to support and encourage them.
  • Knockbracken RPC – Give thanks for the opportunities we had to share the Gospel in our summer outreach to children and parents, young people and seniors, and to members of the public at our Shaws Bridge tea and coffee stand.  Please pray for the Lord to lead us in the follow up and for the Gospel to be at work in many hearts.
  • Convoy RPC – We were involved in a family fun day designed to help people from other countries integrate into the community here in Convoy.  We have also been able to invite some of them to church and other activities.  Please pray that God would bring some of them along and help us to get to know them.


3rd-9th September

  • Lisburn RPC – Pray for their Hope Explored evening on the 5th.
  • Newtownards RPC – Pray for the church weekend, 8th-10th September, for David McCullough as he delivers the talks, for blessing and encouragement for all who attend.  Give thanks for recent new church members.
  • Sevilla RPC (Spain) – Please pray for the church that they would still have a hunger for the Word of God, and that the Lord would give Isaac health and strength to continue to preach and to take all the meetings of the church.  Also pray for Rachel that the Lord will also give her health and strength to continue to help the family now that Rebecca and Lea are staying in Northern Ireland.
  • Dervock RPC – Give thanks for good attendance at our Holiday Bible Club (including the guest service) and pray for continuing contact with the parents and young people who came along.
  • Nantes RPC (France) – Give thanks for the progress made with the new building, despite various hurdles which have had to be overcome.  Pray that the final stages of the work will be completed rapidly and that the building will soon be ready for use.  Pray for the children of the church as they settle back into school.  Pray that God would provide at least one Christian friend for each of the children and that He would even bring more families into our church family.  Give thanks for the various students who are worshipping with us this academic year.  Pray that God would use them in their places of study to bring glory to His name.
  • Convoy RPC – We give thanks for God blessing us in many ways over the summer months. A good number of our young people attended or led youth camps.


27th August – 2nd September

  • Covenanter Bookshop – Give thanks for all the books sold at bookstalls in all the Camps over the summer and pray that God would use those books in the lives of the campers, D.V.
  • Cullybackey RPC – Give thanks for our Holiday Bible Club late June, especially that we were able to have the parents again on the last evening for the first time since covid.  Pray that this would lead to more children from outside our churches coming to Junior CY, and even new families coming to worship. Give thanks for many of our children and young people who attended camps and GO teams over the summer.  Pray that they would continue to grow spiritually as they settle back to life in our congregation and return to school, college, or work – some with new challenges.
  • Dromore RPC – Pray for guest services planned in Dromore on the first Lord’s Day evenings of September, October and November.  Pray for members as they invite friends, family and neighbours, and for unbelievers to come, hear the gospel and be saved.
  • Seville RPC (Spain) – Pray for the church in Sevilla that it will continue to grow.  The Lord is really blessing us with different contacts coming to the church although not always at the same time.
  • Bready RPC – Pray that more children will come to the Good News Club as a result of attending the Holiday Bible Club.  Give thanks for the children who have attended the Good News Club in the past year.  Pray that they will return and those not yet converted will be converted and those already converted will be established in the faith.
  • Pray for the Young Adults Weekend which is to take place on the 1 to 3 September at Mullartown House, Annalong. The speaker is Pastor Andrew Roycroft.
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