July  Prayer Points

12th-18th July

  • RP Global Missions – Pray for the small coastal country of Montenegro as they navigate economic, religious, and cultural tensions.
  • Denison RPC  (Kansas) – Give thanks that Mr Caleb Allen was called to be the minister here.  Pray for him as he considers the call.
  • Japan Pastor Kihei Takiura asks us to please PRAY for those who cannot attend Sabbath worship and prayer meetings, to keep their faith and seekers to have faith in Christ. May the Lord bless the morning worship, the preparation for next communion worship as well as the communion services.



5th-11th July

  • RP Global Missions – Pray for the young country of South Sudan as they strive to overcome the many obstacles in their path.
  • Hillside RPC – Pray for the Mouchet family as they move east.
  • RPTS – Please pray that students on internships this summer are having a great season of practical experience.
  • RPTS – Three RPTS family members have begun new assignments: Dr. Jeff Stivason (Professor of New Testament Studies), Jordan Feagley (Librarian), and Stephen Mulder (Library Office Administrator). Please keep these men in your prayers are they adjust to their new roles and responsibilities.
  • Please pray for Pastor Charles Brown (Rose Point RPC) and his family as they mourn the death of their little girl.
  • Russell RPC (Russell, Ontario) desires to build a facility for worshiping together in the near future. Please pray the Lord will raise the necessary funds for this endeavour.
  • Columbus RPC (Indiana) – Give thanks that Ann and Jimmy Milliner joined the Columbus RP/Louisville RP Fellowship church this past Sunday and Jimmy was baptised. God is good and His church is growing! Pray for the church plant in Louisville, KY- Louisville Reformed Presbyterian Fellowship
  • RP Global Missions – Pray for Zambia, their many tribes, and their leaders. May the citizens, expatriates, and leaders truly come to know God as the Lord.
  • Pray for the Midwest Presbytery CY as they have had to cancel their summer youth retreat.  Pray for the plans to meet in the autumn.
  • Give thanks for the many covenant children in the RP church in Chile.
  • Living Way RPC – We rejoice and give thanks for the Lord’s continued blessing as we installed a new Ruling Elder (Mr. Kevin Dennis) and ordained and installed our very first Deacon (Mr. Jaco Van der Merwe). Please pray for these men as they take up their respective offices in Christ’s Church and bear great and abundant fruit for the glory of God.
  • RP Home – Give thanks that the residents have been able to enjoy time spent outside.


28th June – 4th July

  • Midwest Presbytery – Rom Prakashpalan (Dallas, TX) sustained three ordination exams. Thankful that Jesus Christ continues to give good gifts to his church!
  • RP Home – Give thanks for all of God’s blessing on the RP home over the last 123 years.
  • RP Global Missions – Pray that the gospel of Jesus Christ would be spread along the highways and byways of the largely unreached nation of Japan.
  • Southfield RPC – Pray for the congregation as they grieve the death of one of their members who was an elder, Dr Bruce Adams.
  • Winchester RPC – Give thanks that Rev. Kyle Borg has been the minister here for 7 years.
  • RPTS – Give thanks for the work Rev. Tom Reid has done as librarian for RPTS.  Pray for him as he begins his retirement on the 1st July.
  • Rose Point RPC – Pray for the congregation as they grieve the death of one of their members, Mr James Mitchell.
  • Japan – Okamoto Covenant RPC has been continuing worship every Sabbath with care as well as online, so please PRAY for safety and blessings.  Also their pastor Rev. Takiura and Rev. Sakai (Higashisuma RPC) have been serving as interim session for the Kasumigaoka RPC. They ask for PRAYER that this church may soon have a full time pastor and their own elders.
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