April Prayer Points


  • Give thanks for Ed and Nancy’s upcoming visit. May God bless them as they spend time with family.
  • Pray for Andrew to be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit as he presents the studies at Fellowship Camp.
  • Ask God to bless the Sabbath School teachers and children with rest and relaxation during the holidays.
  • Give thanks for fellowship times with the Japanese Team. May God grow & bless our ties.



  • Continue to pray for a successful visa application process for Rev Andy McCracken.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would give members prayerful hearts for their family and friends in the community.
  • Remember in prayer Ben and Lily in their studies at University. Pray for opportunities to witness.
  • Thank God for the faithful preaching of His Word. May His Spirit strive with each of us daily.
  • Pray for wisdom for the Session as they seek to encourage the congregation.



  • Give thanks that Henry Fang has placement at Frankston hospital and can now worship with +McK/Frank.
  • Pray for Bruce and Joanne Martin as they travel to Australia to represent the RPCNA.
  • Pray for the Sermons on the Book of Ephesians to open deeply and explain the messages contained.
  • Pray for God to keep safe on the road those traveling to and from Dixons Creek for Camp.
  • Pray for the Geelong session as they meet on the 15th. Grant them wisdom and a oneness in Christ.
  • Pray for Doug Bolton to have successful surgery on the 9th for a brain tumor. May God be with him.
  • Ask God to allow spiritual fruit to be seeded in the lives of the children attending the RPC Holiday Camp.
  • May our youth grow closer to Christ as they fellowship and study His word in a relaxed setting at youth group.



  • May God use the Ladies Book Club to be a blessing and attract others to the Church.
  • Ask God to bless the ladies organizing a night out together. May it be a bonding night of fellowship.
  • Pray for God’s safety and blessing on the Fishers as they visit NZ for a fortnight.
  • Ask for God’s blessing on the congregation from the Sermon series: ‘Marks of a Maturing Christian’.
  • Pray that God would raise up future elders and pastors from among the young boys and young men of McKinnon.  Pray for the parents to raise their children in wisdom, godliness, and holiness, with a love for God, His Word, His ways, His Kingdom, His Gospel, and His Church.



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