March/April Prayer Points

29th March-4th April

  • Continue to pray that God would call men to the ministry of preaching His word.
  • Give thanks for the ministry of theological education among RP Churches around the world.


22nd-28th March

  • Geelong – Pray for the Geelong Bible Conference Committee to have a beneficial meeting on the 23rd. May God bless the planning.
  • Frankston – Uphold the older folks with various health issues. May they know God’s comfort and peace.
  • McKinnon – Pray for Megan, Laura and Louise teaching Afghani women English. Pray for Gospel opportunities.
  • Geelong – Thank God that Rev. Warren Peel has agreed to speak at Geelong Bible Conference 2021.
  • Frankston – Pray that God will be glorified as the installation of Rev. Andy McCracken takes place on 29th.
  • May God be with those who join in fellowship by working together at the Working Bee at Dixons Creek.
  • McKinnon – Pray for Christ to be honored as His sacrifice on the cross is remembered with love and gratitude.


15th-21st March

  • Geelong – Remember our session in prayer as they meet. May God grant them wisdom for their tasks.
  • McKinnon – Pray that the ladies at the book club would be encouraged and built up by the books they discuss.
  • Geelong – Pray for Andrew S. as he speaks at Ladies’ Guild on Wednesday. May his talk be a blessing to all attending.
  • Frankston – Pray for the covenant children in the congregation to seek to put Christ first in their lives.
  • Geelong – Thank God for the Reformation Translation Fellowship Australia. Pray that their translated books can be freely distributed to the people.
  • McKinnon – Pray for the men who gather for a men’s breakfast in McKinnon. May their faith be encouraged.
  • Pray that God would draw those seeking to follow Christ to our services to find faith and fellowship.


8th-14th March

  • Ask God to provide a suitable place for Frankston congregation to hold its worship services.
  • Give thanks for the input the Reformed Theological College has made to the lives of the students who graduate on the 10th March.
  • McKinnon – Pray for the prayer time & study on the new creation to be a valuable time of closeness to God.
  • Frankston – Pray for safe travel and reassurance for the McCrackens as they arrive in Melbourne on the 12th.
  • Pray for the Lord to bless the Geelong youth as they meet for an international night on the 13th.
  • McKinnon – Pray for Graeme Hart as he officiates at his nephew’s wedding on the 14th. May God bless the whole family.
  • McKinnon – May God be with Albert Esselbrugge on the 15th. May he bring God’s message with clarity and conviction.


1st-7th March

  • McKinnon – Praise God for David & Robyn’s 40th anniversary of married life. May God continue to bless them.
  • Geelong – Pray the residents of Elstoft House receive a spiritual blessing as they attend the Service on the 2nd.
  • Ask for God’s presence at the Geelong congregation’s annual AGM. Pray that His will be done.
  • Frankston – Continue to pray that Lily B would make a completely recovery from her recent jaw surgery.
  • Pray for Darren Middleton as he prepares to speak at Fellowship Camp.
  • Frankston – Thank God for his kindness in opening doors to bring Andy & Susan McCracken to work here in the RPCA.
  • Ask God for safety & good fellowship at the 2020 Fellowship Camp. May it draw us closer to God.
  • Pray that we would be hungry to hear the Word of God preached. May God speak to our hearts.
  • PRAY that as a result of the devastating loss of life and properties in Australia, due to the recent bushfires, men and women will not respond by turning away from God in anger or despair, or turn against each other in blame; but respond by turning toward each other in compassion and by turning to God in prayer and dependency.
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