During the year, the host congregation maintains a weekly KidZone program that involves youth from within the congregation and from the community. This particular mission team will be helping with their annual vacation Bible school. The team will help with the preparation of lessons, organizing of crafts and games, and providing a meal for the kids that attend.

In addition to the VBS, this team will also help with the new community gardens and will help make preparations for the Community Clean-up efforts planned for the first week of August. Team members will go around to abandoned houses and take measurements on the broken windows and doors so that playwood can be cut and painted to fit the openings and improve the look of the area. You may also get to help clean up abandoned lots so that community kids can enjoy safe areas to play.

If you enjoy working with kids and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, this might be just the trip for you! If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call Matt at (724)384-8327 or email him at ProclaimChrist@rpmissions.org. This trip is only $400 plus travel, that is intended to offset the costs of food, housing, local travel and ministry materials. If you fall in love with the ministry and the people of the church and the community, it may be possible for you to extend your stay for minimal cost (our 4 week mission to Pittsburgh is only $550 plus travel).

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