January Prayer Points

19th-25th January

  • Pray for ourselves so that we will be ready to give account of our faith in Christ whenever we are asked.
  • McKinnon RP –  Remember Gonzalo and Xue as they prepare for parenthood. May God be with them.
  • Thank God that we still have the freedom to preach Christ in Australia. Pray that this freedom be protected.
  • Geelong RP – Pray for safety in travel for Andrew and Mei as they fly back to Australia on the 23rd.
  • Geelong RP – Pray for Winnifred Nelson as she schedules Sabbath School classes in Geelong for 2020.
  • McKinnon RP – Pray for success for Larry Kambala and Grace Liao who are applying for a permanent residency visa.
  • Geelong – May God be with Brandon Fisher as he preaches in the morning and also with Alastair M. in the evening on the 26th January.


12th-18th January

  • Geelong – May God bless those at Elstoft House.
  • Frankston – Continue to pray for patience as we wait for the outcome of the visa submission for Rev. Andy McCracken.
  • Give thanks for the chance to serve amongst the Japanese churches. May they continue to be encouraged.
  • Ask God to give us a forgiving spirit and so foster good relationships within our churches.
  • Frankston – Rejoice with Benjamin & Megumi Blackwood in their baby news. Pray for Megumi to be healthy in her pregnancy.
  • Ask God to raise up and gift more men in our congregations to be elders and teachers of the Word.


5th-11th January

  • Pray that God would bless Albert Esselbrugge’s preaching in McKinnon over the next three weeks.
  • Thanks to God for renovations starting on the 6th in McKinnon. May God bless the builders with good workmanship.
  • Ask God to grant safety to our RPC members who are travelling over the January holiday period.
  • Pray for Andrew S. & other committee members of the Global Alliance as it meets in Northern Ireland on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Frankston – Give thanks that Maria was able to spend time in the US with family. Pray for her safe return.
  • Geelong – Pray for the family of Mavis Anderson as they mourn her passing and plan for the memorial service.
  • May God bless the McKinnon congregation as it meets in the Synagogue facilities over coming months.


29th December – 4th January

  • Pray for Phillip Scheepers as he takes up his position as Principal of Reformed Theological College.
  • Pray that Graeme Hart would enjoy a restful and rejuvenating holiday during January.
  • Ask God to encourage Josh F. as he prepares to lead Worship in Frankston on the 5th January.
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