The oldest RP congregation in Scotland, Stranraer’s most famous minister was William Symington. Today it is a growing congregation in a town with little evangelical witness.

Imagine a town where only 0.5% of people attend a gospel-preaching church. Imagine being 2 hours from the nearest church in your denomination. Imagine your church not being able to pay a full-time minister for over 30 years. Imagine a church built to hold 700 people (and regularly packed out) reduced to a handful. That was the situation in Stranraer.

Yet in a day when many churches in the town are closing down, God has preserved the church in Stranraer. New converts have brought a fresh excitement to the congregation. In 2015 the Scottish Presbytery committed to fund a full-time pastor in Stranraer for at least three years, because it believed that God could make dry bones live. By God’s grace, things are moving forward.

Our church website is updated each week with sermons, news articles and more. If you would like to know more about you best you can pray for and support this work of church revitalisation, please contact us via the feedback form on our site.

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