August Prayer Points


  • Give thanks for the resumption of the Bible Classes and pray that we would learn much through them.
  • Pray for the resumption of the METs this week, that this would be a blessing to us.
  • Pray for the Session meeting this week on Thursday.
  • Pray for all the refurbishment work being done in the church hall, that it would progress safely and smoothly.
  • Give thanks for the enjoyable time the ladies had at their outing on Saturday.
  • Pray that everyone would have a great time at the open house at the McMillan’s on Saturday.



  • Pray for their Sabbath School picnic taking place on Saturday the 24th August. Pray that this would be a good time of fellowship.
  • Give thanks for the opportunity Eilidh Campbell had to go to TFY Ireland.
  • Please pray for our residential youth conference (open to others outside the congregation) which will be held in late October and for new members lessons which will begin around the same time.


North Edinburgh

  • The North Edinburgh church has been told that, as part of another overhaul of council costs, we might not be able to continue to meet at the highschool on Sunday evenings (mornings are hopefully safe for now). The key meeting for this to be decided is planned for this coming Wednesday (21st). Please pray with us that, if it’s God’s will for us to remain in Craigroyston Community High School on Sunday evenings, He would make that possible through the decision that’s taken this coming week. We’ve been meeting there for over seven years, it’s ideally located, our presence is known there and the price is affordable. Based on what we know from before, it would be tricky (though obviously not impossible with God!) to find an alternative that is available on Sundays. Please also pray that if God wants us to move somewhere else, or wants us to consider something different (time, venue, etc), He would very clearly show us and lead us in that.
  • Give thanks for the opportunity Rachel Nelson had to be at TFY Ireland.
  • Pray that the Lord would provide a manse for the congregation.



  • Give thanks for the new manse and the generous loan from the Irish RP Church that has helped make this possible. Pray that the Lord would continue to provide funds both to pay off the loan and to purchase a church building.
  • Pray for our August Communion season (22nd-26th), especially for Dr Tim Donachie taking the services. Pray that we might enjoy once again tasting that the Lord is good. Pray for those who have not professed faith that they might do so for the first time.



  • Pray for their GO Team from Irish and Scottish churches arriving Saturday the 24th and pray for all the work they will be doing the week they are in Stranraer.
  • Pray for the Mission taking places the 28th-30th August.  Pray that those invited will come.
  • Pray for the growth of the church numerically and financially.



  • Give thanks for the opportunity two girls from the Scottish church had to go to Theological Foundations for Youth Ireland. Pray that this week will have been a real blessing to them.
  • Pray for the men under care of Presbytery: Mr Ian Gillies and Mr Sylvester Konteh.


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