February Prayer Points

10th-23rd February

  • JAPAN – Pray for the youth in the church who are starting full-time jobs or new phases in their schooling.
  • JAPAN – Praise God for recent opportunities to hear testimonies from several members. Pray that we would encourage one another in faith.
  • Pray for the Stillwater RPC as they seek to plant a church in Oklahoma City.
  • Pray for Walton RPC in their vacancy.
  • Pray for Matthew Bates and his family as they intern at Topeka RPC starting in early June.
  • Give thanks that the congregation in San Antonio received its first members this past Lord’s Day. Uphold these new members in prayer and pray for Pastor Jonathan Leach as he labors in this church planting effort.
  • Praise the Lord for bringing in giving from across the RPCNA to fully fund RP Missions & Ministries in 2018!
  • Church planter, Pastor-elect Colin Samul will be examined March 7-8th for his ordination exams. Pray for him and the Reno church plant.
  • March 7 and 8, Pastor-elect Chris Myers will sit for his ordination exams in preparation for pastoral ministry at First Reformed Presbyterian Church of Phoenix. Pray for him and the Phoenix church.
  • Give thanks for two new deacons and a new member at All Saints RPC in Irvine, California.
  • Pray that those who do not yet know the truth will come to know it. Lastly, pray that God would raise up more laborers in service of the ministry of His word!
  • Pray for Tamara Noell’s ongoing recovery.
  • JAPAN – Pray for the success of the three English courses being taught by the Church.
  • JAPAN – Pray for the cultivation of a stronger church community, enriched by the blessing of hospitality and Christian fellowship.


3rd-9th February

  • Pray for Tamara Blackwood Noell as she recovers from her surgery to remove a brain tumour.  Please pray for her to have a restful night and continue to uphold her family as they get rest after a very long day. Give thanks to God for sustaining Tamara through the surgery and for the tireless work of the surgeons and nurses throughout the day and night.
  • CASA – Continue to pray for the development of contacts in Central and South America and wisdom for the CASA committee.
  • RPTS – Finals are February 18 – 22. Please keep the students in your prayers as they prepare for exams.
  • RPTS – Remember the David Whitla family in your prayers as David finishes his PhD work and prepares for his course load of teaching at the Seminary. Oh, by the way, they have to find a house in Pittsburgh and relocate from Ireland. So, yes, they could use your prayers.
  • Pray for our brothers and sisters in China.
  • JAPAN – Give thanks for a new member at Okamoto-Keiyaku RPC.
  • Pray for God’s blessing upon the church plant in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
  • Give thanks for the baptism of Jose Piper at Seattle RPC.
  • Pray for two RPCNA congregations in Illinois: Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church in the north Chicago suburbs and Sparta Reformed Presbyterian Church southeast of St. Louis.



27th January – 2nd February 2019

  • Pray for the nation.
  • Pray for wisdom for Lisbon RPC as we make decisions and plans for the future.
  • Pray for RP Missions.  Pray for Matt Filbert as he plans, directs, recruits, and organizes many things relating to the mission teams.  Pray for those considering going on mission teams.  Pray for the receiving churches.
  • CASA – Pray for the Lord’s blessing upon the work in Chile.  Pastor Marcelo Sanchez is serving two Church plants: one in Santiago and another in Batuco.  Pray that the Lord would be pleased to raise up elders, and that these church plants would become formally organized.   Pray for the translation of the RPCNA Constitution into Spanish.
  • Pray for the Lord to bless the church plants.
  • Grieve with the Milroy family of Clermont, Florida as their 19-year-old son Justin passed away of unknown causes this week. Pray for a peace that passes all understanding for this Christian family as they gather to mourn.
  • Pray for the young man connected to the Springs RP Church that is in the hospital.
  • Please pray for our laborers overseas, that they would find “the path [that] is like the light of dawn” in those difficult days.
  • Give thanks for the adoption of Jose by the Piper family in Seattle RPC.  Pray for Jose and thank the Lord for this precious child, now son and grandson and brother and nephew.
  • Give thanks that Great Basin RPC has called Mr Colin Samul to be their minister.  Pray for this church in the coming months, for Mr. Samul’s upcoming ordination exams in Squamish, British Columbia, and then his impending ordination at the church
  • Give thanks for Rev. Nathan Eshelman being the minister of Los Angeles RPC for ten years.
  • Give thanks for two new members at Grace and Truth RPC.
  • Please pray that new people will be drawn to the Terre Haute congregation and that we would see conversions.
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