August Prayer Points


  • Give thanks for the ministry of Rev. Dr. Andrew Quigley in Airdrie and the wider Scottish RP Church, and pray for him and his family as they emigrate to Ottawa, Canada.
  • Please pray for the Airdrie Congregation as it goes through the process of seeking a new minister.
  • Give thanks for the children and young people that went to Senior Camp, the Irish RP International Conference, and the Junior Camps.  Give thanks for the blessing this was to them.
  • Pray for the young people going on GO Teams this month.



  • Give thanks that over 20 people from Glasgow enjoyed an enriching time of fellowship at the conference this year.
  • Please pray for Ian Gillies who goes to America to begin his training for the ministry this fall.


North Edinburgh

  • Give thanks for those from the congregation who went to Junior Camps and the RPCI International Conference.
  • Pray for Rev. Peter Loughridge in his role as Interim Moderator in Airdrie.
  • Pray for God’s clear leading as the members prayerfully consider suitable elders, ahead of an election in September.  Pray for unity in the congregation and for the right men to be appointed.



  • Give thanks for those visitors who came along to our evangelistic services in June and for the contacts we made in the community through door-to-door work.
  • Pray for the ongoing work of door-to-door in our community and that we would testify to Christ to those who are lost.
  • Pray for their Communion Season at the end of the month.



  • Give thanks for a couple of men back attending church after decades of not coming. Pray for their salvation.
  • Pray for a committed Christian individual or couple to join the church to help with the work, particularly with hospitality. There are more opportunities than we can take.
  • Pray for their GO Team at the end of the month.



  • Give thanks that 2 leaders and 7 young people went to Senior Camp; a number of people from each of the 5 Scottish churches went to the RPCI International Conference; and 9 children and 2 leaders went to the Junior Camps.  Give thanks for the blessing these camps and conferences are.
  • Pray for the men under care of Presbytery: Mr Ian Gillies and Mr Sylvester Konteh.  Give thanks that Mr. Ian Gillies has received his student visa and pray for him as he moves to Pittsburgh to begin his seminary studies.


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