October Prayer Points

10th-16th October

  • Cloughmills: Give thanks that the Parents & Toddlers have been able to start meeting together in an outdoor play setting in Cloughmills. Pray that friendships would be strengthen as parents and children meet together. Give thanks for the contact that the church were able to have with parent and toddler families during the pandemic and pray for lasting fruit from this.
  • GIVE THANKS for opportunity for the Go Relief Team to work in 2 locations in Northern Ireland this year. PRAISE GOD for His provision of people, materials and funds for His work.
  • PRAY that the Sabbath School in Ballyclare and all our congregations will be able to meet again in the normal way and that pupils will be faithfully taught the Word of God.
  • CRAL – Please PRAY that God would raise up willing servants for the Renwick and Covenanter Flats Committees, and the CRAL Board which oversees both locations.
  • Convoy RPC – Lord willing, Seth Wright will be baptised on 17 October.  Please pray that God will use this to bring much blessing into his life.  Also pray that God would speak to unbelievers who attend.
  • Nantes RPC, France – Give thanks that the daughter of one of our congregation has been able to meet with us to study Christianity Explored. We are half way through the studies and she seems to have an increasingly clear understanding of the gospel. Please pray for her conversion and for the impact that that might have on her yet unbelieving brother and father.
  • Nantes RPC, France – Give thanks with us for the presence of a lady at worship on the Lord’s Day and at our weekly prayer meetings since the beginning of August. She is from a Roman Catholic background but came to us as she was becoming more and more dissatisfied with what she was hearing and experiencing. For now, her husband, also a practising Catholic, has not come with her to church. Pray for her as God appears to be at work in her heart. Pray that God would also draw her husband and their children to himself.


3rd-9th October

  • Faughan RPC requests PRAYER that the coronavirus infection rate would significantly decrease in our area so that we may be able to undertake outreach work in the community, inviting people in new housing estates to our worship services and planning outreach events in our church hall.
  • GIVE THANKS to God for the new family with 3 young children who are attending Convoy RPC. We have 10 children at worship each Lord’s day now. Special THANKS that God helped them find a new home to rent in Convoy so they can stay in the area.
  • Galway – PRAY for God’s blessing upon our Fellowship’s ministry to students as the new academic year begins and for God to give wisdom to the Galway University Dochas (CU) Committee (with Thomas in it) as they plan their teaching program, discipleship groups and outreach on campus.
  • Covenanter Bookshop – PRAY for all the campers who received books at summer camps that God would use the books to work His purpose in their lives.
  • Convoy RPC – The next talk in Rev. Stephen Wright’s series on Christianity and science will be on the Big Bang.  Lord willing it will be posted on our YouTube channel near the beginning of October.  (Search YouTube for “Convoy Covenanter Church”.)  Please pray that it will be understandable and helpful.
  • Nantes RPC, France – Give thanks that we finally heard that the planning authorities in the city have passed our request for a building permit. We are deeply grateful to our Heavenly Father for having open up this opportunity to us.  In the next couple of weeks, we plan to speak to our neighbours to inform them of our project and to invite them to a meeting at which we will outline what our project will mean for the neighbourhood. Please pray for this contact with the neighbours that it will go well and even be used by God to open doors for gospel conversations.
  • Nantes RPC, France – Now that we have the green light to move forward, we move into a stage where there will be a lot of meetings with the architect and builders with a lot of technical work to be done. We don’t have a board of deacons to do this work so please pray that we will be wise in our allocation of time and that we will not be overly distracted from our main work, the building up of God’s people and the announcing of the Gospel to the lost.


26th September – 2nd October

  • Letterkenny RPC – Give thanks for an enjoyable Sabbath afternoon at our church picnic and walk a few weeks ago and for the opportunity to spend time with each other and get to know the for new people that have started coming along to church. Pray that even with the Covid limitations they will increasingly feel part of the life of the Fellowship.
  • Remember the Ministers’ Conference taking place at the beginning of this week.
  • PRAY for the opening lecture of the Reformed Theological College and Professor Norris Wilson as he speaks. GIVE THANKS for the addition of 2 members of staff: Professor Stephen Neilly and Rev John Watterson. PRAY for these men as they prepare for new responsibilities.
  • Mission Committee – GIVE THANKS for the leadership and commitment of Osy Graham over recent years. PRAY for the new convener, Brian Dunwoody, and for the plans to restructure the Overseas Section in response to events in Nantes and Spain.  Pray for the committee as they meet Wednesday afternoon. Pray that they would know God’s guidance as they discuss and review the mission work of the church.
  • GIVE THANKS that during lockdown 2020 God was working in the life of a young Portrush man called Alfie who has come to faith in Christ. After watching services online for some months Alfie began attending Glenmanus in June 2021. He has been meeting regularly with the minister since then with a view to being baptized and received into membership of the congregation in the Autumn. PRAY that Alfie will continue to grow in his Christian faith and that he will be a blessing to many.
  • Knockbracken – PRAY for our elders and interim moderator Professor R McCollum, as they shepherd the flock and seek to lead and encourage the congregation at this time of vacancy.
  • Convoy – Rev. Stephen Wright is preaching a series of sermons on the book of Isaiah.  Please pray
    that he would know God’s help in this and that the Holy One of Israel would deal with us through this book.
  • Nantes, France RPC – Give thanks for many opportunities for folks from church to be involved within the life of our local communities through schools, sports and other activities. Please pray that God would lead us to people who have a spiritual hunger so that we might share with them the good news of Jesus Christ.


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