We want to let you know right up front we’re not a big, fancy church. We’re actually a work of revitalization (or what some call ‘replanting’).  At the end of the day, it’s not about us. It’s about Jesus – the Lord, the King, the Saviour.  Wherever we are at home, school, work, on holidays, watching the footy, or even out for dinner – Jesus matters to us in all of life. Not just Sunday morning, but every day of every week, 24/7.

We are small representation of God’s church in Melbourne, Australia. When we talk about church we don’t mean a building, it is far greater than bricks and mortar. When we mention church we are speaking of the millions of people who worship Christ as King.

So, welcome to a small portion of The Church, specifically located in McKinnon. Our group is made up of families, singles, young & old and a sprinkling (OK, it may be more like a heap) of different ethnic backgrounds for flavour.

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