May Prayer Points

9th-15th May

  • Ballylane RP Church – Pray for the congregation as we mourn the death of our beloved brother in Christ and Elder, Mr Shannon Stewart. Mr Stewart died suddenly and unexpectedly on Monday afternoon. We commend to God’s comfort his wife Florence, his daughter Alison and his sons Stephen and Michael together with the rest of the family.
  • GIVE THANKS for how God has heard and answered prayer and kept the staff of the Covenanter Bookshop safe. Continue to PRAY for safety going forward. PRAY for guidance and wisdom for the convener Rev. David Sutherland and the committee.
  • PRAY that people in Newry would be challenged by the Bible texts and quotes displayed on our digital sign and seek God. PRAY for a number of visitors, one regularly virtually and others occasionally in person during the summer months, who have continued contact with different church members, that God’s Spirit would draw them to Himself.
  • Knockbracken RPC –  In our vacancy may we take time to keep in contact with all our members whom we haven’t seen in person for a long time. We all look forward to being able to meet again and PRAY that God would grant us that privilege soon. We would thank all those with IT skills who have helped and enabled those of us less technically able to join in with the many online events and church services from far and wide.
  • Cloughmills – PRAY that the monthly online Youth Club will bring the power of the gospel into many homes in the area.
  •  PRAY for the young people in Years 12 and 14 in Ballyclabber RPC and other congregations that they will know God is in control and will be filled with peace about their future studies.
  • Convoy RPC – We thank the Lord for watching over us and helping us through the past months. We are delighted that we will soon resume meeting together in person for worship again, Lord willing.  Please pray that we would all be able to get back and be greatly blessed through this.  Please pray that God would give us wisdom as we consider what activities to resume, and when, and how.
  • Covenant Christian Fellowship, Galway – Pray for the Lord to use the pandemic to awaken many across Galway and Ireland to their greatest needs in life and to use all our members in our personal witness as well as our Fellowship’s online ministry in bringing the Gospel to the lost.


2nd-8th May

  • Camps – PRAY that God would be preparing hearts of young people and that many will be looking forward to attending camp. PRAY that, in these uncertain times, camps will be able to be held this summer.
  • PRAY for our Upper Room ministry at Lisburn RPC which has been put on hold. PRAY that those who would have attended would be kept from feelings of loneliness and isolation. PRAY for the Gospel to have a powerful impact upon the vast residential area in the immediate vicinity of Lisburn RP Church. PRAY for our congregation as it reaches out to the community.
  • Gateway RPC –  PRAISE GOD for our unity as a Session and as a congregation. PRAY that God will use the preaching of His Word, especially the series on Romans, to challenge us about the really important points of the gospel – that we are worse sinners than we ever realised, but that God’s grace is more amazing than we can tell.
  • PRAY for our Bookshop ministry in Galway to be able to operate in the difficulty of these days and for it to be used by the Lord in reaching many who are lost, with the Gospel of grace.
  • Bailiesmills congregation plans, God willing, to host a meeting of Creation Ministries International on Saturday 15 May.  Please PRAY that, if God is pleased for this meeting to go ahead, it would be a blessing to Christians living in the Lisburn-Saintfield-Ballynahinch area.
  • Covenant Christian Fellowship, Galway – Pray for the Lord’s provision for those who are looking for full-time or part-time employment and for Billy and Mary and for Hanna in seeking new accommodation. Pray for Michael in South Korea in his work as a teacher and for his encouragement and service in his church there.
  • Nantes, France RPC – We rejoice that we still enjoy unity within the church despite the obvious frustrations of having to hold two morning services, to sit far apart and to wear masks. Once a month we move our service to the afternoon to be able to meet together in the building of a different church. Pray that the Lord would continue to bless our small fellowship with unity in the weeks and months ahead.
  • Nantes, France RPC – Pray for the daughter of one of the believers in the congregation.  She has been coming with her mother to church and has also been reading her Bible and asking questions. Please join us in praying for her conversion.


25th April – 1st May

  • Bready RPC – PRAY for wisdom and guidance concerning whom we should call as our next minister when we have not had the opportunity, due to restrictions, of hearing many preachers in person. THANK GOD we live in days when we have the opportunity to listen to more preachers by virtual means. THANK GOD that we have Rev Blair McFarland as our Interim Moderator. PRAY for him in his responsibilities here and in Enniskillen.
  • Convoy RPC – Pray that both sermons and special talks given on topical subjects that are posted on the YouTube channel will reach many in the Convoy community.
  • Covenant Christian Fellowship, Galway – Pray for the abolition of abortion in ROI (more than 6500 abortions were carried out in Ireland in 2019) and for the government to be halted in its tracks from legalising euthanasia. The bill to legalise euthanasia is presently under consideration and all the major parties are in favour of it but many across the country are speaking out against it.
  • Spain – Continue to PRAY for Rev Isaac Berrocal as he ministers in Rincon. He is live streaming prayer meetings and preaching and has had some feedback from this.
  • Nantes, France RPC – We will be voting for elders in the coming weeks. Please pray for God’s will to be done in this process.
  • Nantes, France RPC – Please continue to pray for the debate taking place in the Senate on the proposed law which aims to combat radical Islam but which may well have far-reaching consequences for evangelical churches.
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