Do you believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is powerful? Do you believe that God works through the preaching of his word? The congregation in Airdrie do because they have seen and experienced that for themselves.

If you decide to go on this year’s Airdrie GO Team, you will meet people who have been transformed by the preaching of the gospel. You will meet people who one day received an invitation to a mission service and whose lives haven’t been the same since.

You will also have the opportunity to play your part in spreading this message of salvation. Once again, the congregation will be holding a series of mission services. They will be praying that once again people will come along and be transformed by the preaching of the gospel. They would love you to join them in giving out 15 thousand invitations across their town to these services and in praying for the advance of Christ’s kingdom.

If you choose to do this team, you will also have the opportunity to be an encouragement to the young Christians of Airdrie. Most of these young people have few, if any, Christian friends of their own age. It is not easy to swim against the tide. By doing something as simple as spending time with these young Christians, the GO Team has a great opportunity to spur them on as they seek to live for Jesus Christ.

Note: the team will begin its work on 6th April (5th April is set aside for travelling), so there is a great opportunity to do both the North Edinburgh and Airdrie teams together!

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