June Prayer Points

26th June – 2nd July

  • PRAY for Senior Camp which takes place from 2 – 9 July and for the leaders Douglas and Lorraine McMorris.
  • Renwick House (RP private residence/dormitory at Queen’s University, Belfast) is at full capacity this year after two partially full years due to the pandemic. Please PRAY for the committee as decisions are made regarding who residents will share rooms with. PRAY also for the new Resident-in-Charge, Josiah Burke, that he will quickly bring everyone together and their stay at Renwick will be beneficial and enjoyable to their Christian lives.
  • Please PRAY for wisdom for the Irish Mission as they explore the possibility of partnering with a church plant in Limerick. PRAY that God will bless this opportunity to reach the 3rd largest city in Ireland.
  • Convoy RPC – Pray for a family who have expressed interest in coming to church: that  they would come, regularly, and that God would speak to them and work in  their lives.
  • Nantes RPC (France) – Give thanks for the ministry of those coming to preach during Rev. Lytle’s time out of the pulpit.


19th-25th June

  • Lisburn RPC – We are very sorry to be saying farewell to Paul Flynn and his family this weekend! Paul has worked extremely hard in his time with us and he and his family has been such a blessing to us. We pray for Paul as he seeks God’s leading and guiding regarding future ministry.
  • Senior Camp – Pray for Rev Robert Robb as he finishes preparing his talks, and pray that we will all be challenged, shaped and renewed by God’s truth as he presents it to us. We’re also delighted to welcome Rev Philip Dunwoody to Senior Camp to lead us in worship on Sabbath Day. Pray for him, that God will guide him as he speaks to us, and that our hearts will be receptive.
  • Dromore RPC – Give thanks for a very encouraging evening last Lord’s Day as we set apart six men to ordained office, Mr Raymond Gamble as an elder and Messrs Alan Ball, Timothy Frazer, Stephen Hawthorne, Gavin McCaughan and Brian Rankin as deacons. Pray for these men as they begin serving in Christ’s Church.
  • Trinity RPC – Pray for their Holiday Bible Club taking place this week.
  • Cullybackey Holiday Bible club, 22nd-24th June. PRAY for wisdom for the new leaders as they co-ordinate the team, that many from the community would join our own church children and that this would make connections for the CYs when they begin again in September. Also PRAY that God would restore all that was lost during the pandemic.
  • PRAY for Dervock Holiday Bible Club in late June and for a good number of children from the area to attend.
  • Faughan RPC requests PRAYER for spiritual fruit as a result of distributing leaflets to people in the local community during the summer months, and also that men from the community will come to a Men’s Breakfast on Saturday 25th June where they will be able to listen to a talk about the Bible.
  • Convoy RPC – We now have a new website. And we are on Instagram now.  Please pray God will use these means to lead people into his kingdom.
  • Nantes RPC (France) – Give thanks that it would appear that a solution has been found to circumvent many of the implications of the new law designed to clamp down on religious groups in France. This new law makes it very difficult and very costly for a pastor to receive his salary from abroad and for any particular church to receive finances from abroad. There is a mountain of paperwork to go through and in most cases, churches would have to work through an official government-approved accountant. It turns out that it is possible to have all such financial matters dealt with by “Perspectives”, one of the larger evangelical denominations in France, even though we are not part of that denomination. The accounting service offered by this denomination would handle all matters pertaining to salary and money coming from abroad and thus, our church would have no extra paperwork to complete. This is a potential way forward.


12th-18th June

  • The Irish RP Synod met this week. Give thanks for three new ministers in the denomination, steady growth in each of the 4 Presbyteries, progress towards a church plant in the west of Ireland, and the signing of a covenant renewal.
  • Synod 2022: Pray for our ministers and elders as they meet to review and discuss the work of the church during this week. Pray that those who meet together will be encouraged and that help will be given for any big discussion that arise. Pray for Rev. Geoff Allen as he is the new Moderator of Synod as he oversees the running of all the business.
  • Lisburn RPC – Give thanks for the ordination and installation of 2 new elders and 3 new deacons into the congregation at the start of June. Pray that God will help these men as they serve Christ in their new roles.
  • Synod takes place from the 13 – 15 June. PRAY for the decisions which will be taken. PRAY for Prof. Robert McCollum as he speaks at the Mission Night and Mrs Alison Flannigan at the Women’s Fellowship AGM.
  • GIVE THANKS that God led Rev. Peter Jemphrey to accept the call from Knockbracken and PRAY for him and his family as they settle into this new sphere of work. We thank Prof. Robert McCollum for his wise and loving guidance during the vacancy.  Pray for Rev. Jemphrey as he is installed on Friday evening. Please pray for our new pastor as he begins his ministry and as he and his family settle into life in Knockbracken.
  • PRAY for guidance and wisdom for the convener, Rev. Geoffrey Allen, and the committee of the Covenanter Bookshop as they seek to glorify God in all the decisions they make. Please PRAY as the Committee goes through a time of real change in circumstance and operation.
  • GIVE THANKS for the birth of four babies into Dromara congregation in the past year. PRAY for these little ones and all our covenant children as parents bring them up in God’s ways.
  • Convoy RPC – Pray that our ladies’ outreach would go well this month.
  • Nantes RPC – In April, we had the joy of seeing our dear friend C. being baptized. She first came to church last summer and it has been a real joy to accompany her on her journey to saving faith in Christ. Give thanks for God’s work in her heart and life and pray especially for her witness amongst her unbelieving family.
  • Nantes RPC – Give thanks for the opportunities we have to share our faith through our various activities in the community such as work, dance and sport.


5th-11th June

  • Nantes RPC (France) – Give thanks that an important meeting with the builder on Wednesday seems to have helped to move things along. Because of the delay, the work on the foundations will now not begin until the first week of July. This is 2 months later than it should have begun and so we will have to now go back to all the other parties involved in the building and ask them to readjust their timetables. Please pray that this will be possible for each of the businesses involved. Please pray also that the builder will keep his word and that work will begin in July, as promised.
  • Lisburn RPC – Give thanks for new office bearers in the congregation – 3 new deacons and 2 new elders!
  • PRAY for the on-going work on the new church building in Nantes. PRAY that in all their interactions with those involved in the project, the members of the church would have opportunities to share their faith and speak of the Lord who promised to build his church.
  • GIVE THANKS that Jonny Fitzsimons and Kenny Stephenson both completed their first year of lectures at the Reformed Theological College and did well in their end of year exams. PRAY for the men as they continue now in their summer placements. Kenny is in Fairview
    and Tullyvallen and Jonny is working in Carrickfergus, Trinity and Woodstock.
  • Lisburn RPC –  PRAY for Paul Flynn and his family on placement with us until end of June. PRAY for God’s leading and guiding to be upon Paul in his future service.
  • PRAY for the camps training morning in Cullybackey and for Abigail and Steven who are the speakers. PRAY for new and returning camp officers and leaders as they make preparations for camp. PRAY especially for Philip Coulter as he leads BDC for the first time.
  • Please PRAY for a venue for Gateway services and ministry. We are in negotiations with a landlord of a property in Pump Street (inside the walls) to rent a space for worship and an additional space for a possible book-shop. General terms have been agreed, but change of use and some refit are both required. PRAY that this may go through and that it would be a help to reaching people in Derry for Jesus.
  • Convoy RPC – Each June we have a Question and Answer evening dealing with any questions people have about spiritual matters.  Pray that God will use this to help us grow in our understanding of his truth, as we look at  what the Bible says about a variety of different issues.
  • Nantes RPC (France) – We’ve written in past letters about the recent law that was passed seeking to clamp down on radical Islamic groups. The law was passed last year but there is a period of grace during which religious organisations have time to put their house in order. Andrew is just back from a day’s training in Paris and it is clear that the implications of the new law will be far-reaching, mostly in terms of the administrative workload for small churches, like ours, who have a smaller number of volunteers with the necessary expertise. Please pray that we would be able to gain a full understanding of what the new law requires of us and that we wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the additional paperwork.


29th May – 4th June

  • Dromore RPC – Give thanks for the election of another ruling elder.  Pray for his ordination, Lord willing, on the 19th June.
  • Lisburn RPC – Give thanks that they will be ordaining two new elders and three new deacons this coming Lord’s Day.
  • Senior Camp: Continue to remember the camp committee as they plan for camp in the summer. Pray that many young people would apply and that they would be encouraged through studying God’s word daily and sending time together.
  • New Life Fellowship, Letterkenny RPC – Give thanks for a really encouraging church weekend. Give thanks for the opportunity to learn from the life of Moses and his faith and to benefit from years of learning, experience and wisdom as everyone got to know Robert and Sandra. Give thanks for the opportunity it was to fellowship together and to be able to include those who have joined the fellowship in recent years in this. Pray for family members who aren’t Christians that came to the family evening on Saturday night – that they would see their need of a Saviour and come to know Jesus for themselves.
  • Spain RPC –  GIVE THANKS for a good visit by Tim and Marjorie Donachie and Brian Dunwoody in April. All the arrangements went well and Tim was able to renew acquaintances from 30 years ago in Seville. PRAY for Isaac Beroccal and Martin Rizley who both hope to be able to attend Synod. PRAY for wisdom for all the decisions to be taken about the future work in Spain.
  • PRAY for Pastor Rich Holdeman from Bloomington RPC as he spends 2 months sabbatical (May to July) in Ballyclabber RPC and other congregations in the denomination. PRAY for members of Ballyclabber as they renew fellowship with Rich and that both Rich and those he comes into contact with may be blessed.
  • The Coffee Stop outreach has restarted in Enniskillen on the first Saturday of the month. PRAY that people from the local community would call in.
  • GIVE THANKS for the ordination and installation of Rev. John Coulter as the new pastor in Drimbolg. PRAY for his family as they settle into a new area and PRAY especially for John to know God’s leading and guiding as he fulfils his calling to full time ministry as undershepherd for the congregation.
  • THANK GOD for answered prayer in providing His man for us in Bready as our new minister, Rev. Paul Wallace. PRAY that the Lord will bless his ministry, in the building up of believers in the faith and in conversions in the congregation and in the surrounding community.
  • PRAY that Ballyclare congregation will be guided to God’s choice for elders and deacons.
  • Shaftesbury RPC –  PRAY for the college and university students as they complete this year’s studies. Remember especially those who have finished their course and are moving on to work or further study. Give thanks for opportunities to minister to them during the year.
  • Convoy RPC – As they study  Isaiah, may they long more eagerly for God’s promised salvation.
  • Nantes RPC (France) – It was a pleasure for Andrew to attend a two-day conference in Paris at the end of April where the theme was “the surpassing peace of God”. This was a time of rich teaching and fellowship. Pray that the marvelous truths that were preached would have a lasting impact in the lives of those who were present.
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