Next Sunday the church is summoned to a public fasting thinking about the political situation of Venezuela, where several of our brothers are, and also that of Chile. Both countries are in rebellion and open sin against the Lord Jesus Christ by not recognizing him as sovereign king over nations.

The Cult Directory of our church teaches the following about fasting:

2. Special days of fasting, humiliation and prayer are particularly appropriate when God’s trials are evident on earth, or when corporate sin in church or nation causes the Lord and invites his trials. It is appropriate that these days are observed in relation to the preparatory services for the dinner of the Lord or in the days designated by sessions, presbiterios and synods for this purpose.

3. in the Christian fasting, as an ordinance of God, the believer voluntarily refrains from food or some ordinary pleasure for a season with the purpose of seeking the will of God, the strength for service or a deeper spirituality . I should be accompanied by meditation, self-examination, humiliation before God, confession of sin, repentance and renewed dedication to a life of obedience.

4. A day of fasting may be marked by a public worship service. In such services, it is appropriate to sing psalms of penance, along with the offering of prayers of confession of sin and requests for forgiveness.

5. If the civil authority requires a time of prayer and fasting that is in harmony with the scriptures, sessions can encourage the people of God to pay due respect to that call. In addition to such general occasions, there may be moments when families and people, for their own reasons, give themselves to prayer and fasting for a while.

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