December Prayer Points

4th-10th December

  • Houston RPC (Texas) –  Give thanks that we passed out about 100 tracts and talked to several people about the gospel and the need for discipleship in a local church. May God be pleased to bless His Word and to save souls from this modest endeavor! And May He bless us in further outreach!
  • British Columbia RP Churches -Give thanks for the ordination and travel mercies of last week. Give thanks for Pastor Kingswood’s visit with us for two Lord’s days. Pray for Pastor Patrick as he travels to Texas for 2 weeks of training
  • Evangelical RPC (Toronto, Ontario) – Pray for the young children in our congregation. Pray they would come to love Jesus, early in their lives.
  • Russell RPC (Ontario) – Our four prayer groups continue to meet weekly, each led by an elder. Please pray that these prayer meetings would be well attended and that our congregation would be stirred up in fervency and steadfastness in prayer.
  • Japan RPC – Pray for the high school and college students. Pray for their relationship/connections within the church and for them to know the Lord.
  • Hillside RPC (Almonte, Ontario)  – Pray for our Pastor and leaders as they seek to encourage the members to grow in their walk with the Lord.

27th November – 3rd December

  • Give thanks for the ordination and installation of James Zhou as pastor of West Vancouver Chinese RP Church and of Kevin Jia as pastor of Vancouver Chinese RP Church.
  • Russell RPC (Ontario) – The Russell Reformed Presbyterian Church was able to hold their first fellowship meal in well over 2 years. Praise God for his blessings that are new every morning.
  • Second RPC (Indianapolis, Indiana) – Give thanks that this last Lord’s Day we had the privilege of welcoming Jack & Karen Baumgardner, Abraham & Megan Hall, and Nancy Neel into communicant membership at 2RP. “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain” – Psalm 127:1
  • First RPC (Fresno, California) – Give thanks for the ordination of Johnathan Kruis. Give thanks for the answer to many prayers for First Reformed Presbyterian Church – Fresno, CA that the Lord would provide them with a faithful undershepherd. Please keep Johnathan and the Church in your prayers as he begins his ministry.
  • Evangelical RPC (Toronto, Ontario) – Pray for Lance and Kent who are facing health difficulties.
  • Russell RPC (Ontario) – Give thanks for the healthy births of two baby boys (cousins!) in our congregation recently. Please pray for the other expectant mothers in our church family – that their babies would also be born safely!
  • New Creation RPC (Kitchener, Ontario) – Give thanks for the election of two ruling elders, Seyr Lamos and John Smid.
  • Japan RPC – Please pray for Christians to be good witnesses at work and etc. both in conduct and work ethic (and also wisdom on when to refrain from overtime. There’s also wisdom necessary in Japan on when to say “no” to more work as there is an excessive “work ethic” that leads to loss of family time and etc.)
  • Hillside RPC (Almonte, Ontario)  – Pray for the upcoming municipal elections that God would provide leaders that would honour Him in the decisions they make.
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