April Prayer Points

21st-27th April

  • Today, in 2019, there are currently 104 RPCNA congregations and mission churches. Give thanks for God’s gracious provisions to us.
  • Give thanks that Rev. Jason Housewright has been installed as the minister of Syracuse RPC.
  • Atlanta RPF – Please pray that the Lord would give the leaders at APF: Wisdom―to know how to deal with some very difficult issues that arise within the congregation. Stamina―that we would, like the apostle Paul, be willing to spend and be spent. Resilience―in the face of spiritual attack.
  • Terre Haute RPC – Please pray for wisdom for Steve, Russell, and Bill as they seek God’s will in responding to their elections.
  • Japan – Please remember in prayer the Kita-Suzurandai RP Church in Japan, where Rev. Katsunori Endo is Pastor. It is struggling in terms of finance and attendance. Rev. Endo has therefore started to assume a bi-vocational role.



14th-20th April

  • RPC Chile – Give thanks for the two year anniversary of this congregation.
  • Oklahoma City RP Fellowship – Pray for the light of the Gospel of Christ to shine brightly in this capital city of 1.5 million (greater metro area). Pray for the right preaching and hearing of God’s Word. Pray for the gathering of saints and evangelism of the lost. Pray for the establishment of an outpost of heaven in OKC.
  • Great Basin RPC – PRAY for Rev. Colin Samul. PRAY for his wife and family. PRAY for the saints there. Give God PRAISE for his provision in Reno, NV and for the work He is pleased to be doing in the Pacific Coast Presbytery. May He be glorified.
  • Pray for persecuted brothers and sisters.
  • Los Angeles RPC – Give thanks for a new member.
  • First RPC, Fresno – Give thanks that we welcomed our newest member today into the church through covenant baptism – Paul Murray Ketcham.
  • Atlanta RP Fellowship – Give thanks for the new morning service they have started and for the good attendance at both this and the evening service.
  • Terre Haute RPC – Give thanks that work is proceeding on added two new classrooms to the church building.
  • Las Vegas RPC – Pray for the blessing of the pastoral search process, for unity among those who are on the search committee, and a willingness on the part of candidates to come and minister to the LV RPC.


7th-13th April

  • Pray for India during the elections.
  • Pray that God would raise up pastors for the 12 vacant congregations in the RPCNA.
  • Trinity RPCNA – Please pray for our elders as they meet Wednesday evening (4/9). “…they are keeping watch over your souls” Hebrews 13:17
  • Dr. Joel Joel Enoch Wood, Lord willing, will be headed to the Philippines this summer to teach biblical counseling at Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Keep him in your prayers.
  • Give thanks for faithful ruling elders.
  • Pray with us for God to raise up more laborers for the harvest!
  • Seattle RPC – Give thanks for a baptism this past Lord’s Day.
  • Terre Haute RPC – Give thanks that Russell Lodge and Bill Roberts were elected to be ruling elders.
  • Las Vegas RPC – Pray for the covenant children, that they would hear Christ’s gospel call, apply their
    baptisms, and that their parents would raise them in the fear and admonition of the LORD.


31st March – 6th April

  • CASA – Pray for the Lord to provide the means and discernment for a couple of men from Central and South America who desire to come to the US for seminary training.
  • CASA – Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance in making decisions as to how to prioritize the CASA committee’s time and resources in the work they have to do.
  • CASA – Pray for the Lord’s blessing on the work in Chile such that they would be able to organize by the end of the year.
  • Pray for the Lord to plant more of his churches in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!
  • RPTS – The Seminary Board meets on April 5 and 6, 2019. Among the many items of business is the consideration of a new Professor of New Testament Studies in 2020.
  • RPTS – David Whitla submitted his Doctoral dissertation on March 15, which is a source of great praise. The family learned just last week that his wife’s (June) visa in the UK expires on May 1, 2019, significantly sooner than they had intended. There is no possibility of extending the visa. Please keep the family in your prayers as they have a tightened moving schedule that is several months shorter than planned.
  • Louisville RP Fellowship – Give thanks that the Great Lakes – Gulf Presbytery’s Northern Church Extension Committee is coming down to Louisville to help evaluate how we can move to the next step April 17th. Please pray with us.
  • Fresno RPC – Give thanks for the birth of a baby boy to Rev. Sam and Mrs Dorsey Ketcham.
  • All Saints RPCNA, Brea – Give thanks for a new member.
  • Las Vegas RPCNA – Pray for the health of the pregnant mothers among them.
  • Terre Haute RPCNA – Give thanks that at the congregational meeting Steve Rhoda was unanimously called to be pastor.
  • Living Way RPCNA – We would ask that you pray for us as we’re running into space issues.  We still have plenty of room for those attending worship, but classroom and fellowship space is very limited.  Please pray, in the short term, that we might have wisdom in how to best utilize the space we have in our current facility.  In the long term, we’d ask you to pray that the Lord would provide a larger (perhaps even more permanent) facility for our growing congregation.


17th-23rd March

  • Japan – Pray for a visiting minister.  Pray that his visit will be productive.  Pray for the members as they seek to encourage each other.
  • Give thanks for two new members at Bloomington RPC.
  • Pray for the victims in Nebraska and beyond, that they may receive hope, comfort, and healing through the love and care of our Father.
  • Give thanks for a baptism at All Saints RPC.
  • Give thanks for the Lord’s provision of our teaching and ruling elders and what a blessing they are to our souls.
  • Praise God for the ministry of the Word abroad! It is only through his hand that true faith comes! May his name be proclaimed to all peoples, so that all peoples may come to proclaim his name!!
  • Pray for the ministry of the word in India. Pray that the light of the gospel would be spread from person to person and that they may come to worship the true God! Pray for the ministry of the word as those serving the Lord in faith will face the language barrier!
  • Give thanks for a baptism at Christ Covenant Church in Missouri.
  • Japan – Pray for the teaching of covenant and community children the things of God.
  • Japan – Pray for financial resources to repair the church buildings.
  • Las Vegas RPC – Pray that the Lord would raise up a minister for this congregation.
  • Terre Haute RPC – Give thanks that the Lodge family was able to buy and move into a home in TH.
  • Living Way RPC – Give thanks for the Dennis Family who will soon be joining us, d.v., at the end of March.  Kevin Dennis currently serves as a ruling elder in the Shawnee (KS) RPC.  Though we’re mindful of the great loss their departure will be for the ministry in Shawnee; we’re very thankful to have another solid RP family join with us in the work here.  It’ll go a long way to encourage the congregation and further solidify the foundation that’s been set.


10th-16th March

  • Hillside RPC – Please keep our Belize mission team in your prayers this week!
  • Sharon RPC – Give thanks for the baptism of a new covenant member that took place on the 10th March.
  • Terre Haute RPC – Give thanks for the good spirit of unity and desire for ministry by the members of the congregation.
  • Living Way RPC – Give thanks for the visitors they have had.  Pray that they would continue to grow in
    faith and that the Holy Spirit would continue to apply God’s Word to their hearts and lives.


3rd-9th March

  • JAPAN – Pray that the Lord would raise up men to be ministers and elders in the Japanese Church.
  • Give thanks that Mr. Christopher Myers was sustained in all of his ordination exams. His ordination and installation is scheduled for March 29, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ.
  • RP Global Missions – Praise God for the ministry of the Word abroad! It is only through his hand that true faith comes! May his name be proclaimed to all peoples, so that all peoples may come to proclaim his name!!
  • The Shelter RPC – Give thanks that Mr Stephen Mulder has been licensed to preach.
  • Give thanks for the seven men under care of the Pacific Coast Presbytery.  Pray for these theological students and their future ministries.
  • Great Basin RPC – Give thanks that Mr. Colin Samul was sustained in all of his ordination exams. His ordination and installation at Great Basin Reformed Presbyterian Church (Reno, NV) is scheduled for April 5, 2019.
  • Christ RPC, Missouri – Give thanks that this past Lord’s day Karla Nichols joined our congregation.
  • Please be in prayer for our elders and students under care who will be gathering for the Pacific Coast Presbytery in Squamish British Columbia. Keep Seni Adeyemi, Christopher Myers, Jerry Foltz, and Colin Samul in your prayers especially as they take examinations.
  • Terre Haute RPC – Give thanks for the faithful preaching of the Word of God by more than a dozen and half different men during the last year.
  • Living Way RPC – Give thanks for all who came out to their clothing give away event.  Pray for the congregation as they follow up with the contacts made.
  • RPTS – Pray for our graduating seniors as they begin their final weeks of Seminary and prepare for ministry in various contexts.
  • RPTS – Pray for the President’s Council, a group of RPTS alumni who meet periodically with the Seminary administration to discuss the latest happenings. Members include William Baker, Karla Byrd, David Demarest, William Glaze, Brian Hart, Jared Havener, Ray Heiple, and Nathan Keisel.
  • Please remember Pastor Derek & Francis Baars of The Shelter RPC in your prayers as they are traveling interprovincial on winter highways., that God would grant them travel mercies & strength while they are away.
  • Give thanks for the time to learn during Sunday School at Sharon RPC!
  • Give thanks for a new deacon at Seattle RPC.  Pray for Nicholaus Brouwer as he takes up this calling!
  • JAPAN – Pray for those from Okamoto Keiyaku RPC in Japan, who are going on a mission trip to Australia in March.  Pray for safety in travel and for God’s blessing on all that will be done in His Name.


24th February – 2nd March

  • Pray for RP Global Missions who recently had an envelope of cheques go lost in the mail.  Pray that these funds–whether through replacement checks or other means–would be resupplied and even multiplied by the One who owns the cattle on a thousand hills.
  • Seattle RPC welcomes Henry Martin, newborn son of Kaylee & Jacob, born Monday! Pray for recovery for sweet Henry as he is in the NICU and for Kaylee as she experiences a difficult recovery from childbirth, and for Jacob to be upheld and sustained as he cares for his wife and son. Praise the Lord for this precious addition to the church family.
  • CASA – Pray for the continued contacts with Brazil.  Pray for those travelling to go to RPTS.  Pray for the translating of Biblical and confessional documents into Spanish.
  • JAPAN – Pray for continued growth, discipleship, and encouragement in the Japanese church.
  • Pray for the ministry of the Word!
  • Pray for Jonah Thornton, from Grace RPC in State College, Pennsylvania, 35 years old married to Elizabeth and they have two children, James and John. Jonah is suffering from colon cancer. Pray for his healing and the glory of God.
  • Give thanks for a new family that has joined Christ RP Church in Missouri.
  • Give thanks for a new member at Casper RP Church.
  • Rev. Dr. Roy Blackwood died on the 24th February.  Give thanks for the way he was used by the Lord in His Kingdom. Please pray for his children Bill, Beth, Bob, and their families. Pray for the Second RP congregation as we grieve in hope.
  • Give thanks that 80% of Tamara Blackwood Noell’s brain tumour was removed and is benign.  Pray for her ongoing recovery.


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