August Prayer Points

12th-18th August

  • PRAY for Lisburn RPC’s Fellowship week from 13th – 17th August. Each morning an Elder will lead a Bible Study on “The Life of Samuel”.
  • PRAY for Ballyclabber RPC’s Outreach Week, 13th – 19th August, that members will know God’s help as they reach out into the community. PRAY that there will be a good response to the ‘Word on the Street’ as it is distributed to homes in Coleraine and to the open air Psalm singing in the centre of the town.
  • PRAY for safety in travel for the Go Relief Team as they return to Romania. PRAY for continued unity and great fellowship within the team. PRAY for safety in the work and that all will be accomplished to God’s glory.
  • NANTES – The on-line religious blog of the daily newspaper Ouest France often deeply shocks and saddens us eg “Adam and Eve never existed.” “As for original sin, it’s a theory which doesn’t hold for two minutes of analysis.” Pray for much wisdom when reacting to such biblical topics and pray that the Holy Spirit may convict, convince and convert the religious correspondent in charge of the blog, other participants and readers.
  • GALWAY – Continue to pray for those in our Fellowship who contend each day with long-term illness and thank God for their faith and witness.


5th-11th August

  • REMEMBER Cloughmills RPC’s outreach week, 5th-11th August.  PRAY that the Holy Spirit would be working in and through the congregation and Go Team.
  • PRAY for the Holiday Bible Club in Newtownards RPC from 6th – 10th August. PRAY that there would be a lasting impact in the lives of all the children who attend and blessing in the lives of those who help.
  • GIVE THANKS and continue to PRAY for help and wisdom for the Covenanter Bookshop staff as new books are chosen to stock in the Bookshop throughout the year.  PRAY too for guidance for the committee and staff as they look at the physical layout of the Bookshop and seek to improve it.
  • PRAISE GOD for his great kindness in providing the Cookstown Church Family with a new church building. PRAY that they settle in quickly to their new premises and that it would be used for His glory. PRAY that the renovation work would be completed quickly without too many complications.
  • PRAY for Gateway Christian Fellowship as they welcome their second Go Team next week.  PRAY that God would go before, as they seek those in whose lives He is at work, especially as they go door-to-door on the Cityside and present the Gospel in the open air.
  • NANTES – Laureine Delaunay, OM worker amongst the prostitutes in Nantes, will be taking up a new position within OM in Paris in September. Give thanks for the many lives that she has touched in Nantes and pray that this time of transition will go smoothly. Pray that despite her absence, this mercy ministry would be able to continue and to develop in Nantes.
  • GALWAY – Give thanks for the GO Relief team (5 men led by Robert McCahon) doing outside renovations at the manse from 9th-13th July.


29th July-4th August

  •  GIVE THANKS for Amy McCollum, Rachel Gardiner, Philip Dunwoody and Alistair McCollum as leaders of the Junior Camps and the responsibility that this holds. PRAY that God will be with them and bless them in any decisions to be made through the week. GIVE THANKS for the team members and cook teams who give up their week to serve Christ at camp and PRAY for unity within the teams.
  • PRAY for all the young people in our denomination as they seek God’s guidance for their future in respect of education and employment. Many will be receiving exam results soon or have graduated and could be facing difficult choices.
  • PRAY for the members of Gateway Christian Fellowship as they hand out leaflets on ‘What’s it all about?’, ‘ Who is Jesus Christ?’ and ‘Who wants to live Forever?’ and talk to people in a new area of the city, that God will create curiosity and call people to Himself.
  • NANTES – Remember in your prayers our ongoing need for suitable premises.
  • GALWAY – Give thanks for the encouragement of welcoming Laoise, Thomas and Rachel into membership at our June communion service.
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