June Prayer Points

26th June – 2nd July

  • Great Lakes-Gulf Presbytery – Give thanks that Joshua Smith was sustained unanimously in his final three ordination exams. Pray that the Lord would see fit to use him as an instrument in the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ Jesus.
  • Springs RPC (Colorado Springs, Colorado) – Give thanks for Sandra Vollbracht who has been a treasured member of Springs Reformed Church for many years and pray for her as she moves to Wichita, Kansas at the end of July.
  • Dallas RPC (Texas) – Give thanks that they have a new larger building to meet in.
  • Redemption RPC (Montreal, Quebec) – Give thanks that they have a new building to meet in.
  • Grace Presbyterian RPC (State College, Pennsylvania) – Give thanks for the baptism of Isla Turner this past Lord’s Day.
  • RPC of Lafayette (Indiana) – On Sunday they said goodbye to two very special, long time members of the Lafayette church. Give thanks that Dan and John Webb have faithfully served the congregation for 44 years. Dan has been an elder, teacher, disciple, friend and encourager to nearly every person who has walked through our doors. John has a joy and smile that is contagious! He beams at the opportunity to bring us good news, and loves church events both locally and at the presbytery level. Pray the Lord blesses them greatly as they move to Colorado to be closer to family.
  • Sharon RPC (Morning Sun, Iowa) – Give thanks for their 175th Anniversary and pray for their celebration on Saturday.
  • Midwest Presbytery – Pray for their family conference starting on Friday.
  • Elkhart RPC (Indiana) – Pray for their Vacation Bible School this week.
  • Japan RPC – Pray for outreach opportunities. English Bible classes for adults and kids have been the easiest and best way for making connections / friendships in the past. There is one being held at Higashisuma, so pray for that and also consideration of others.


19th-25th June

  • Give thanks for the Synod meetings that took place this week.  There are aspects of the work and ministry that cause us to rejoice, remembering that it is Jesus who builds his church, remembering that Jesus reigns victoriously. We have seen pastoral students raised up, numerous churches planted, institutions funded, and mission efforts multiplying in numerous fields. In the midst of the darkness and the disciplining hand of God, we see his love for us and we see his glory. 

Give thanks for all these things.  
  • Give thanks that the Canadian churches have now been formed into the Canadian Presbytery of the RPCNA.
  • Oklahoma City RPC (Oklahoma) – The last two Saturdays several of us had the opportunity to do street evangelism in Bricktown. With the upcoming synod of the RPCNA we won’t be able to go out this week or next, but please continue to pray for our evangelistic outreach!
  • Ottawa RPC (Ontario) – Synod meets this week in Marion, Indiana. Pray for the men as they gather to worship God and discuss the business of Synod. Pray that God would give wisdom and bless the decisions that are made.
  • White Lake RPC (New York) – Pray for Aaron Murray as he considers the call from Coldenham RPC.
  • Winchester RPC (Kansas) – Give thanks for the marriage of Elaina and Derek! May they come to flourish in the grace, mercy, and faithfulness of God in Christ!
  • Pray that the Lord of the harvest might grant and bless future church planting endeavors in Cuba, Ecuador, and Paraguay.
  • RP Missions – Currently, RP Global Missions has numerous short-term mission trips planned or in the works. Please pray for team unity, health, and fruitfulness that will lead to future Kingdom growth.
  • Shawnee RPC (Kansas) – April Watson, one of our members has been diagnosed this week as having four or more inoperable brain tumors which are described as incurable. Symptoms of this condition appeared just last week. Doctors have suggested she may have only 3 months to live. We, along with April and members of her family, request prayer that our Sovereign God would see fit to spare her life to continue to serve Him, her loving family, and the community, for years to come. While this may seem to many as “unlikely”, we ask that you pray with us for God’s healing mercies upon her. Please also pray for her husband, Aaron, and their children that they will keep their eyes fixed on Jesus and God’s goodness during this trial. Pray for wisdom for all as they make various decisions in the days and weeks ahead.
  • Okamoto Keiyaku RPC (Japan) – Pray for evangelism.
  • Russell RPC (Ontario) – Give thanks for all of the hard work done on the new building. We are also thankful for safety for the workers and that the work has gone smoothly so far.
  • New Creation RPC (Kitchener, Ontario) – Pray for us as Session has been hoping to conduct an election for two elders in the fall.
  • Japan RPC – Pray for unity among the RP congregations and its members. In general most members don’t know members from other congregations. There are 4 congregations which you could say are geographically in a straight line and each is about 30-40 minutes apart (with the two ends being almost 2 hours apart).


12th-18th June

  • Japan RPC – Pray for the youth group sports day this Saturday and the fellowship. Also pray for youth who are considering church membership.
  • Give thanks for the progress being made towards the formation of the new RP Church of Canada. Pray for the initial interim step of the congregations being formed into a Canadian Presbytery of the RPCNA at the Synod meetings which are taking place next week, June 21-24.
  • RP Home – Give thanks for its 125 year history that they will be celebrating this Saturday.
  • Washington RPC (Iowa) – Pray for their upcoming outreach Bible study on ‘What Does the Bible Say?’ over the next six weeks.
  • Sharon RPC (Iowa) – Pray for their Vacation Bible School taking place this week.
  • Orlando RPC (Florida) – Give thanks that a new ruling elder and deacon were ordained and installed this past Lord’s Day.
  • Russell RPC (Ontario) – Pray for the Alexander family as they continue to mourn the loss of Greg.
  • Ottawa RPC (Ontario) – Pray for safety in travel etc., for families taking holidays in the coming weeks.
  • New Creation RPC (Kitchener, Ontario) – Pray for us as we are still looking to find a building that we could purchase as our own.
  • Japan RPC – Pray for Rory and Bethany Cerbus as they and their 3 children prepare to move to Japan. Rory is planning to arrive in a couple weeks to get the house and etc. in place. Prayer for them safely moving, settling in, and etc. Also for the adjustment it will be for their kids.
  • Edmonton RPC (Alberta) – Pray for good health for our expectant mother, Brittany, and the boy she’s carrying.
  • Coram Deo RPC (Squamish, British Columbia) – Pray for the Lord’s guidance and help for the Dohms family as they prepare to move to Ontario.


5th-11th June

  • Gratia Church (Iowa) – For the past 2 years Nathanael and Bekah have been at the heart of life at Gratia.Church. From presenting to social media to fellowship and encouragement. We give thanks for their friendship and pray the LORD blesses them in Pennsylvania. May God richly bless their lives and work.
  • Russell RPC (Ontario) – Please pray for the grand opening of our new building (in the fall, Lord willing). Pray especially that many people from the community would come and that people would be brought to faith in Christ.
  • Ottawa RPC (Ontario) – Give thanks for the blessing many have received through the Lord’s Day Bible Classes this past year.
  • Seattle RPC (Washington) – Please pray for us that the attendance will increase.
  • Grace and Truth RPC (Harrisonburg, Virginia) – Give thanks that the Wolf family publicly affirmed their faith in Christ and were publicly received as members of Grace & Truth this past Lord’s Day.
  • Pacific Coast Presbytery – Praise the Lord with us today as the Pacific Coast Presbytery celebrates its 111th birthday! On June 6, 1911 the PCP was established, and God has graciously sustained us for these 111 years…and by His grace, may He glorify Himself among us until He returns.
  • Dallas RPC (Texas) – Dallas RPC rejoiced to receive another household into communicant membership this past Lord’s Day! May our God be praised for growing His church!
  • Hillside RPC (Almonte, Ontario) – Give thanks that 3 young people were welcomed into church membership as they confirmed thier faith publicly.
  • Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary – Please pray that students on internships this summer will be blessed in their learning and experiences.
  • New Creation RPC (Kitchener, Ontario) – Pray for us as we are transitioning from our midweek Bible studies to downtown evangelism.
  • Edmonton RPC (Alberta) – Pray for good health for our expectant mother, Brittany, and the boy she’s carrying.
  • Japan RPC – Pray for Pastor Hirata who was elected to serve at the Kasumigaoka congregation and is currently in Northern Ireland finishing up some studies. He will return to Japan in less than 2 years. He is married to Honami and they have two children (their second child was born this April.)
  • Hillside RPC (Almonte, Ontario) – Pray for 11 year old Abi. She has been dealing with chronic pain since she was 6 with no diagnosis. She has various medical appointments coming up.
  • West Vancouver RPC (Vancouver, British Columbia) – Pray for the conversion of extended family of the members, spouses that remain outside the Church, and for Chinese immigrants.
  • Coram Deo RPC (Squamish, British Columbia) – Pray for the faithful witness of the congregation to our families, neighbors, and friends.


29th May – 4th June

  • Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary – A sizeable graduating class means a large incoming class is needed. Please pray that the Lord will send qualified students for the coming school year.
  • New Creation RPC (Kitchener, Ontario) – Give thanks that one of our members, Shane Langlade, was able to have surgery and remove his gallbladder.
  • Russell RPC (Ontario) – Give thanks for the baptism of a covenant child a few Lord’s Days ago – we also welcomed Jonas and Bruna into our congregation!
  • Stillwater RPC (Oklahoma) – Give thanks that after 32 years of renting, we have purchased a church building!
  • Dallas RPC (Texas) – Give thanks that three households publicly took the covenant of communicant membership this past Lord’s Day in public worship.
  • Elkins Park RPC (Pennsylvania) – Give thanks for two baptisms this past Lord’s Day.
  • Edmonton RPC (Alberta) – Pray for spiritual and physical strength for Deacon Eric Mulder as his cancer treatments continue.
  • Japan RPC – Pray for the churches as they are looking for potential elders (lack of elders in most of the congregations.)
  • Evangelical RPC (Toronto, Ontario) – The Toronto congregation have been blessed with a number of new members over the recent months! Rejoice with them, and pray for their congregation as they grow and build relationships.
  • Hillside RPC (Almonte, Ontario) – Give thanks that we have returned to having fellowship meals together the first Sunday of every month and picnics starting in June!
  • Mukonoso RPC (Japan) – Pray for the congregation as they plan how to renovate the church building in two years so that it’s more suitable for worship and to accommodate a larger group. Currently we average 15-20 people but that fills up the room we worship in. (The congregation is using a standard house as a church.)
  • Okamoto Keiyaku RPC (Japan) –  Pray for Mr Inoue, who is in the process of the Presbytery exams for his preaching license.
  • Redemption RPC (Hudson-St Lazare, Quebec) – Pray for effective evangelism and outreach.
  • West Vancouver RPC (Vancouver, British Columbia) – Pray for Mandy’s son Freddy as he manages tibia growing pains and the restrictions this causes, and her daughter’s cough, and sleeping, and for Mandy’s parents’ early reunion with her from China.
  • Coram Deo RPC (Squamish, British Columbia) – Pray for the deepening of our bonds of our fellowship and love towards one another
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