We are part of the Reformed Presbyterian Church. There have been Reformed Presbyterian Churches in Donegal for over 200 years.

Central to everything we believe is the truth that Jesus Christ is King over everything. The Bible teaches that man was made to live happily under God’s rule, but has rebelled. Instead of wiping us out, he came to rescue us. This is the good news we proclaim.

We have a three-fold focus

• Our relationship with God
• Our relationship with God’s people
• Our relationship with the rest of the world

We look to relish our relationship with God. Since God is in the process of creating a new family we look to enjoy the new relationships God has brought us into. And since we believe that there is nothing more important than having a right relationship with God we want others to know about it too.

Much of our focus as a church is on God’s word. Since he is timeless, his word is relevant for all times. Not only so, but we believe that it nourishes us and equips us to live and reach others in this world.

If you are looking to find out what the Bible is about we invite to come along and find out with us.


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