October Prayer Points


  • Give thanks for the Holiday Bible Club that took place this week. Give thanks for the 5-7 children that came each evening. Pray that the seed of God’s Word that was sown would take root in their lives. Give thanks for all the people from the church who were there helping.
  • Give thanks for the great time we had Saturday at the Congregational Tour and Dinner.



  • Pray for their Reformed Conference for Young Adults Friday and Saturday and for Dr. Tim Donachie as he speaks at it.
  • Pray for the ongoing evangelistic outreach that Euan and David do outside the church during the week.
  • Pray for Rev. Kenneth Stewart, who for health reasons has been signed off work by his doctor for an initial period of three months.  Pray that the Lord would restore him to full health and strength.  Pray for the Glasgow Session, congregation, and those filling the pulpit at this time.


North Edinburgh

  • Pray for their GO Team arriving on Friday. Pray for their distribution of flyers this Saturday. Pray that many would be there to help.
  • Pray for the church as they seek to find a solution to where they can meet on Sunday evenings.
  • Pray that the Lord would provide a manse for the congregation.



  • Pray that visitors and neighbours, friends, and family of those in the congregation would come to the Christianity Explored course they are running on Wednesdays.
  • Pray for their upcoming evangelistic services the 8th-10th November.
  • Give thanks for the new manse and the generous loan from the Irish RP Church that has helped make this possible. Pray that the Lord would continue to provide funds both to pay off the loan and to purchase a church building.



  • Give thanks for the opportunity Stephen has to write in the local paper each week and pray that the Lord would use this in people’s lives.
  • Give thanks for Poppy Steele’s baptism and all who were there. Pray that the Holy Spirit would work through the preached Word in the hearts of those who were there who aren’t believers.
  • Pray for the growth of the church numerically and financially.



  • Pray for the Presbytery meeting on the 29th October.
  • Pray for our two students under care, Mr Ian Gillies and Mr Sylvester Konteh.


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