We are small representation of God’s church. When we talk about church we don’t mean a building. Church is far greater than bricks and mortar. When we mention church we are speaking of the millions of people who worship Christ as King and who worship in gathered assemblies in their varied locations all over the world. The Bible calls that whole thing, and the individual assemblies, the Church.

So, welcome to a small portion of the Church, that is at the same time, The Church, specifically located in Frankston, Victoria, Australia. Our group is made up of families, singles, young & old.

During 2019 we will be combining with the McKinnon RP Church for all morning services.

Every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sunday we will be meeting in homes in Frankston in the evening.

For more information (e.g. location of evening service) or help with travel please contact us.

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