January Prayer Points

2nd-8th January

  • Reformed Theological College: Give thanks that Paul, John, and Paul were licensed by their presbyteries back in the Autumn. This means that when they have completed a certain amount of placement they are available for a call to a church to become their minister. For Paul Wallace and John Coulter that time is over the next few weeks. Pray for God’s guidance as congregations meet to consider who to ask to be their minister. Pray for patience for Paul and John as they wait for calls and then wisdom as they consider where God would have them serve. Continue to pray for all 3 men at they complete their placements.
  • Reformed Theological College – PRAY for Jonny Fitzsimons and Kenny Stephenson as they prepare and deliver their sermons and PRAY that the exercise will prove to be a valuable learning experience for them.
  • Please THANK GOD that it has been possible to re-start the monthly Bailiesmills Youth Club. Please PRAY that it will be an encouragement to the young people who attend, helping them to grow as disciples of the Lord Jesus.
  • Newry RPC – THANK GOD for the increased numbers at New Youth. PRAY for Franck, Benjamin & Anna who co-lead this with Newry Baptist Church.
  • PRAY that as Ballyclare Friendship Group meets in person, everyone will be kept safe from COVID and that the meetings will be a blessing and challenge to those who attend.
  • Lisburn = Pray that as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper on 9th January (DV) we will remember afresh what Christ has done and is doing for each of us and the hope that we have in Him. GIVE THANKS for regular visitors and an increase of 9 children in the Sabbath school.
  • Convoy RPC – It was not possible to have the annual dinner for senior citizens in  Convoy this year, but gifts and evangelistic calendars have been  distributed to them.  We also plan to distribute calendars around the  rest of the town in the coming weeks.  Pray that the seed of God’s  Word will bear much fruit as it is sown in this and other ways.
  • Covenant Christian Fellowship, Galway – Give thanks for the ongoing personal witness of our members to their family and friends and in their schools, colleges, workplaces and communities. Give thanks too for our combined witness as a Fellowship to those whom God has brought to us and for the great blessing of being able to run our bookshop ministry in the heart of the city which gives many opportunities for witness.
  • Spain RPC – Please pray for the Lord’s protection and travelling mercies as we minister in 3 different locations.
  • Nantes, France RPC – Pray for the week of prayer organised by the local CNEF which will take place from the 9th – 16th January. As part of this week, Andrew will be preaching in a neighbouring church and also leading one of the prayer meetings. Pray for God’s help as he does this.
  • Nantes, France RPC – It was a special joy to have a Lebanese family with us on the 25th. They have recently arrived in Nantes from Lebanon, a country where Andrew’s father and grandparents served as missionaries,. We have enjoyed getting to know them and sharing fellowship with them. We would ask you to pray for the Raad family, that God would use them to be a blessing to many in Nantes.


26th December – 1st January

  • PRAY for the members of Clare who face difficult circumstances. PRAY the Lord would be their strength and comfort.
  • PRAY that God would guide the Spanish session in their regular zoom meetings with Isaac and their discussions with the Seville congregation in the weeks ahead. GIVE THANKS for the setting up of two Sabbath School classes in Seville.
  • GIVE THANKS for the Lord’s provision of a new Christian Union worker for the universities and colleges in the west of Ireland (in Galway, Limerick and Sligo). Elin Bryn Williams from Wales has just started her 5 years of service here. PRAY for Elin and the members of the CU committee (including Thomas) in Galway University as they plan for the discipleship and outreach on the campus and PRAY for K, who has come along, to be converted.
  •  GIVE THANKS to God for his provision of a pastor for Enniskillen RPC. PRAY that his ministry will be richly blessed as we reach forward together to share the good news of Jesus Christ in Fermanagh and the surrounding counties.
  • Convoy RPC – We have been delighted by the arrival of baby Norman Henry Frizzell this  month.  We pray that the Lord would bless him and his family at this  time and that he, and each of our young people, would come to know and  love the Lord early in life.
  • Covenant Christian Fellowship, Galway – Give thanks for all the Lord’s provision for His people in our Fellowship this year. Thank God that those who have faced very stretching circumstances have been sustained by God’s gracious hand. Pray for the Lord’s further strengthening and encouragement for those facing fiery trials.
  • Spain RPC – Please pray for the Berrocal family and especially the children (Rebeca, Lea, Claudia, Isaac, Elias, Abraham and Kezia) who continue to attend school.
  • Nantes, France RPC – Thanks to a gift from a church in Northern Ireland, we have been able to buy multiple copies of two excellent evangelistic books which we hope to offer to friends and neighbours over the holiday season. Please pray that people would be willing to accept a book, that they would read it and that God’s Spirit would open their eyes to see their need of a Saviour.
  • Nantes, France RPC – Please pray for those who have met with us recently to seek answers to many questions about God and faith.
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