May/June Prayer Points

28th May – 3rd June

  • Vancouver RPC (British Columbia) – Most of the young families have left over the past 2-3 years. Please pray that the Lord would provide  several families.
  • West Vancouver RPC (British Columbia) – Pray for financial needs and the growth of the church.


21st-27th May

  • Vancouver RPC (British Columbia) – Please pray that the Lord would provide a pastor for the congregation.
  • Ottawa RPC (Ontario) – Rev. Quigley & Rev. Ward have been in Cairo, Egypt this past week teaching and preaching to both Egyptian and Sudanese men who are training for ministry and missions. They taught on the topics of preaching, missions and the life & ministry of Paul. Their lectures and sermons all were translated into the local language as they were delivered. Pray that God would use this work to the advancement of his kingdom to all the nations of the world.
  • West Vancouver RPC (British Columbia) – Pray for the new Chinese immigrants to know Christ and find their spiritual home.
  • Evangelical RPC (Toronto, Ontario) – Pray God would bless the teaching received at Sunday School to young and old alike.


14th-20th May

  • Praise God for work that has gone into the formation of this new denomination in Canada and pray for his sustaining hand to bless us as we serve him.
  • Nissi Chinese RPC (Surrey, British Columbia) – Pray for Yvonne Jia as she is waiting for surgery.
  • Evangelical RPC (Toronto, Ontario) – Continue to pray for God to bring revival and renewal to Toronto and to use the Toronto congregation for this end.


7th-13th May

  • Canada – Pray for the Canadian Presbytery meeting on Thursday and Friday and the formation service for the new RP Church of Canada on Friday.
  • Ottawa RPC (Ontario) – Give thanks that the Young Adults in the church have been enjoying lunches together in the homes of various members of the congregation once a month after morning worship.
  • Nissi Chinese RPC (Surrey, British Columbia) – Pray for the financial need of the congregation.
  • Coram Deo RPC (Squamish, British Columbia) – Pray for complication free pregnancies for the 3 women in Coram Deo that are due this year.
  • Evangelical RPC (Toronto, Ontario) –Continue to pray that the upsurge of violence in Toronto, and particularly on public transport, would very quickly come to an end.


30th April – 6th May

  • Nissi Chinese RPC (Surrey, British Columbia) – Pray for covenant children to love God and obey their parents.
  • British Columbia RP Churches – Pray for ongoing health struggles-healing.
  • Evangelical RPC (Toronto, Ontario) – Pray for a recently married couple, Steven and Yanni.
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