April Prayer Points

14th-20th April

  • Airdrie –  Give thanks for the ten visitors we had at our Mission services.  Pray that they and others would begin to come to our worship services.  We have a deacon election next week.  Please pray for the congregation as they think and pray about whom to elect.
  • Glasgow –  Continue to pray for the congregation during their vacancy.
  • North Edinburgh  – Give thanks that the mum and dad of one local family of four (dad Jason, mum Pam, 9yo Joshua and 6yo Samuel), who started attending at the June outreach services last year, have professed faith in Jesus, have got really involved in church life, and are now planning their wedding!
  • Stornoway –  Pray for the work being done on the upstairs area of the manse.
  • Stranraer –    Please pray for our current sermon series on the book of Romans, that God would use it for the purpose he inspired Paul to write the book: to build unity and stir up enthusiasm for outreach.
  • Brikama, The Gambia – Pray for their Teachers Fellowship each Friday at the school as they are currently studying the errors of Roman Catholicism.
  • Presbytery – Pray for the young adults get together tomorrow (Saturday).  Pray that it would be an encouraging time for the young adults in our denomination.


7th-13th April

  • Airdrie –  Give thanks for the work of the GO Team and their help to us in getting out 13,000 leaflets inviting people to the Mission services this week.  Give thanks that we had visitors last Lord’s Day who had received a leaflet and had come to worship as well as a visitor from the Drop in Cafe.  Give thanks for the family and friends who have come in to the Mission services, including some from the Drop in Cafe as well as some who received a leaflet.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would work powerfully through the Word preached.
  • Glasgow –  Pray for the young people in the congregation who have upcoming exams.
  • North Edinburgh  – Give thanks that the minister’s young daughter has been successfully weaned off tube feeding and is maintaining her weight.  Give thanks for her health and strength.
  • Stornoway –  Give thanks that on the morning of March 17th, we welcomed Annabel Murray, the most recent arrival into the family of Calum and Joanne, into the congregation by baptism, and we also rejoiced at the safe arrival of Calvin Morrison, the first child of Donald and Diana Morrison, born on March 5th.
  • Stranraer –   Give thanks for the sense of unity and the fellowship within the church.
  • Brikama, The Gambia – Give thanks for the 200 students at Life Impact School run by Johnette Konteh.  Give thanks that they are being taught the Bible, the Catechism, and Psalm singing.


31st March – 6th April

  • Airdrie –  Pray for our special evangelistic Mission services this week on Wednesday-Friday and the Lord’s Day.  Pray that family and friends would accept our invitation to the Mission.  Pray that many from the community would come.  Pray that God would work powerfully through the Word preached. Give thanks for the work of the GO Team in helping us get the 15,000 invitations to the Mission out.  Give thanks for the visitors we had this past Lord’s Day both from flyers and from the Drop in Cafe.
  • Glasgow –  Pray that the Lord would soon send the man of His choosing to shepherd the flock in Glasgow.
  • North Edinburgh  – Give thanks for all the work their GO Team helped with this past week – 5,000 leaflets and 90 Gospels given out, helping with the Christian Union that the church organises in the local high school, and numerous times of fellowship with the congregation. Pray that the Lord would bless this work and make it fruitful.
  • Stornoway –  Give thanks that during the morning worship service on February 11th , we were glad and greatly encouraged to receive five people into the membership of the congregation, taking our communicant membership to 35.
  • Stranraer –    Please pray that planning permission to replace their almost 200 year old windows would be granted!
  • Brikama, The Gambia – Pray for their outreach in a nearby village called Kabekel, the population of which is half Muslim, half Roman Catholic. Each Friday, they hold a fellowship where the Word is shared and Psalms are sung.
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