February Prayer Points

21st-27th February

  • Lisburn RPC – GIVE THANKS for our denomination’s elders. PRAY that God would raise up more men with gifts and abilities to serve in our congregations and missionary settings. PRAY that they would be an encouragement and help to the teaching Elder as they labour together for the Kingdom.
  • PRAY for Women’s Fellowships at congregational level, that they too would be guided in all their planning decisions and that ladies can have fellowship and support each other in this time of pandemic. PRAY for ladies who are ill at this time.
  • Convoy RPC – Please  pray for our YouTube channel, that it would be watched by those
    in the community and further afield.  (Search YouTube for “Convoy Covenanter Church”.)  And continue to pray that people will be saved  and added to the congregation here.
  • New Life Fellowship, Letterkenny RPC – Give thanks for Mark being able to teach RE in Royal & Prior School and pray for fruit from those lessons.
  • Milford RPC – Give thanks for the personal witness of members during this past year to those in the local community.
  • Stranorlar RPC – Church services are online only, so pray for the elderly and those who are lonely.
  • Covenant Christian Fellowship, Galway RPC – Some are in need of housing – pray that their needs would be met.
  • Spain RPC – PRAY for Andrew Birch, who has spent many years in missionary work in Spain, and his wife, as Andrew takes over the leadership of the European Missionary Fellowship. PRAY that Andrew’s feel for the gospel in Spain would provide another point of contact for both Martin and Isaac.
  • Nantes, France RPC – On the 28th February, Pastor Samuel Foucachon from Paris Reformed Evangelical Church will be coming to preach and to speak at an afternoon conference. We look forward to having fellowship with Samuel who is an experienced French pastor. Please pray for his visit, that God would use it to build us up in our faith.
  • Nantes, France RPC – Each Wednesday on our YouTube channel, we broadcast a short “Thought for the week” in which we seek to give accessible Bible teaching. We’ve had some positive feedback thus far, including from some people who are not Christians. Pray that this broadcast would attract viewers especially from the Nantes area and that God would use the messages to bring many to saving faith.


14th-20th February

  • Enniskillen RPC – They have called Rev David Sutherland to consider being their new Pastor. Pray for God’s clear leading and guiding as David considers this call.
  • Senior Camp Reunion – Senior Camp Reunion took place on Saturday the 13th.  Give thanks for the 60+ campers who signed up. Pray that the young people were encouraged through Gareth’s message. Pray that this online event will encourage the young people in their faith bringing comfort and challenge to those who need it. Pray for those who joined who aren’t Christians that the Holy Spirit will work in their lives bringing them to know Jesus Christ.
  • Lisburn RPC – GIVE THANKS for the Ministers within our denomination and the blessing they are to God’s people as they expound the God’s Word. PRAY that they would see fruit for their labour and that we would see growth in our congregations as Christ builds His Church. PRAY that God would raise up more men for the ministry with a passion for the gospel and the building up of the saints.
  • Woodstock RPC –  GIVE THANKS for the increased numbers attending the Zoom evening services and midweek meetings. PRAY that the online Learning English Reading the Bible will continue to give opportunities to share the gospel. PRAY that our online ministry would be used by the Lord to
    build His Church.
  • Shaftesbury Square RPC –  PRAY for wisdom for the Session as various activities are gradually reopened. PRAY for safety and good fellowship. PRAY also for the congregation’s work with students, and remember students coping with college life and study under the current restrictions.
  • Convoy RPC – Please pray for all those throughout the world who are struggling in various ways because of Covid-19 and that many would turn to the Lord at this time.
  • New Life Fellowship, Letterkenny RPC – Give thanks for evidence of growth in many members over the last year, and for how God’s word has been precious to them.
  • Milford RPC – Give thanks for the opportunity to rent premises of our own in a new business park. The level of work the old building requires means renovation would not be feasible. Pray that work on the new premises, will be completed by early Spring – COVID-19 meant construction work was suspended. Pray for a fruitful ministry from this new location.
  • Stranorlar RPC – Pray for children being educated at home, their teachers and parents.
  • Covenant Christian Fellowship, Galway RPC – Pray for Andrew, Patrick and Stefan seeking work, that they would find suitable employment.
  • Nantes, France RPC – Because of increased numbers at church, we will be going back to two morning services and once a month, we will have a joint service in the afternoon in the premises of a neighbouring church. Pray for the unity of the fellowship to be maintained in this time of disruption.
  • Nantes, France RPC – Join us in praying for Olivier (Name changed for privacy reasons), a young boy who recently came to church with his sister. Having gone through many difficulties in his short life, he and his family are in need of pastoral care. Pray that God would bring healing to this young lad and that we would know how best we can help his family.


7th-13th February

  • Milford/Letterkenny: Pray for the joint church weekend that both churches are having starting this evening (online) (12th February). Pray for Andrew Kerr as he brings encouragement from God’s word. Pray that this will be of help and encouragement particularly during these days of Covid restrictions. Pray for an encouraging time of friendship and fellowship, especially for those who are lonely, as people join from their homes.
  • Milford & Letterkenny: Today (10th February) marks 20 years since Mark Loughridge was ordinaed and installed to the ministry in Donegal. Join the congregation in thanking God for Mark’s faithful ministry and for his sustaining hand on Mark, Judith, and their family. Pray that God will continue to bless Mark’s ministry in the coming years. “In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:4-6
  • Students – Pray for pupils in both primary and secondary schools who are learning from home. Pray for teachers as they navigate online teaching and classrooms and for parents as they help their children and young people learn.
  • Reformed Theological College: The student preaching was postponed back in January due to new Covid Restrictions. Paul, Paul and John will be completing their student preaching on the 24th February. The assessment will be broadcast and so you can tune into watch. And it would be great to support them in this way. Please pray for the students as they prepare for preaching and as they continue in their final year of studies.
  • Womens Fellowship: Give thanks for the prayer time the ladies were able to have on Thursday evening hearing updates from the churches in Donegal and Galway and praying together. Pray that God will continue to work abd build his church in these places.
  • PRAY for Paul and Elaine Wallace and their children Joel, Heidi, Alexander and Craig, that as the end of Paul’s three years of college [seminary] approaches God would continue to prepare each of them through the teaching and fellowship in Cullybackey and they would know His guidance for their future and His hand in every detail each day through these uncertain times.
  • PRAY that the children of Ballyclare congregation, will be blessed each Sabbath morning as they meet online. Pray for the teachers as they prepare for class each week. Pray that the children and young people would seek to store God’s word up in their hearts and come to know him as Saviour and Lord from a young age. Pray too that during these trying times, Elders and Deacons in our congregations, will know God’s wisdom and guidance as they shepherd the flock.
  • Gateway RPC –  Please PRAY for those studying at university under unusual conditions, that they would be able to adapt to their circumstances and that they would have an impact for good on their fellow students, even online. PRAY that God will still be guiding them to where He wants them to be, preferably in the north-west!
  • Milford RPC – It is hard to provide pastoral care to some members during lockdown because of their personal circumstances (work schedules, family demands etc.). Pray that God would strengthen and establish the steps of all our members in these difficult days.
  • Convoy RPC – We thank God for how he has protected us and provided for us during the past year, and we look to him for all we need in the days to come.
  • Letterkenny RPC – Give thanks for a couple who came to faith last year – unconnected to any church influence – and have begun worshipping with us. Pray that they would become anchored in the gospel and grow in their faith.
  • Stranorlar RPC – Infection rates are high – pray for our hospitals, medical staff and an efficient and swift roll out of the vaccine.
  • Covenant Christian Fellowship, Galway – The bookshop is closed but pray for those who were regular customers in the shop or have bought books or Bibles. Pray that God would use His Word and copies of John Lennox’s book “Where is God in a Coronavirus World?” in people’s lives”. Pray that the Gospel Calendars in Irish/English which were given out over the Christmas and New Year
    period would also speak to people’s hearts.
  • Nantes, France RPC – We are closely monitoring the possible impact of new legislation both on our building project and on the creation of our new church association. We are consulting with the legal experts of the CNEF, the national council of evangelical churches. Pray that we would be given wisdom to make the right decisions at the right time in all matters pertaining to the building and to the new association.
  • Nantes, France RPC – We give thanks for the safe arrival in France of Agnel and Sarah Soundron and their children. They arrived 18 hours before the borders were closed to non-essential travel! Please pray that they would settle quickly into life in France and that the children would be able to find at least one good friend in their classes at school. Pray for their involvement in our ministry, that they would be a blessing to many as they serve Christ here.


31st January – 6th February

  • Pray for the ladies of the denomination as they meet to pray on Thursday evening. Pray that they will be encouraged from hearing the short updates from the churches and benefit from praying together.
  • Carrickfergus RPC – PRAY that members who need to be extra careful due to the pandemic will not feel isolated and adrift from the body of Christ. PRAY that those facing health challenges will know the grace and comfort of Christ.
  • Please PRAY for those in the Loughbrickland congregation that have been bereaved in recent years and for those that are elderly and isolated during this pandemic. PRAY that they would know God’s presence with them.
  • Newtownards RPC – We PRAY for those in our church and community whose jobs are at risk and are suffering economic hardship because of the pandemic. We PRAY for wisdom for our national and local governments as they balance the health and economic needs of our nation. We PRAY for wisdom as church communities, how to reach out to those in need.
  • Milford RPC – Give thanks for opportunities Jonny & Ruth and Martin & Mary have had to minister to neighbours who are in need. Pray that God would work in the people involved and awaken them to their need of salvation.
  • Convoy RPC – We are meeting by Zoom for our midweek and Sabbath evening meetings.  We pray that God will use these times of fellowship to strengthen and encourage us.
  • Letterkenny RPC – Pray for the conversion of family members. There have been some encouragements over recent weeks with wider family watching services or coming to in-person services, and one doing a Christianity Explored course. Please pray for God to move in these families.
  • Stranorlar RPC – Give thanks for God’s protection over the congregation and for the provision of a vaccine.
  • Covenant Christian Fellowship RPC, Galway – Given that we cannot meet physically as a church, pray that God would help us to know how best we can support and encourage each other, especially those who are on their own or unable to use technology to join the virtual meetings, and to be faithful in prayer for each other.
  • Spain RPC –  PRAISE GOD for the Spanish session, in operation since late June, as they seek to encourage the men on the ground. PRAY for the spiritual walk of Isaac and Rachel and of Martin and his family, that they would know God speaking to them, rebuking them, if necessary, and always loving them.
  • Nantes, France RPC – Please pray for proposed legislation which is currently being debated in France which, if passed, could have far-reaching implications for many evangelical churches and for the freedom to preach and teach Biblical truth. Please pray for the representatives of protestant churches who are lobbying politicians and pray that our freedoms would be protected in law.
  • Nantes, France RPC – One of the main supporters of the proposed bill is our own député, François de Rugy. (A député is the same as an MP or congressman). As the pastor of a church in his constituency, Andrew recently sent him a copy of John Lennox’s book “Where is God in the Coronavirus?”. it is well known that Mr de Rugy is no friend of Christianity so please pray that he will take the time to read the book and that his heart would be touched by the gospel. Pray also for the mayors of Nantes and Orvault, Johanna Rolland and Jean-Sébastien Guitton, who also received a copy of this book.
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