January Prayer Points

19th-25th January

  •   PRAY for the Convener and Committee of the Covenanter Bookshop as they seek to plan, guide and give direction going forward. PRAY for guidance for the Bookshop Committee and the Bookshop staff as we seek to increase the impact the Covenanter Bookshop has especially on our local community.
  • GIVE THANKS for the commitment of Enniskillen members to the wider work of the denomination, particularly the younger folk who were members of Go teams and the Relief team over the summer. Remember them in their courses of study in the months ahead.
  • PRAY for Girls’ Adventure Camp reunion as they meet from 24th – 26th January. PRAY that, as the young people attend camp reunions, they would know God’s blessing from hearing His word taught.
  • The Prayer Meeting is usually one of the poorest attended meetings. PRAY that God would work in the hearts of Christians to show them how vitally important it is, to attend the Prayer Meeting.
  • PRAY that the members of the Overseas Section of the Mission Committee will know God’s leading in the many matters discussed and decisions taken regarding mission work in both France and Spain.
  • Milford/Letterkenny – Please continue to pray for wisdom as we seek to go forward with our building project in Milford. Some doors have closed and we are pursuing other options at the minute. Pray for unity in this, and pray especially that God brings people from the community to Christ and to join the congregation.
  • Covenant Fellowship, Galway – Give thanks for the month Shahnaz had in Pakistan with her husband Nadeem. Pray for Nadeem’s application for an Irish visa to be granted without delay.
  • Covenant Fellowship, Galway – Pray for Stephen Fallows as he continues his short-term service year with us. He is involved in many aspects of our Gospel ministry including door to door visitation with Billy on Wednesday afternoons and Peter on Thursday afternoons. He serves in our bookshop ministry for three sessions each week (2 mornings & 1 afternoon) & leads bible studies & parts of public worship.
  • Nantes, France – Give thanks for the warm fellowship which we enjoy within our church family. Pray that the bonds of love and friendship would continue to be strengthened in the months ahead.
  • Nantes, France – Pray that the distribution of many gospel calendars would bear much fruit. It is encouraging to hear people saying how much they appreciate having their calendar to read each day.
  • Spain – Praise God for the provision of a new home for the Berrocals at the beginning of December 2019. Due to heavy rain making the road impassable to their original home on the top of the hill a new home in Almuñécar needed to be found. This is much closer to the children’s schools and to many other amenities. Pray for the family as they settle into their new surroundings and get to know their neighbours.
  • Spain – Pray for Isaac in his managing of time now that his services are not required as much to take the children to school. Pray for his preaching in Almuñécar (once a month), his leading of the prayer meeting there (once or twice a month) and for his preaching to the group that used to meet in their home (every other week).



12th-18th January

  • GIVE THANKS that Eileanoir Blair from Limavady is enjoying both her work as a language assistant and being part of the Nantes Fellowship. GIVE THANKS for the support she has received from the Fellowship and PRAY that she will also be an encouragement to them.
  • GIVE THANKS for the steady attendance at worship in Woodstock – 25 in the morning and 20 at night. GIVE THANKS for the children who come each week to the services. PRAY that they will all know and follow the Lord Jesus.
  • PRAISE GOD for the good numbers who are attending the Good News Club on Monday evenings term time at Bready. PRAY for God to work in the hearts of the children, that they will come early in life to have Christ as Saviour and Lord. PRAISE GOD that around half of those who attend the Saturday Night Lite are from outside the congregation. PRAY that they may be spoken to by the epilogue and come to accept Christ as Saviour and Lord and also that more would come along.
  • Gateway PRAY for Hannah Fallows on her year as an assistant in two schools in Marbella, Spain. THANK GOD for good accommodation and a friendly local church. PRAY that Hannah will develop her Spanish and her trust in Jesus as she sees Him work in a foreign place.
  • Covenant Fellowship, Galway – Give thanks for all the blessings of last year in our church family life and Gospel ministry and for the Lord’s sustaining grace and power for many in our Fellowship who have been strengthened through various trials.
  • Covenant Fellowship, Galway – These remain urgent prayer requests.  Zanele & her girls have had to move out of their hostel in Galway & the only accommodation they have been able to rent is in Tuam. Zanele is seeking suitable accommodation in Galway city. She & the girls will have to travel each day to Galway city for her nursing course and for their schooling (over an hour on the bus). However, having their own home now should open the door for her 6 year old son Bryce to come to Ireland from Zimbabwe to be reunited with his Mum & sisters. Pray that there will be no hold up in the application for his visa.
  • Milford/Letterkenny – Some of you may have heard that Rev Stewart McMahon has passed away – please pray for his family circle at this time.
  • Nantes, France – Praise God for the on-going medical help being given to Kashi, a Nepalese asylum seeker who arrived in Nantes on the 20th December. We were contacted by Christians in the Netherlands asking us to help him (a long story). Pray for wisdom for all concerned with his care and pray that God would bring healing of both body and mind.
  • Nantes, France – We have invited our neighbours to join us on Saturday 18th for a traditional “Galette des Rois” (Kings’ Cake). Please pray that a good number would accept our invitation and that we would be able to build relationships with them that would lead to opportunities to share the gospel.


5th-11th January

  •  Knockbracken RPC – Rev. Andrew Kerr – Please pray for my mum, Audrey, who has taken a turn for the worse today – pray for God’s peace & comfort as she turns her thoughts to the next world.
  • Milford/Letterkenny – On the 8th January I start a series of 4 weeks of lectures (8 lectures in all) on Seeing, Thinking and Speaking from a Biblical Perspective. Its about developing a Christian Worldview and apologetics. We are giving them in the Letterkenny Institute of Technology. It is in co-ordination with other churches in Letterkenny, and hopefully a lot of Christians will come along. Pray that non-Christians will come along too. Please pray that I will get the content and level right, and that God’s people will be really encouraged and equipped as they talk to people. Pray that it will be a great time of fellowship too. Pray for clarity of thought and delivery for me please. Pray too that if any non-Christians come along that they will see their need of Christ.
  • PRAY for the leaders and speakers at the various camp reunions as they finalize arrangements. PRAY that the young people will have a desire to go to the reunions and benefit spiritually from them.
  • Please PRAY for the Cookstown church family as they continue to reach out into Mid-Ulster with the Gospel and PRAY for elders to be raised up among them.
  • Theological College PRAY that the students will know the help of the Holy Spirit in the preparation of their sermons. PRAY that they will be granted the enabling of the Holy Spirit as they preach on their selected texts at the student assessment preaching in Ballylane and Faughan on 7th and 9th January.
  •  GIVE THANKS for the continued opportunity each month to preach the Gospel in two local Nursing Homes in Lisburn, for the evident joy that it brings to some of the residents and the challenge it presents to others.  PRAY for those who look after the residents that they too would be blessed by the services and in caring for all the residents.
  • GIVE THANKS for the students who are part of the life of Shaftesbury Square congregation. PRAY that they will profit from their time with us and make a valuable contribution to our work. PRAY that the Lord will lead new people to settle in Shaftesbury Square congregation who have a heart for witness in the city centre.
  • Covenant Fellowship, Galway – Shahnaz’s application for a visa has been successful! Presently Shahnaz and her husband Nadeem are in Pakistan for December & then they plan to apply for an Irish visa for Nadeem in the new year. Pray for Hanna in Galway over the winter holidays.
  • Nantes, France – Give thanks with us for the people who came to our winter outreach event. It was a real encouragement for us to see 15 people from outside the church joining with us and hearing the message of hope and peace brought by the coming of Christ into the world. Pray that the seeds of the gospel that were sown in their hearts would bear much fruit.
  • Nantes, France – Give thanks for the many gifts given out to the girls on the streets of Nantes. These gifts included a gospel calendar and tract. Pray that God’s word would have an impact on the lives of these girls.


29th December – 4th January

  • Glenmanus RPC. During the summer months the congregation is pleased to welcome many visitors to the services but during the winter months there are few visitors and the attendance is in the low twenties. PRAY for wisdom for the Session as they consider how best to reach out into the local community. PRAY that God will bring new people into the congregation.
  • Please PRAY for the many elderly and sick in the Loughbrickland congregation. PRAY for those no longer able to get to worship that God would be near to them and be a comfort through testing times. GIVE THANKS for David Silversides and his faithful ministry that has transferred to Heaven. PLEASE PRAY for Anne and family as they grieve his loss.
  • PRAY that literature taken in recent outreach ventures in Newry will be used by God to make readers aware of their great spiritual need. THANK GOD for continued contact with a small number of outsiders who have either attended services infrequently or had conversations with members about faith and PRAY that they would yet come to faith in Jesus Christ.
  • GIVE THANKS for Stephen Fallows from Gateway Christian Fellowship who came to Galway at the start of October to do a year of short term service with us. PRAY for him as he is involved in many aspects of our Gospel work including door to door ministry, bookshop ministry, leading Bible studies and in public worship.
  • Covenant Fellowship, Galway – Pray for Beatrice who has flown to Zimbabwe to spend 3 weeks with her family over the holidays. Pray for Michael’s 3/4 weeks in Ireland before he returns to South Korea to continue teaching there.
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