March  Prayer Points

19th-25th March

  • Southfield RPC (Michigan) – What a blessing it was to witness the baptism of three covenant children! We are so happy to see God bring covenant children into our church!
  • Hillside RPC (Almonte, Ontario) – Give thanks that God is bringing more guests to our services each Lord’s Day and that some have expressed interest in membership.
  • Japan RPC – Pray for the youth. The youth group as well as the youth game nights are going well. Pray for good relationships.
  • Evangelical RPC (Toronto, Ontario) – Pray that the recent upsurge of violence in Toronto, and particularly on public transport, would very quickly come to an end.


12th-18th March

  • Lafayette RPC (Indiana) – We’re pleased to announce that Jonathan Sturm has accepted the call to be our associate pastor. Please rejoice with us and give praise to God!
  • Hillside RPC (Almonte, Ontario) – Give thanks that we have a full slate of pulpit supply arranged for the months when Pastor Matt will be on his sabbatical.
  • British Columbia RP Churches – Please pray for wisdom for increased availability and/or opportunity for fellowship within our congregations; evangelism in our communities; and families needing provisions to remain in BC.
  • Japan RPC – Pray for Japan’s work culture to change. Pray for a higher value of family. Work consumes the lives of many people here.
  • Evangelical RPC (Toronto, Ontario) – Pray for those in our congregation who live by themselves. Pray they would know the sense of God’s presence.


5th-11th March

  • Dallas RPC (Texas) – A group from the congregation went into the residential neighborhood near our meeting space after their afternoon worship service to say hello to our neighbors, invite them to worship, and to pray for them. We gave out gospel tracts and pamphlets with information about the church. Please pray for those we spoke to, including several who held to external religion for salvation as well as some who professed to reject religion altogether. Pray we would have more opportunities to love our literal neighbors with the gospel of Jesus Christ!
    Eight years ago, the Dallas RPC became a fully organized congregation. Give thanks for all the blessings that the Lord has shown us in the time since. Pray that the Lord would continue to have our candlestick burn bright as a beacon for men to come to Christ.
  • Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary – Please pray for the RPTS Support Dinner taking place on March 10th. Give thanks for the ministry of Rev. James Pennington and the testimony of students Joey Liu, Victoria Mann, and Graham Smith.
  • Japan RPC – The high school and college joint youth group met the other week. We had a new individual from the church attend, and we had a total of 5 students (which is a lot for us – we normally only have 1-3).  Give thanks for God’s work in the student who took the time to prepare and teach. Give thanks for the new attendee and also for the high attendance. Pray for the spiritual growth and friendships of the high school and college students.
  • Evangelical RPC (Toronto, Ontario) – Give thanks for the tokens of blessing God is giving to the Toronto congregation: A recent wedding; baptism; new people attending and staying.
  • Russell RPC (Ontario) – Pray for additional deacon/s and elder/s as the congregation grows.


26th February – 4th March

  • Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) – The Spring Quarter begins on March 7th. Please pray for our students as they enter their final quarter of the year.
  • Pray for the Pacific Coast Presbytery Meeting, Midwest Presbytery, and Great Lakes-Gulf Presbytery meetings this week. Pray for wisdom in all the judicial deliberations; to avoid party spirit, to avoid men-pleasing, to avoid unjust judgment. For the truth to prevail even if it hurts.  And for safety in travel.
  • Covenant Fellowship RPC (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) – Pray for their Women’s Study for those in their community as they meet on Tuesday nights.
  • Second RPC (Indianapolis, Indiana) – 2RP was blessed to witness yet another baptism this year. This past Sunday, February 26th, Matthew Noah Long was baptized into our congregation.
  • Sterling RPC (Kansas) – Give thanks for elder Don Reed’s 50 years of faithful service.
  • Evangelical RPC (Toronto, Ontario) – On February 12, 2023, Allan had the blessing of baptizing Grace Liu. Please join us in praying for Grace and Luke and Lydia as they seek to raise their child in the fear and love of the Lord Jesus.
  • Dallas RPC (Texas) – Give thanks that this past Lord’s Day the Dallas RPC had the joy of receiving Mrs. Marion Good and Ms. Felisa Welkener into communicant membership. Ms. Welkener also received the sacrament of baptism. Please pray for these two dear sisters in the faith that they would live for their Savior who has loved them and given His life for them.
  • First RPC (Fresno, California) – Give thanks that they welcomed the Tavarez family into church membership this past Lord’s Day morning. Sam and Bella as communicant members, and then administering baptism to their sons, Michael and Daniel, as baptized members.
  • Columbus RPC (Indiana) – Give thanks for Ed Schisler‘s faithful service for 44 years as elder.
  • Fulton RPC (New York) – Give thanks that they had two new members and two baptisms this past Lord’s Day.
  • Evangelical RPC (Toronto, Ontario) – Pray for Trevor Hans who is undergoing ‘cutting edge’ treatment for bone cancer. Pray God would bless Trevor and his family at this anxious time and that the treatment would be successful.
  • Russell RPC (Ontario) – Pray for loved ones not walking with the Lord.
  • Japan RPC – Pray for wisdom regarding 3 church buildings: Okamoto needs to be renovated, and Mukonoso has plans being made for renovation, also the Kitasuzurandai Mission Station Building which currently isn’t being used has a lot of wear and tear. Pray for wisdom for the work that needs to be done on these three buildings.
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