January Prayer Points

19th-25th January

  • Airdrie -Give thanks that the Men’s Breakfast went well on Saturday.  Give thanks for the start of Kids Club and the new children who have come along.  Pray for the Session meeting on Thursday.
  • Glasgow – Pray for our minister, Rev Kenneth Stewart, as he continues on the road to recovery from his ill health.
  • North Edinburgh – Give thanks for the baptism that took place this past Lord’s Day.
  • Stornoway – Pray for the salvation of family members of those in the congregation.
  • Stranraer – Give thanks for new young people coming along to the church.  Pray that God would be at work in their lives – and their parents.


12th-18th January

  • Airdrie -GIVE THANKS for new people who have recently come to worship regularly at Airdrie. PRAY that the blessing that flows from the Cross would flow into their lives and into the lives of those of our number who have not yet come to know this Christ of Calvary.
  • Glasgow – Give thanks that Rev. Stewart is back preaching regularly.
  • North Edinburgh – Continue to pray for the church as they look for somewhere to hold their evening service.
  • Stornoway – Pray that our congregation would not be discouraged by the increasing secularism on our island but rather be emboldened to bear witness to Christ.
  • Stranraer – Give thanks that the Fraser family (James, Katie, Thomas & Luke) have moved to Stranraer due to the need for doctors in the town and also to be of help to the congregation here. It’s a huge encouragement for the church. Pray that they would settle in quickly.


5th-11th January

  • Airdrie -Pray for the MET Bible study groups as they start back up again this week.
  • Glasgow – Pray for their upcoming congregational meal on the 10th.
  • North Edinburgh – The church has heard back from the local charity, and they won’t be able to meet there. Pray for them as they look for another place to have evening services, and that they would be manage meeting in a home in the evening until they find a place.
  • Stornoway – Pray for our members as they interact with family members who are not Christians and pray for our covenant children that the Lord would remember His promises towards us and them.
  • Stranraer – Pray for the new family moving to Stranraer in January to be part of the church.
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