December Prayer Points


  • Give thanks that the congregation called Rev. Andrew McMillan to be their minister.  Pray for Rev. McMillan as he considers the call.
  • Give thanks for the baptism that took place in December.
  • Give thanks for the work done in Covenant Kids Club and CY.  Pray for the growth in grace of the covenant young people and their friends.



  • Give thanks for the seminar on gender issues that they held on the 1st December.
  • Give thanks for the number of students who attend Glasgow RPC.  Pray for these students over the winter break.


North Edinburgh

  • Give thanks for the ongoing growth of the congregation.
  • Pray for Rachel Nelson in her short term service.



  • Give thanks for the baptism of Eloise McCollum, the first child baptised in our congregation. Pray for her salvation along with our other children.
  • Give thanks for all who were at the special evangelistic services on the 18th November.



  • Give thanks that Stephen has another opportunity to speak to all 1,050 pupils, as well as a good number of the teachers, at Stranraer Academy over four days. Pray that the gospel message would bear fruit – and that he’d get invited back!
  • Pray for a lady in the congregation who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Pray that the Lord would use this to bring her family and friends to faith in Him.
  • Give thanks for new people at the Toddlers Group each week.  Pray that it would gather gather momentum and provide gospel opportunities.
  • Give thanks that there are two Discipleship Explored groups with nine people in total.



  • Pray for the men under care of Presbytery: Mr Ian Gillies and Mr Sylvester Konteh.
  • Give thanks that Reformation Tours, a ministry of the RPCS, conducted 32 Tours for 216 people in 2018.


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