Praise God at Iowa RP Family Camp This Year

Pastor Joel Wood, from the Trinity RP Church in Maryland, will be the guest speaker for the camp from July 29th to August 2nd, 2019 at Iowa RP Family Camp near Washington, Iowa. Our Christian family camp features speeches, Bible study, and ways to make you feel blessed and inspired. We know your entire family will leave with life lessons, fond memories, and excitement about returning next year.


On-line registration is now open – go to today! Fees are as follows:
Food & Facilities (per person): a.) ages 0-3: $20 b.) ages 4-8: $50 c.) ages 9-11: $105 d.) ages 12 and above: $130

Lodging (ages 5 & above): a.) Cabin $88(per person) b.) Shepherd’s Inn $300 (per room up to 2 people) c.) Lodge $400(per room up to 6-8+ people) d.) tent/RV electric hookup $64(per person) e.) tent/RV non-electric hookup $52 (per person)

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