February Prayer Points

21st-27th February

  • San Antonio RPC – Give thanks for the transfer-reception of a family of six (the Handermanns), and the reception of another young family (the Groomers) and the baptism of their two young sons.  Many homes are without power and/or water.  But we’re using available technology (mostly texting) to stay in touch with one another.
  • Dallas RPC – A few of our congregants have had water shut off and possible water damage to their homes. Praise the Lord for the generous spirit of our congregation and the love they have for one another as families have been hosting one another and paying for hotel stays without wanting the church to pay for it out of our diaconate fund. Praise the Lord as well that all members are healthy. Our neighborhood evangelistic outreach has been cut down due to many members of our congregation unable to attend due to their need to take care of their own homes, along with travel difficulties.  Please pray that the Lord might bring us to those souls who need to hear of the gospel or those who need mercy ministry with the weather. Pray that with ongoing difficulties concerning COVID-19 and the hardships around the weather that He would be preparing hearts to receive the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Living Way RPC (Bryan, Texas) – We’re thankful that despite many being without power for various periods of time – no one in the congregation has had any major damage due to burst pipes or from the ice.  Some were on “boil water” orders but that has now been lifted.  Grocery stores and gas stations are still pretty much empty of goods, but supplies should replenish over the next several days as ice melts and power is restored.  Give thanks for the Covenant baptism of Isaiah Adan Maroste this past Lord’s Day – bringing our total membership to 50.
  • Atlanta RPC – Pray that the Lord would send a quiet spirit to the children in the congregation as we encourage them to show respect and reverence during the worship service.
  • Washington RPC (Iowa)- Pray for the Skubal’s newest grandson.  Give thanks that he was able to come home from the hospital and pray for his recovery.
  • Christ RPC (Missouri) – Please be in prayer for a new baby of Christ’s Church, Adassa Hannah
    Nichols, daughter of Michael and Audrey Nichols, members of our congregation here in Grandview, MO.  She was born after an emergency C-section, and there may be brain damage. She will have a MRI on Wednesday which will reveal if there is any brain damage and how much.  Please pray for God to completely heal her, for God’s will to be done, for wisdom concerning any major decisions that would need to be made and strength for them, for continued and increased faith.
  • Toronto RPC – Pray that God would bless those who ‘drop in’ during the live streaming of the Sunday Services.
  • Ottawa RPC – Give thanks for increase in Fellowship groups in the past few months from one to six.
  • Japan RPC – Please PRAY for the elderly members of Japanese congregations. Thankfully, none have been affected by COVID at this point, but some have other health issues and are hospitalized.
  • Central and South America – GIVE THANKS for the newly formed work in Santiago and Batuco, Chile. PRAY for the raising up of Spanish & Portuguese speaking men within the RPCNA to further the work.


14th-20th February

  • Pray for the congregations of the RP churches in Dallas and San Antonio as they deal with lack of power and water.
  • Stillwater RPC – Pray for the Lettkeman family following the death of 14 year old Rachel.
  • RP Home – Give thanks that communal dining has been able to resume for residents at the Reformed Presbyterian Home, (a ministry of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America)! We are indeed thankful for these small mercies, and for God’s protection over these elderly saints.
  • Ottawa RPC – Give thanks that a number of families have begun to have family worship using the weekly Family Worship booklet produced by the church.
  • Los Angeles RPC – Give thanks for the baptism of Della Mae Mason.
  • Toronto RPC – Pray for a family who are facing the possibility of having to return to their home country due to the hold ups in processing their work permit renewals, because of the back log caused by Covid. Pray that God would grant them the grace to acquiesce in His will as it unfolds for them.
  • Atlanta RPC – Pray that we can take care of the needed repairs and improvements to the building.


7th-13th February

  • RP Global Missions – PRAY that the word of God would go out richly and change people’s lives.
  • Ottawa RPC – Give thanks for the God-given desire many in our congregation have to participate in corporate worship.
  • Springs RPC – Give thanks that two of our covenant children, Rachel Mann and Keira Morton, took the vows of church membership and partook of the Lord’s Supper for the first time. Join us in praying for them as they grow in their faith, abide in Christ, and seek to serve Christ and his church.
  • Toronto RPC – Give thanks, that despite the difficulties, that lockdowns have resulted in, the congregation is in good heart, and thankful to God for His mercies which are new every day.
  • Grace RPC (Missouri) – Please pray for a quick and complete recovery of Mrs. Cynthia McNamee, who underwent surgery this past week and anticipates a follow-up surgery shortly. Cynthia’s husband, Gary, was recently installed as pastor of Grace Reformed Church in Columbia, Missouri.
  • RPTS – Pray for our Doctor of Ministry students as a new set of classes begins this month. Also, several students will be defending their projects before the faculty in February.
  • Atlanta RPC – One of our issues is our inability to start the worship service on time because of the number of people who need to be picked up, and it would help enormously to have a church van (our old van has died) and driver so that the pastor and elder do not have to do the driving and can perform their duties at the church building.


31st January -6th February

  • RP Global Missions – Pray for missionaries today: may they keep up their energy and drive to keep working, even when the work is hard.
  • Hillside RPC – Pray for our Kids and Youth that God would open their eyes and draw close to them. That being apart from the Body of Christ due to COVID restrictions would not make it easier for them to pull away from the church, but rather draw them closer to have a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Toronto RPC –  Pray for a lady in the Toronto congregation who has recently undergone major surgery due to cancer. Give thanks that her hope and trust is in the Lord. Pray that she would know of a return of her health and strength.
  • Atlanta RPC – We are in serious need of a deacon and are hopeful that one of the local men already attending the church will be able and willing to assume this role. Please pray for this.
  • RPTS – Pray for continued health for the students, faculty, and staff so that we might be able to continue to meet in person for class.
  • Geneva College – We are thankful for another opportunity to gather together in small groups and virtually to focus on the Lord through scripture reading, teaching, and prayer.
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