February Prayer Points


  • Keep our Presbytery in your prayers as it meets on the 16th February in McKinnon.
  • Ask God to be with our elderly and infirm and they are kept safe during the heat of Summer.
  • Keep praying for those returning to studies in 2019. May they be diligent in their work & witness for Christ.
  • Give thanks that a new edition of Kuiper’s Lectures on Calvinism have been published by Reformation Translation Fellowship.
  • Pray for blessing on the Presbytery Youth Event in Geelong on the 23rd February. May the youth be disciples of Christ.
  • Ask God to raise up men who are willing and able to serve as leaders and preachers in the RPCA.
  • Pray for leaders of the Chinese Churches as they face increasing hostility from the government.



  • Ask God to bless Josh Feldman as he prepares and leads Frankston in evening worship this Sunday the 3rd February.
  • Praise and thank God for providing accommodation for Maria and her successful move in January.
  • Thanks to God for His blessing from our recent planning session. May God be glorified as we serve Him.
  • Remember Benjamin, Dillon, Ralph and Tony as they prepare and lead the mid-week meetings.
  • Pray for Jonathan, Louise and their family as Jonathan takes a break from his session duties.
  • Pray for God to strengthen Alastair as he travels to Frankston to lead in evening worship.



  • Pray for Lynsey & Alastair preaching in Geelong on the 3rd February. Pray for its spiritual impact on each one.
  • Ask God to be with Andrew Stewart as he begins preparation for teaching an on-line course at Reformed Theological College.
  • Pray that Sarah & Carl would know God’s presence and blessing as they become man & wife on the 8th February.
  • Pray for God’s blessing on the teachers and children as Sunday school resumes on the 10th February.
  • Ask God to be with Geelong Bible Conference Committee as it meets on the 11th Feb. May their plans come together smoothly.
  • May God bless the North Geelong Fellowship Group as it resumes for the year. May it be a time of closeness to Jesus.
  • May God be with Geelong session as it meets on the 18th February.
  • Pray that the Women’s Bible Study would be a catalyst for both faith and understanding of the Word.
  • May God bless those at Elstoft House through hearing God’s Word and singing Psalms on the 25th February.



  • Give thanks for Grace Hamilton being received into Church membership at McKinnon on the 3rd February.
  • Remember Pastor Hart on his return from leave; that he would be refreshed and revived in the work.
  • Ask the Lord to strengthen Brandon Fisher as he begins another year of ministry training.
  • Pray that Grace Liao would be blessed from her time in China with family and for safe travel home.
  • Give the managers wisdom as they make alternative plans for a place of worship during renovations.
  • Pray for parents as they seek to faithfully raise children in covenant families.



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