June Prayer Points

16th-22nd June

  • Bloomington RP – Give thanks for the lives of Daniel Faris, his wife Natalie, and their three young boys as they visited and spoke during our Sunday School hour. The room was nearly full as people came eager to hear their stories, praise items, and prayer requests. God was truly glorified as they intentionally pointed people back to the Lord who began this work and will surely sustain it in His way. Amen!
  • Midwest Presbytery – Give thanks for a wonderful morning of joint worship at Camp Curry! Praise the Lord for beautiful weather, for Christian fellowship, and for good preaching by Mr. Trace Turner!
  • Give thanks for the birth of a baby boy at Hillside RPC in Almonte, Canada.
  • Give thanks for visitors at Great Basin RPC in Reno, Nevada.


9th-15th June

  • Give thanks with the Board of Trustees of Synod that the giving goal for Reformed Presbyterian Missions & Ministries (RPM&M) was surpassed in 2018.
  • Give thanks to God that membership in the RPCNA grew by 3.4 percent in the past year, and worship attendance increased 3 percent. This is the largest gain in the denomination since the 19th Century and the largest total membership since the 1940s. The denomination had a net increase of 1 congregation to 91 total and a net increase of 4 mission churches to 13 total. Six congregations or mission churches were received in 2019 from other denominations: Coram Deo Mission (Squamish, B.C.), Great Basin RP Mission (Reno, Nev.), Grace Reformed Mission (Columbia, Mo.), Birmingham RP Mission Church (Birmingham, Ala.), San Antonio Mission Church (San Antonio, Tex.), and Christ Presbyterian Church (Grandview, Mo.).
  • Give thanks with the Youth Ministries Committee of Synod for the youth work going on in the North American presbyteries. Give thanks for a strong Youth Leadership Conference last summer at Geneva College, attended by 30 youth, and pray for another on July 4-8 with Dr. Barry York leading.
  • Give thanks that the Lord provided the Graduate Study Fund with funds to support the largest number of advanced-degree candidates in the committee’s history.
  • RP Global Missions – We praise God for EM who is currently translating the Westminster Larger Catechism into Urdu for the growth and benefit of Urdu-speaking Christians globally. Pray for wisdom and discernment as he works on this project. It is scheduled to be published by the end of this year.
  • St. Lawrence Presbytery—Pray for Hudson–St. Lazare and Dan Dupuis who has been recently called to be minister of the congregation. Pray for Lisbon (New York) as they look for a minister.  Give thanks for new ministers for both the Syracuse and Rochester congregations.
  • Pacific Coast Presbytery— Give thanks for three new ministers in the presbytery since the last Synod meeting: Rev. Derek Baars in Edmonton, Alberta; Rev. Colin Samul in Reno, Nevada; and Rev. Chris Myers in Phoenix, Arizona. Give thanks for the new church plant in Reno, Nevada.
  • Midwest Presbytery— Give thanks that the presbytery has been blessed to receive two congregations from other denominations: Christ Presbyterian Church in Grandview (southeast Kansas City, Missouri) and Grace Reformed Church in Columbia, Missouri. Give thanks for the establishment of a new mission church in San Antonio, Texas, and exploratory work in North Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Denison (Kansas), Casper (Wyoming), Columbia (Missouri), and San Antonio (Texas) pulpits are vacant. Pray that they will find ministers.  Give thanks for Ed Hindman’s  42 years as pastor at Denison.
  • Japan Presbytery—Since the 2018 Synod, Rev. Charles Leach retired from pastoring the Kasumigaoka congregation and returned to the U.S. As the Kasumigaoka church is now vacant, Rev. Shigeru Takiura and Rev. Sumito Sakai now serve as provisional elders. The need for new elders is becoming more urgent. Some congregations are hoping to have an election soon.  Pray for new elders and for a minister for the Kasumigaoka RPC.
  • Great Lakes–Gulf Presbytery—Give thanks and pray for mission churches in Atlanta (Georgia),  Louisville (Kentucky), and Pageland (South Carolina). Pray for ministers for the Sparta (Illinois) and Selma (Alabama) congregations.
  • Atlantic Presbytery – Pray that these vacant congregations would find ministers: Coldenham-Newburgh (New York), Ridgefield Park (New Jersey), and Walton (New York).  Pray for Hazelton RPC’s church planting work in Harrisburg.
  • Presbytery of the Alleghenies – Pray for them as they work through a new system of examining pastoral candidates.
  • RP Missions – Give thanks for the help offered to deliver and level sand to help refresh the sand volleyball pit at Camp Curry!
  • The 188th Synod of the RPCNA is underway. Be sure to keep them in your prayers.
  • Sharon RPC – Pray for Curt Petersen who was in an accident and is recovering from surgery.
  • Midwest Presbytery – Thank God! Garrett Mann has been licensed to preach! Please pray God continues to raise up laborers for His harvest.
  • Pacific Coast Presbytery – Give thanks that today Mr. Sean C. Holm was licensed to preach the gospel, and Mr. Trace Turner did exceptionally well in his Systematic Theology 1 examination.
  • RP Global Missions – Zach Smith was licensed to receive a call as a preacher of the gospel by the Great Lakes-Gulf Presbytery today. He was then given a call from the RP Global Mission board to serve as a missionary in South Sudan. Zach notified the presbytery of his acceptance of the call. Praise the Lord! And may the Lord be more praised in South Sudan as a result!
  • The Shelter RPC – Please remember our pastor and brother, Bob Hackett, as he is dealing with an ailment right now that is impairing his ability to tend to pulpit duties, that God may grant him speedy recovery, strength and encouragement during this time.


2nd-8th June

  • RP Global Missions – Pray for rp missions trips going out this summer around the world. Pray for their safety and protection as they travel, and for boldness in spirit to proclaim the gospel.
  • The joint synod for RPCNA and ARP churches is next week, with a pre-synod conference on Psalmody starting Monday. Please join us in praying for these denominations; for safety in travel, wisdom, unity, peace, and the “further edification of the church” (WCF 31:1).
  • Lisbon RPC – Our farmers are grateful for today’s sunshine and warmth, and more to come in the forecast!
  • Winchester RPC – Give thanks for how God is at work in the lives of the children at VBS and for the teachers and helpers.
  • Bloomington RPC – Let us pray that we could both accept and show hospitality to the Muslims that the Lord brings into our lives.
  • RP Global Missions – Praise God for the recent baptism of a new believer in Japan. Pray that he will grow in faith and stand firm in the truth, withstanding any temptation and persecution he may face. Pray also for the Kasumigaoka RP Church, that the Father would bless and protect them during this time without a teaching elder. Pray that God would work through the lives of those in the church in Japan to show love of Christ to the many who are lost and searching for truth.
  • Topeka RP – Our congregation sought the mind of the Spirit for this local church. By God’s grace he led us to call Mr. Kyle Reed to serve as our newest elder. Pray for this elder-elect as he considers whether to accept or decline this call of the visible church upon him.
  • Bloomington RP – Let us pray today that God might give us the courage to be more and more hospitable to more and more people, even and especially towards any Muslim people we encounter.
  • Topeka RP – We were blessed to have FOUR child baptisms in our church this week.
  • First RP, Grand Rapids – Pray for the Yang family and their son Minsol. Pray that all is going well and smoothly with Minsol. Pray that doctors would get enough information to prepare for his upcoming surgery (June 20). Pray that much wisdom would be given to doctors (esp. Minsol’s surgeon) in terms of what kind of surgery Minsol needs/ what to do/ and what not to do.
  • Bloomington RP – Today, let us pray for Christians to take seriously the command to befriend the stranger (Matthew 25:34-40).
  • RP Global Missions – Let us pray for our brothers and sisters in Europe as they navigate this opportunity to shine the light of Christ—without fear—on the Muslim foreigners in their midst.
  • RP Synod – As we look ahead to Synod next week, please pray that God’s truth and love would be evident in the Pre-Synod Conference on Psalmody. This will take place Monday, June 10, at 7 p.m. in the Metheny Fieldhouse of Geneva College. It will feature introductory remarks on shared convictions about the regulative principle of worship by Michael LeFebvre; the RP position on Exclusive Psalmody by Adam Kuehner; and the ARP position by Mark Ross. These presentations will be followed by a time of moderated Q&A fielded by a panel of three men from each denomination.
  • RP Global Missions – Praise God for his perfect timing! The Day family, who are planning to be in South Sudan for the month of July, now have their visas and passports in hand. Pray for them as they continue to prepare for this trip and that the Lord would be revealing his will to them about whether or not he would have them serve there long term.
  • Topeka RP – Our Youth Fellowship class is growing up. We thank the Lord for the labors of several youth sponsors. Our students meet three Lord’s Days out of the month at church from 5:30-6:30. They are like arrows in the hand of the Mighty One!
  • Pray for the RP Mission Team working on the RP Camp Curry.
  • RPTS – Three of our students, Joshua Geisler (Joyce), Joseph Dunlap (Monica), and Edwin Blackwood, II (Eleni) added to their families these past few weeks! Moms and Covenant children are doing well.
  • RPTS – Please pray for a strong incoming class of students for the fall. Please keep our current students, many of whom are doing internships this summer, in your prayers as well.
  • RPTS – Please pray for our graduates as they head out into the world. This year’s class will have members serving in Pittsburgh area churches, serving in New England, continuing chaplain work in New York, serving in South Carolina, and beginning mission work in South Sudan.
  • Terre Haute – Pray for plans for the future organization of the congregation as a particular congregation.
  • Casper RPC – We are thankful that the Lord has provided regular preaching each week for our church. Even in this season of transition for Casper RP Church, it is so clear that the Lord cares for and shepherds His people.



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