The mission of the College Hill Reformed Presbyterian Church is to glorify God as a people loved, called, and changed by Christ to be a worshipping community of grace and hope, who love and serve God, one another, our community, and the world.We are a community called by God and united together through Jesus Christ – this is the core of our community identity. We are a broken community seeking to walk humbly with our God through Jesus Christ. We invite you to come and walk with us.We are a community of Beaver Falls – many of our members, though not all, live in the Beaver Falls area and even in the neighborhood of College Hill. We pray and work for the blessing of God in Beaver Falls and the surrounding area.We are a community of students – many of our members and those who attend are students at Geneva College and other regional institutions. We desire to see God work in the lives of the young adults who have joined in our fellowship and we acknowledge the Christian life as a life-long learning process.We are a community of families – we have many families represent the Christian walk in every stage of life. We rejoice with those who continue to provide an example in their later years and we rejoice with many who come early in their career and calling. We are a family of families.

We are a caring and welcoming community – we have a desire to help one another as we make our way in this life and as we are shepherded by the Spirit of Christ. We serve our risen Savior by helping those in need and by spreading the good news of the gospel.

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