April Prayer Points

14th-20th April

  • Pray for the ordination and installation of Ryan Alsheimer on Saturday as church planting minister for Oneonta RPC in New York.
  • Mukonoso RPC, Japan – The pastor of the congregation retired this past month. Currently we do not have our own pastor, so the pastor of the Kasumigaoka congregation will visit once a month to preach, and the rest of the month there will be a video recording of his preaching. Pray for more pastors, as well as deacons and elders.
  • RPC Lafayette (Indiana) – The Lord has provided! This evening three new deacons were ordained and installed, Cos, Yemi and Dan. May the Lord bless the work of their hands!
  • Dallas RPC (Texas) – Give thanks that the session was pleased to present a young lady with a certificate in recognition of her completion of memorizing the Westminster Larger Catechism.
  • First RPC (Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania) – Give thanks for the 20th anniversary of Matt and Heidi Filbert.


7th-13th April

  • Pray for the Presbytery of the Alleghenies meeting on Friday and Saturday of this week.
  • Fulton RPC (New York) – One year ago Fulton RP officially became a church once again! We ordained our elders and deacons that day. We had quite a few guests to witness the event. Rosemary was one of those guests. She went on to become a member not long after. Ed also joined us in membership. Six months later the Lord blessed us with our new Pastor Martin and his lovely wife Melanie. We are truly blessed! Praise God for rebuilding our church! May He use us mightily in the days, months and years ahead in Fulton!
  • Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary – Please keep our graduating seniors in prayer as they seek to serve the Kingdom of God upon their graduation in May.
  • Clarinda RPC (Kansas) – Give thanks for ruling elder Steve Falk.  This month will mark 30 years that Steve has faithfully served the Lord and His Church in this calling!
  • Eastvale RPC (Pennsylvania) – Give thanks that on March 24, Samuel Renwick Spear was baptized. We rejoice with his family as we welcome this precious little one into our congregation!
  • River Valley RPC (Pennsylvania) – Give thanks that the church is growing.
  • Springs RPC (Colorado Springs, Colorado) –  Give thanks that this past Lord’s Day they had a joyful day of worship as precious little Emma Elise Ruddell was presented for holy baptism by her parents, John and Sarah, with her three brothers watching over the proceedings.  The joy continued as Felix Mann, Sammy Moore, and Johnny Moore were welcomed into communicant membership upon their professions of faith and the approval of the session. It seems like only yesterday when they were welcomed as baptized members, and, along with their families, we thank God for His faithfulness and pray for these young men as they continue growing in their faith and sanctification in the grace and power of the Holy Spirit.


31st March – 6th April

  • Give thanks for the nearly 100 youth from the Midwest Presbytery (RPCNA) and around the denomination that have come for the spring CY retreat. May God’s Spirit be working powerfully in their hearts this weekend.
  • Pray for the Midwest Women’s Fellowship Retreat this weekend, and Rev. David Hanson and his wife as they speak at it.
  • Batuco RPC, Chile – Please uphold our brother and the pastor of the RPC of Batuco, Chile in your prayers. He received a letter to summon him to the court of law for his refusal to participate in the national elections in Chile which take place on the Lord’s Day. In 2022, a new Constitution of the nation of Chile took effect. It mandates and enforces 100% participation of all
    citizens in their national elections and that these elections take place on the Lord’s Day. Rev. Sánchez, as a faithful minister of the gospel, refused to partake in order to honor the Lord’s Day. He is set to appear on April 19th. He hopes to launch a thorough religious defense and to cause the nation of Chile to see how unjust it is to mandate all citizens to vote on the Lord’s Day. Pray for him. He faces hefty fines and possibly other consequences.
  • Sparta RPC (Illinois) –  Pray for God to provide urgent care for a dangerous (inflammation in brain and spinal cord, increasing ) chronic condition James Odom has had for 29 years.
  • Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary – Please keep the Jeff Stivason family in your prayers as they seek the Lord’s comfort and peace during Tab’s cancer diagnosis.
  • Denison RPC (Kansas) – Give thanks that Lauren was received into communicant membership.
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