February Prayer Points

17th-23rd February

  • Give thanks for the number of children and young people attending Sabbath School in Ballyclabber RPC.  Pray that God will work in the life of each of these young people and that they will each come to know Christ as their Saviour and Lord.  Pray this for every child and young person in all our congregations.
  • Give thanks for those who regularly attend the Lisburn Little Tots, Upper Room, and Community Lunch, held in Lisburn RPC.  Pray that unbelievers would be brought under conviction of sin through the teaching of the Scripture.
  • Praise God for the lovely group who go to the Mums and Tots at Knockbracken RPC.  Pray that the leaders would be a Godly example to them.
  • Give thanks for how God has used Judith Tait in the talks she has given over recent months on the topic of abortion.  Pray that God will continue to bless her as she prepares to speak at the Women’s Fellowship Spring Conference on 6th April.
  • Pray that God will bless the witness and Christian example of the leadership and cook teams at Girls’ Discovery Camp Reunion this weekend.  Pray that God will work in the hearts of the girls through all they learn from His Word.  Pray for safe travel and for favourable weather.
  • GALWAY – Pray for the Lord to continue to minister to those in our Fellowship who contend daily with long term illness. Give thanks for their faithful witness, example and encouragement.
  • CONVOY – Pray for our Sabbath School, as it has started up again after a break for the past couple of months, that through it each of our young people would come to know and to love the Lord more and more.
  • NANTES – We have written recently about progress in our search for more suitable premises for church. Further consultation work has been carried out and we believe that we have found a viable solution. It would involve the purchase of a house with land beside it on which a church building could be built and the house used as a home for the Lytle family. There are still a number of obstacles to overcome so pray that
    the Lord would open up the way for this project to go ahead.
  • NANTES – Give thanks for the 10 years of “Rahab”, the work among prostitutes and victims of human trafficking in Nantes. Many hundreds of girls have been helped through this ministry and a number have come to saving faith in Christ. This is not easy work so pray that all those involved in it would be given strength, wisdom, patience and perseverance as they seek to continue to serve the Lord in this ministry.
  • NANTES – Give thanks for the Christian bookshop’s 15 years in Nantes and pray for all aspects of its continuing witness.


10th-16th February

  • Praise God for the faithful personal witness of the members of Galway Covenant Christian Fellowship, some of whom contend daily with long-term illness.  Pray for the conversion of their unsaved family members and friends.  Pray too for God to use the witness of the bookshop ministry in the centre of Galway city.
  • Pray that the Lord may open doors for the Word (Colossians 4:2) to those in Cloughmills RPC, through personal relationships, Bible studies, school assemblies, and weekly services.
  • Pray for the Syrian family that has recently moved from Derry to Belfast.  Praise God for the contact Gateway Christian Fellowship had with this family, and pray for ongoing Christian contact.
  • Pray for the Friday morning Parents & Toddlers and Saturday night Youth Club in Dervock RPC.  Give thanks for the local parents and children who come along.  Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel with them.
  • Pray for John and Kerrie Cubitt and the committee at Senior Camp Reunion this weekend.  Pray that, through the talks given, believers will be built up in their faith and that the Gospel seed will be planted in others.  Pray for the witness and example of those who are Christians and ask God to grant favourable weather and safety in travel.
  • GALWAY – Give thanks for our students, both under grads and post grads, and for those at secondary school. Pray for their witness on campus and at school and for God’s blessing on the two Dóchas groups (Christian Unions) and on the Christian Medical Fellowship. Pray too for Michael Hamilton teaching English in S. Korea.
  • CONVOY – Abigail Wright will be baptised on 24 February, Lord willing. Please pray that God would bless us through this, that a good number of our friends will come and God would use his word to draw those who don’t know him to himself.
  • NANTES – Pray for grace, patience, and wisdom in the family relationships of those in the congregation.
  • NANTES – Pray for the salvation of unbelieving spouses.  Pray for wisdom in witness.  Pray for the softening of hard/rebellious/hostile hearts.
  • NANTES – Pray that Christian parents may have the joy of seeing all their children saved and in a relationship with Christ.


3rd-9th February

  • Recently Carrickfergus RPC has had a trickle of new people – both Christians and non-Christians – out at public worship.  Pray that they will continue to come and be saved/added to the church.  Pray that the Lord will raise up men for the offices of elder and deacon.
  • Remember the Shaftesbury Reformed Conference this Wednesday, 6th February.  Pastor Steven Curry is to speak on ‘Jesus, the Key to our Perseverance’.
  • Pray that the Lord would open hearts during the Ladies Outreach Meeting this Thursday, 7th February in Cloughmills RPC.
  • Pray for all the children and young people throughout our denomination, that God will protect them from evil influences and keep them close to Himself.  Continue to pray for all who are working or studying away from home.
  • Pray that the residents of Renwick House would grow in their walk with God during their time there.  Pray that the house may be a place of refuge from the world for anyone who enters its doors, whether residents or visitors, and that Christ-like love would be shown to all.
  • Remember in prayer the Session and Interim Moderator of Loughbrickland RPC at this time of vacancy.  Please pray for the Lord’s sustaining power as the members of Session seek to organise supply ministers for the Lord’s Day services and regularly take the midweek meetings themselves.
  • GALWAY – Pray for our Sabbath School teachers and the children and young people they teach. Give thanks that Laoise has become a Youth Group  leader along with Patrick and Liz. Pray for our young people to grow in their fellowship with each other.
  • CONVOY – At our Lord’s Day evening meetings we plan to start a series about why our church believes what it believes.  Pray that God would use this to help us all.
  • NANTES – Praise God for what we see of Christ in the believers of our fellowship. Pray that God may bless each one in their walk with him and help each one to commend Christ by their life and witness.
  • NANTES – Give thanks for the visitors to the church. Pray that they would have a growing desire to be present for worship and that through the preaching and teaching of the Word,they might come to saving faith in Christ.


27th January – 2nd February

  • Pray for guidance for the Covenanter Bookshop Committee and staff as they seek to increase the impact the bookshop and the books have on the denomination, community, and much further afield.
  • Bailiesmills RPC is a small, elderly congregation.  Please pray that God would bless the congregation’s witness to the salvation of those within its bounds (unbelieving family members, friends, and neighbours).  Pray also that God would lay it on the heart of several young families to come and strengthen the congregation and the work.
  • Pray for Cookstown Church Family’s Thanksgiving Service for their new building coming up in the next few months.
  • Pray for the follow-up to the contacts made during the Gateway Christian Fellowship’s Go Week.  Pray too for ongoing Bible studies with unbelievers.
  • Give thanks for new families attending Ballyclare RPC.  Pray that God will bless them and help them to integrate into the work and witness of the congregation.
  • Continue to pray for wisdom for the Irish Section of the Mission Committee regarding the Lord’s will for a work for Dublin.
  • GALWAY – Pray for those from other countries worshiping with the congregation who are separated from their families.
  • CONVOY – Please pray that God will use His Word to encourage us as we think about the wonderful things he has in store for us.
  • NANTES – Pray that God’s purposes may work out as Malcolm and Muriel put their house up for sale soon. Pray for God’s provision for the future of the work here. Pray that He may be our anchor in this time of transition and that all concerned may be kept in peace.


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