September Prayer Points

17th-23rd September

  • Atlantic Presbytery – Pray for their Presbytery meeting this Friday and Saturday.  Pray for their youth retreat also taking place this weekend.
  • Topeka RPC (Kansas) – Pray for the congregation and family of Carolyn More as they mourn her death.
  • Pray for Minsol, the six year old son of RP pastor Rev. Namsik Yang, as he recovers from his 5th heart surgery.
  • Dallas RPC (Texas) – We rejoiced to have the Schueneman family join the congregation this past Lord’s Day. Pray we would shepherd them well and that they would flourish in the Lord.
    A covenant child was also baptized in another family, for which we also give thanks to the Lord. Pray that the Lord would pour out the Holy Spirit on him and cause him to be born again with a lively faith in Christ.
  • Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary – Please be in prayer for the translation of RPTS courses into Mandarin. Please pray for Hao Lu as he oversees this work and that the Lord would use these classes to expand His church.
  • Japan RPC – Monday is the Japanese Presbytery’s annual Fall Conference. Our topic is Reading Scripture. Please pray that our ears and hearts would be open to receive the Lord’s teaching.


10th-16th September

  • Second RPC (Indianapolis, Indiana) – It is a blessing and encouragement to our entire congregation to receive new members! This past Sunday we welcomed Stephen and Eleanor.
  • Belle Center RPC (Ohio) – Give thanks for the baptism of a covenant child this past Lord’s Day.
  • Midwest Presbytery – Give thanks for Craig and Shanna Milroy and the 10 years they have spent as the CY sponsors for the Midwest Presbytery. Give thanks that they have spent their time and energy encouraging the young people of our presbytery (and the RPCNA) to a knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.
  • Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary – Pray for their Westminster Conference taking place on Friday and Saturday (15th-16th).


3rd-9th September

  • Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary – Please pray that all students get off to a good start with their classes this fall.
  • Pray for the Midwest Presbytery CY Fall Retreat starting on Friday.
  • Sharon RPC (Morning Sun, Iowa)  – Give thanks for how God is moving in the lives of His people at Sharon. Give thanks that the Holy Spirit in calling people to Himself. Give thanks for the tenacity of faith and devotion to the Lord. Give thanks for people loving one another though they come from very different backgrounds and span a number of generations. Give thanks that God is building up children to become godly men and women of His kingdom. Give thanks that those who are going through trials and tribulations still find it in their hearts to encourage each other, help one another, and worship God together.


27th August – 2nd September

  • Springs RPC (Colorado Springs, Colorado) – It was an especially blessed day of worship on August 27 when Buck and Libby Pinson brought forward their infant son, Walter John, to receive the sacrament of holy baptism, administered by our pastor elect Rev. Ed Blackwood. Give thanks for this covenant child.  Give thanks also for the wedding of Michael and Victoria (Tori) Sturm. May their marriage be ever bound together in their unity with Christ.
  • Sharon RPC (Morning Sun, Iowa) – Thank God for River and Ripley making a public profession of faith this past Lord’s Day. What a blessing to have them added to the communicant rolls. God is at work.
  • Westminster RPC (Prairie View, Illinois) – On Saturday the congregation went out to do evangelism and outreach.  Pray for the 3 JW heretics who were out sharing their false gospel. Pray that the preaching of the true Gospel that they heard would soften their hearts to submit to the real Jesus Christ. Pray that others will not be led astray by their heresies.
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