February Prayer Points


  • Give thanks that Rev. Andrew McMillan accepted the call to be the minister of the Airdrie congregation. Pray for the induction on the 9th March. Pray for Rev. Andrew and Mrs Brenda McMillan’s forthcoming move to Airdrie.
  • Pray for those in the congregation struggling with various health issues.



  • Pray for the Glasgow congregation and Rev. Kenneth Stewart who has been called to Loughbrickland RPCI.  Pray for Rev. Stewart as he seeks the Lord’s will in this matter.
  • Pray for their upcoming Communion services.


North Edinburgh

  • Give thanks for the new GROW group that has been started with young girls from the community who have been attending church.  Pray for Rachel Nelson and Rosie Tait as they lead this group.
  • Pray for the Loughridge’s daughter who is in the hospital.



  • Pray for their upcoming Communion services.
  • Pray for evangelistic services due to be held on the last Sabbath evening of both March and April. We hope to answer questions that unbelievers might ask in challenge to the Christian faith.
  • Pray that as a congregation we would be able to be effective witnesses in a day of great apathy to the Gospel.



  • Pray for the family of a member in the congregation who has died.
  • Pray for the new Christians in the congregation.
  • Pray that the new editor of the local paper will continue to let Stephen write articles.
  • Give thanks for the opportunity Stephen has to speak to Scripture Union groups in the local primary schools.
  • Give thanks for those coming along to a Toddlers group that we’ve recently started up. Pray that it would be an encouragement for believers, as well as enabling us to make contacts with unbelievers.



  • Pray for the men under care of Presbytery: Mr Ian Gillies and Mr Sylvester Konteh.
  • Pray for the forthcoming Presbytery meeting on the 8th March.


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