June Prayer Points

16th-22nd June

  • Newtownards RPC – Give thanks for Graham and Esther Cave coming into full membership of our church, and it was a true blessing to celebrate the baptism of their son Eli! Join us in praying that he and all our children will know the reality of 1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”
  • Pray for Dervock RPC Summer Bible Club, running from Wednesday to Saturday this week. Pray that local children will come along and that church members will get to know parents and children over the week. Pray for fruit from the gospel seed that will be sown.
  • Pray for the Clare RPC Holiday Bible Club, that children would listen well and engage with stories and activities, and that relationships would be built up with the leaders.
  • Pray for the weekly door to door outreach by Woodstock which continues throughout the summer. Pray that people will take up the invitation to come to worship.
  • Pray that some delays in the process of buying the new manse in Nantes will not hinder the start of the necessary renovation work so that this could be completed in good time for the Lytles to move into it at the end of July.
  • Give thanks for the good number of non-church members who attend the fortnightly lunch club in Newtownards RPC. Pray for friendships formed and that unbelievers would be brought under conviction of sin through the short message received.
  • Pray for the committee of the Go Relief Team as they make preparations for this year’s trip to Serbia. Pray for God’s provision in finances, building materials and team members.
  • Convoy – Our ladies’ group organised a pudding party for Saturday 8th June to raise money for We Care food bank.  Please pray that this will be a good witness to the community.
  • Nantes – Remember in prayer an elderly lady who has had quite bad health issues and is confined to bed most of the time. When last with her, we were encouraged when she said she has put her trust in Jesus and we do hope that that really is the case. Pray for much blessing in body, mind and spirit.
  • Nantes – Praise God that Andrew and Heather are to get the keys of the new house on 15th July. As a lot of renovation work is necessary, pray that the basic necessities may be done so that they may be able to move into it at the end of July, when they have to leave their present home.


9th-15th June

  • RPCI Synod – The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland commissioned Rev. Isaac Berrocal and his family to be missionaries for the gospel to Southern Spain.  Keep him and his family and the work in Spain in your prayers.
  • Shaftesbury Square RPC – We have, among other friends, Iranian Christians who attend our weekly English class. Let’s be encouraged to come alongside and pray for these Christians (and others) who have had to leave parents, siblings, friends and home, to follow Jesus Christ.
  • Lisburn – Give thanks for Rev. Raymond Blair preaching.  Pray that these messages will be a blessing to our souls.
  • Pray for Synod meeting in Knockbracken RPC from 10th – 12th June.  Ask God to grant a sense of His presence and His guidance and wisdom for all the decisions to be taken.
  • Pray that all who have any role in the Women’s Fellowship AGM and in the Mission Night on Wednesday 12th June will know God’s help. Remember especially those who will speak.
  • Pray that Rev. Isaac Berrocal and his family will be encouraged by the Commissioning Service during the Mission Night. Pray that all the practical arrangements involved in their move to southern Spain will work out smoothly.
  • Uphold Rev. Malcolm and Mrs Muriel Ball as they leave France (DV) on 14th June, move temporarily into Lisburn manse and then find a new home. Pray for strength and guidance in every aspect of this move.
  • Galway Covenant Christian Fellowship praise God for how He is sustaining our brothers and sisters from different parts of the world who have suffered much and who are waiting upon Him for much needed visas. Pray for their status in Ireland to be clarified very soon and for the door to open for loved ones to join them here.
  • Pray that the students of the Reformed Theological College, in their summer placements, will learn valuable lessons at a personal and pastoral level which will equip them for further ministry.
  • Convoy – Each June we have a Question and Answer evening dealing with any questions people have about spiritual matters.  Pray that God will use this to help us grow in our understanding of his truth, as we look at what the Bible says about a variety of different issues.
  • Nantes – Give thanks for a successful operation for a friend of the congregation.  Pray that he may see himself as God sees him, realise that “good works” can never earn salvation and that Jesus has done everything necessary.
  • Nantes – One day in May, when Malcolm was visiting someone in hospital, he spotted another patient he recognised. Pray for wisdom for the doctors treating him and especially that his head knowledge may increase and speedily become heart knowledge.


2nd-8th June

  • Pray that the Camps training morning will have both encouraged and challenged all who plan to serve in camps this summer.
  • Give thanks for the election of a ruling elder in Enniskillen RPC. Pray for the members as they consider calling a teaching elder. Pray for wisdom and unity within the congregation as they make this decision.
  • Pray for the pastors of Kilraughts, Newtownards, and Fairview & Tullyvallen congregations as they instruct the Theological College students in their summer placements and are an example to them.
  • In April, Day One leaflets about the resurrection were given out by members of Gateway Christian Fellowship. Pray for follow-up from this and from the May meeting about Heaven, that God will lead them to those He is drawing to Himself.
  • Pray that the Word preached at May’s outreach services in Cloughmills RPC will bear much fruit .  Pray too that the service of members of the congregation, conversations, CDs and tracts given out at the village June Fair would also be fruitful.
  • Give thanks that the renovation work to the Ballyclabber RPC building is almost complete. Pray for the pastor and members as one of the first services in the refurbished church building will be the Lord’s Supper.
  • Convoy RPC – This month, Lord willing, I will return to our series of sermons on Mark’s Gospel.  Please pray that God would use this to show us how Jesus is God’s King.
  • Nantes – Concerning the young M’slim referred to last month (living about one hour from here near Rennes and wanting to become a Christian), we have put him in touch with a Christian worker in Rennes. Pray for a deepening understanding of the Christian faith and a commitment to Christ.
  • Nantes – Mirabel, the young Nigerian girl who was staying for several months with Andrew and Heather, had a baby girl, Victory, on 13th May. They will not be put out of hospital until Victory is 28 days old. As this deadline approaches pray for suitable accommodation and that all their needs may be met.



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