March/April Prayer Points

29th March – 4th April

  • Northern Presbytery – Give thanks that the Northern Presbytery ministers were able to meet together, encourage each other and pray. Give thanks for great technology in order to do so.
  • New Life Fellowship, Letterkenny – The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland has requested that its churches observe a day of prayer and fasting tomorrow, Thursday 2nd April, that we might humble ourselves before the Lord and plead for Him to lift this pandemic from our land. With the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic and the tragedy of abortion legislation in our land–along with the many other ways which Ireland has departed from God–we call on the Church, our nation, and our leaders to repent of their sins and bow the knee to King Jesus.
  • Ballyclabber RPC – Today (31st March) is the day Northern Ireland’s evil abortion laws come into effect. As of now, the law says it’s ok for GPs to perform abortions; for midwives to kill babies as well as deliver them; and for ancillary staff to be obliged to book, prepare for and clean up after abortions without provision for conscientious objection. Please pray for our country. And fear not because God is always sovereign.
  • Newtownards – Pray for the students at our denomination’s seminary (Reformed Theological College). Give thanks for a year’s work done, and pray for them now especially as they remotely sit their end of year exams this week and next. – EDIT Paul Flynn is unable sit his exams at present, and plans to take them later in the year. But you can still pray for him.
  • PRAY that God would give wisdom to the congregation of Milford as they seek to move forward with their building situation.  PRAY that they would be confident in God’s providence as they have found that many doors have been closed to them.
  • PRAY that the students at the Theological College will know God’s help as they sit two of their exams this week.
  • Covenant Life Fellowship, Galway – Pray for God’s Word to equip us for service as it is preached & studied each week in our worship service, Bible studies & Sunday School classes.
  • Nantes, France RPC – May God use the present crisis to speak to the hearts of many in France to bring them to their senses and to turn them away from idols to serve the living and true God.
  • Nantes, France RPC – Pray for wisdom to be given to our political leaders as they make difficult decisions in difficult times.


22nd-28th March

  • Newtownards RPC – Our sermons are on youtube.  Join us in praying for this unexpected form of ministry!
  • Ballyclabber RPC – As God’s people we should continually pray for our leaders and those in authority. However, we also call on them to return to the Lord and acknowledge Christ’s kingship over the nations.
  • Ballyclabber RPC – May we fall on our knees before Almighty God, confessing our sins and pleading for His grace and mercy.
  • PRAY for the students at the Theological College as they take this week to revise for their exams.
  • Letterkenny   GIVE THANKS for a very encouraging attendance at the Developing a Christian Worldview lectures which Mark Loughridge led at a local college.  PRAY that Christians in Donegal would be able to give an answer for the hope that is within them and that those who like Christianity’s values would come to know the Saviour for themselves.
  • PRAY for a new series of sermons on the Ten Commandments at Gateway, that God would convict us of where we fall short and would help us deepen our Christian lives by relevant applications of His law, kept for us by Jesus.  PRAY for several of our members who have long-term health issues.  PRAY for the group as we would do a series of evening studies on Christ and suffering.
  • Please PRAY for Cookstown church family’s monthly Saturday outreach on the first Saturday of each month and for them in 2020 as they try using one mid-week a month for evangelism (last Thursday of each month).
  • Please PRAY for the outreach work on the first Saturday of the month in Enniskillen. The Coffee Stop at the church building is followed by public preaching in the towncentre.
  • Trinity RPC asks us to PRAY for a new outreach initiative -Community Service, due to begin in April.  This will involve several classes running for 6-8 weeks for all ages (e.g. literacy/numeracy, basic cookery, interview technique) with a short Gospel presentation in the middle of the evening during a coffee break.
  • Covenant Life Fellowship, Galway – Pray that our pastoral visits with our members and friends will be a blessing to them.
  • Nantes, France – Give thanks with us for how well settled Matthieu is at school and for the good relationships we have with his teachers and the parents of his classmates. Please pray for God’s protection over Matthieu in school and with his friends and pray also for our contact with parents and teachers, that we might shine as stars in the darkness and that we would have opportunities to share our faith in Christ.
  • Nantes, France – Please pray for the Holmes family, a missionary family who worship with us and who have a ministry among refugees and students. Give thanks for how God is using them to reach many with the Gospel and pray that the problems that they have had with their rented accommodation would be resolved. Please pray for M, a Christian refugee whom they have been helping. His faith is fragile and is being buffeted from all sides. Pray that he would know God’s protecting power. Pray that the response to his demand for asylum would be positive.


15th-21st March

  • Knockbracken RPC – Each of us should be praying that God the Holy Spirit would use this global issue to teach people to number their days (Psalm 90) and to point them to the sovereign one who provides peace and hope. We should be praying that he would use Christians’ hope-filled response to this crisis in order to draw lost people all across the world to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Please PRAY for the work of the Women’s Fellowship Central Committee as they plan events for the ladies of the denomination and friends.
  • Renwick House    Please PRAY that the weekly Bible studies, led by the Resident-in-Charge James Gillespie, will strengthen and challenge those who attend. THANK GOD for his answer to prayer for unity and friendship among the residents.
  • GIVE THANKS for the election of three new deacons in Newtownards RPC.  PRAY that all the deacons would know God’s blessing in their ministry in the church.
  • Lisburn RPC   THANK GOD for the spirit of harmony and peace within the congregation during our vacancy. PRAY for all the ministers who travel to supply the vacant pulpits throughout our denomination, some travelling a considerable distance, that God would grant them travelling mercies for this important work.
  • PRAY for the first TFY Study Day (for 16-22 year olds) which will be held on Saturday 21st March at the Covenanter Book Centre. PRAY for Prof. David McKay as he leads the lectures on Biblical Baptism.
  • Kilraughts RPC plans to mark the 50th anniversary of the ordination of elders William James Loughridge and Charlie Knox on March 22nd.  Prof. Edward Donnelly, who preached at their ordination in 1970, hopes to return to preach again 50 years later.  GIVE THANKS for the faithful service of these men and for the blessing they have been to many.
  • Covenant Life Fellowship, Galway RPC – Pray for the Lord to bless the work and witness of the Dochas (CU) group in Galway University. Patrick, Bethany & Thomas are on in the committee planning an outreach week on campus in March. Pray too for the Dochas group at St Endas. Give thanks for how the Lord helped Rachel and Shylate this month with their Leaving Cert mocks and Christopher and Ariel with their Junior Cert mocks.
  • Nantes, France RPC – We give thanks for the visit of Gethin Jones who preached on the 16th February and who spoke at our Sunday School on the theme of Covenant Theology. Both his preaching and his talk were greatly appreciated and we trust that he and other suitable preachers will be able to come again to preach the Word in Nantes.
  • Nantes, France RPC – Pray for patience and grace to be given to us each day as we try to help different asylum seekers. As they attend church and comes to Bible study, pray that they would grow in knowledge and come to saving faith in Jesus Christ.



8th-14th March

  • Glenmanus RPC – Please remember to pray for Glenmanus (Portrush) Church today that God would bless in every aspect of the life and ministry of the congregation and especially that He will add new members to the congregation this year and in the years to come. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.
  • Bready RPC congregation. Please remember the congregation without a minister of their own since Blair McFarland retired in Dec. 2019.
  • Newtownards RPC – Pray for Joel and Laura McCavery as they set out on the promise driven journey of parenting little Matthew who was baptised on the 8th March.
  • Cloughmills – The congregation are hosting a series of outreach services from 11th – 13th March. PRAY that the Holy Spirit would give the congregation burdened and prayerful hearts for their family and friends and so invite them to these services.
  • PRAY for the Weekend Conference from 13th – 15th March in the Armagh City Hotel. PRAY for Rev Peter Jemphrey as he speaks about` Equipped to Serve’.
  • Cullybackey PRAY for our church weekend 13th -15th March. As Jonny McCollum comes to speak, PRAY that the Lord would lead him in his preparation, and that fellowship and unity would be widened and deepened amongst all ages as we feed on God’s Word and spend time together.
  • GIVE THANKS for all of the camp reunions and PRAY that all who attended would remember the talks and seek to serve God.
  • Convoy RPC – We would greatly appreciate your prayers that God would bring us into contact with people in Convoy who are searching, and that local people would be saved and added to the congregation.
  • Covenant Life Fellowship RPC, Galway – Continue to pray for Stephen Fallows in his short-term service year with us. Give thanks for opportunities to share the Gospel through his door to door visitation with Billy on Wednesday afternoons and Peter on Thursday afternoons. Stephen also serves in our bookshop ministry for three sessions each week (1 morning & 2 afternoons) & leads Bible studies & parts of public worship, takes our senior Bible class and is involved in our bi-weekly Youth Group and monthly Men’s Group.
  • Spain – Isaac is also due to be interviewed to become an associate of EMF in April. Pray that this meeting would go smoothly and that his acceptance would assist him, would make things easier to administer and would put Isaac in touch with others whom he can help and who can help him.
  • Nantes, France – Please pray that God would do a genuine work of grace in people’s hearts. There are many obstacles to coming to saving faith, but God is able to remove each of those obstacles. Pray that He would do so.
  • Nantes, France – Please pray for our outreach evening to be held on Friday 13th March. It has been encouraging to see how many people are inviting their friends and neighbours. Pray for God’s blessing on this evening.


1st-7th March

  • Glenmanus RPC – Pray that God would add new members to our congregation this year and in coming years.
  • Newtownards RPC – We had a really good evening on 1st March, with Adrian Adger being greatly enabled of God to minister to us. A lot of visitors, friends and neighbours joined us. He and his wife Karen were such an encouragement and example to us. We pray for Adrian and Karen travelling this difficult road together, and pray that God will greatly use them both.
  • Limavady RPC – Another happy occasion when Jacob Dunwoody and Leah Cromie were baptised at our evening service on the 1st.  Give thanks for this.
  • GIVE THANKS that Pastor Wallace Tinsley from Filbert PCA, South Carolina is with us at Knockbracken and will take a series of meetings from 1st-4th March. PRAY that he and his wife will be blessed in their time among us.
  • Please PRAY for the RP Family Day Conference in Cullybackey RPC on Saturday 7th March. PRAY for Mark Loughridge as he prepares and that the conference will be a blessing and help to families.
  • GIVE THANKS for the four men who were ordained as deacons in Trinity RPC on 16th February and PRAY that they will quickly feel part of the deacons’ board.
  • Gateway RPC –  PRAY for follow-up to our Christianity Explored course held in the hotel at the start of the year. PRAY that God may show people their sin and where that leads and help them to repent and trust in the Saviour the course clearly presents. PRAY for our members as we seek to develop contacts and friendships, especially among people on the city side, through school, through clubs, through door-to-door work and through other means.
  • Convoy RPC – Please pray that the Holy Spirit will quicken the ministry of God’s Word to the hearts and lives of all who attend worship so that sinners will be converted and believers built up in their faith.
  • Covenant Fellowship, Galway – Zanele & her girls have had to move out of their hostel in Galway & the only accommodation they have been able to rent is in Tuam (an hour on the bus from Galway city). Zanele is seeking suitable accommodation in Galway city. However, having their own home now should open the door for her 6 year old son Bryce to come to Ireland from Zimbabwe to be reunited with his Mum & sisters. Pray that his visa will soon be granted.
  • Spain – Pray for the meetings with the evening group. They’re taking place alternately in Malaga when Isaac preaches and in the Berrocals’ home when it is a Bible study. Pray that these people will be happy to worship together and that they will want to invite unbelievers too.
  • Nantes, France RPC – Continue to pray for the spread of the gospel throughout France.
  • Nantes, France RPC – We have recently begun a time of prayer before the morning service. It has been most encouraging to see people coming early with a desire to pray together. Continue to pray that as a fellowship, we would be more and more committed to individual and corporate prayer.
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