June Prayer Points


  • Pray for the Big Event BBQ on the 28th June, that this would be a time of good fellowship.
  • Give thanks for the new Adult Bible Class on Pilgrim’s Progress.


  • Pray for their upcoming Sabbath School picnic.


North Edinburgh

  • Pray please for our outreach meetings planned for this coming Monday to Wednesday (24th to 26th), God willing.  Please pray with us:
  • For the 5000 homes in our community who have received this flyer over the past few days or will receive it tomorrow—that God would bring people in to hear His Word.
  • For the 50 or so family, friends, neighbours, workmates that have been on our prayer list in recent weeks, specifically with these meetings in mind—that God would bring people in to hear His Word.
  • For courage and faithfulness as we continue to invite those we know.
  • That, just like on many occasions in the past, God would amaze us by bringing in others that were nothing to do with our flyers or our invitations!
  • That those who do come will come back.
  • That God will save sinners and build His Church through the preaching of His powerful Word.
  • For Peter as he preaches on these 3 Psalms—for simplicity and boldness.
  • Pray for Ian Gillies as he completes his first year of ministry training with a placement in North Edinburgh RPC in June and July.  Pray that it will benefit Ian and bless the congregation.
  • Pray for the provision of a manse in North Edinburgh.
  • Please pray God would raise up men in our congregation to shepherd His flock.



  • Pray that the members of Stornoway RPC would be able to be effective witnesses in a day of great apathy to the Gospel.
  • Give thanks for the purchase of a manse, and pray for the ongoing search for a church building.



  • Pray for Stephen as he works with a Scripture Union group in a primary school, and give thanks for this opportunity to get to know people in the community.
  • Pray for the growth of the church numerically and financially.



  • Give thanks for the Presbytery meeting on the 14th June.
  • Pray for the men under care of Presbytery: Mr Ian Gillies and Mr Sylvester Konteh.  Give thanks that Ian passed his Presbytery exams.


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