March/April Prayer Points

29th March – 4th April

  • Eastvale RPC – Why, and what to pray for? We should ask the LORD of Hosts to have mercy upon us and draw us closer to Himself. In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the threatening of lives and livelihoods, the church is called (on April 2 and/or April 9) to join in day(s) of prayer and fasting to: • take careful evaluation of our ways, seeking the Lord to reveal “any grievous way in [us], and lead [us] in His way” (Psalm 139:23-24), individually, as a particular church, and within our nations..• confess and lament our sin (Psalm 51:1-4).• repent of any idolatrous inclinations ~ any embracing or yielding to materialism, luxury, money, employment, recreation, mammon, entertainment, politics, institutions, family life, pursuits that keep our hearts from a wholehearted devotion to Jesus Christ.• petition the Lord for His everlasting mercies (Psalm 136).• commit ourselves to a new zeal, setting our affections above (Colossians 3:1-3), renewing our efforts in God’s strength to live life fully on the altar of service with prayer, holiness, love, and worshipful sacrifice (Romans 12:1-2), that we might truly love the Lord our God with whole heart, and our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22:37-39).• give thanks for God’s covenant faithfulness in expectant anticipation of His answer to our prayers (Philippians 4:5-6).• glorify God in Christ as our immanent Mediator, and Judge of all the earth (1 Corinthians 10:31).• seek the Lord’s favor for the purification of the church, for the repentance of the nations, and the salvation of the lost (John 17:1-26).
  • RP Global Missions – Pray this month for the youth of Pakistan, that God would be raising up future leaders for the church and the nation that would honor and glorify his name.
  • RPTS – We are saddened to learn of the death (complications from COVID-19) of Rev. Tim Russell (MDiv 1983). Tim’s ministry played a major role in the lives of many in RP circles and in the greater kingdom of Christ. He was chaplain and director of financial aid at Geneva College along with serving as the pastor at the Geneva RP Church. He was most recently serving on the pastoral staff at Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis, having great influence within that community. Please join the many people who are praying for Tim’s wife, Kathe, their family, the Second Presbyterian Church family, and so many others who grew in their love of our Heavenly Father through Tim’s ministry.
  • Kobe Theological Hall, Japan – Pray that, under the (mediatorial) kingship of our Savior Lord, our civil magistrates, who are virtually servants of the King (maybe unconsciously), may lead the nations and their people wisely to slowdown in many areas in light of the critical situation, aiming to make the world love God and to love their neighbors.  Pray that the stress caused by the situation may not increase hatred, nor strife with each other, and that the magistrates may be given from God enough wisdom and patience to avoid any warfare.  Pray that God may make this difficult time of trial short as many times He has done in world history, to protect brothers and sisters in Christ of every nation in His special care, and to lead His church to trust more fully to the King Christ who loves and preserves them as the Savior King, and that the Lord make them able to  continue to observe worship and witness even more firmly and unshakenly as the light of the world over the coming dark days, while taking effort fully to protect lives among them.


22nd-28th March

  • Broomall RPC – Please pray for Pennsylvania State Representative Stephanie Borowicz! May her resolution designating March 30 as “A State Day of Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer” be passed!
  • RP Global Missions – Pray with us that the Lord will supply our every financial need this year.
  • Sharon RPC – Pray for businesses you know are being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • RP Global Missions – The South Sudan team is tucked away far from the nearest diagnosed case of Covid-19. But the school is closed.  The borders are closed.  The airports are closed….Please pray for their continued health and safety during this time when they have less access to medical care and supplies.
  • RP Global Missions – By order of the Government of South Sudan, Cush Christian School closed its doors after classes on Friday. Most parents are not able to homeschool their kids. They do not have access to Zoom or Google to continue their studies. Many depend on the midday meal they typically receive every school day. Pray that the situation there would not last long.


15th-21st March

  • The Shelter RPC – Give thanks that during our Spring (March 12) meeting of the Pacific Coast Presbytery, our dear brother, Licentiate Stephen Mulder was declared eligible to receive a call. May God direct his steps and use him powerfully in His Kingdom.
  • Sharon RPC – Take a moment to thank God for so many who are doing hard work.


8th-14th March

  • San Diego RPC – Give thanks for two new elders.
  • Providence RPC – Pray for the Roch family whose brother has entered hospice care.
  • Lisbon RPC – Please pray for Jesse and Katie Mann and their tiny daughter Evynne who was born prematurely.
  • Geneva College – Pray for the Genevans as they tour.  They will have performances in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and then return to perform in their spring home concerts on March 20-21 on Geneva’s campus.
  • RP Global Missions – Pray for the people of South Asia, that they would turn from false hopes and place their trust in Christ alone.
  • Japan RPCNA – Kobe Theological Hall has cancelled classes for these two weeks, because 4 infected people of Corona virus are in Kobe city (and more than 40 people in surrounding area including Osaka). Many of our students use public transportation to come to KTH, and especially need to come through the nearby area and Osaka, which is dangerous.  We are not able to plan for Spring semester from mid April to July yet. Our present perspective is not clear at all.  We had Special Lecture of Dr. Kodama on March 3rd, and it was the last meeting so far.  Our Winter semester has two more weeks still.  The sabbath worship will be continued faithfully anyway.  We are hearing brave witness of our fellow brothers in China in this difficulty, and praying for them. I hope, after a while we see some stabilization, and spiritual humbleness of the society. Please pray for us in Kobe.


1st-7th March

  • Please pray for the spring meeting of the Great Lakes-Gulf Presbytery in Elkhart, Indiana. The court elected David Hanson as moderator. A rare but encouraging stat: there are more ruling elder delegates than teaching elder delegates at this meeting.
  • Give thanks that Garrett Mann, who will graduate from RPTS in May, Lord willing, has accepted a call to be the pastor at Lisbon Reformed Presbyterian Church in Lisbon, New York.
  • Give thanks that Romesh Prakashpalan, who also graduates in May, has accepted a call to the Dallas Reformed Presbyterian Church.
  • RPTS – Please keep our graduating students in your prayers as they seek calls to pastorates and future ministry.
  • RPTS – Please keep Professor Keith Evans in your prayers as he recovers from surgery (scheduled for March 10th) and carries a heavy workload of Seminary classes and PhD studies.
  • RPTS – Please keep the families of George Scipione and Jorge Klajnbart in your prayers as they find comfort from their loss in the presence of God’s Word.
  • ‘Tis the season for “spring” meetings of many of our Presbyteries in the RPCNA.  Please pray for:
      1. Safety in travel to and from the meetings.
      2. Precious and encouraging fellowship.
      3. Wisdom and Scriptural conformity in decisions that must be made.
      4. Encouragement to students being examined.
      5. Building up of our congregations through the work of their Presbyteries.
  • Grace and Truth RPC (Virginia) – Give thanks for the baptism of Simon Myers.
  • Christ RPC (Missouri) – The Lord blessed us with another child and his baptism. And we praise the Lord with his parents, Philip and Julie Gorodetzky.
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