We are a group of Christian people who believe that the Bible is the word of God to us and is true and relevant to everyday life.

We have the name ‘Reformed’ as we thank God how 500 years ago the great truths of the Bible were rediscovered and through them God ‘reformed’ men’s hearts, the church and many nations.

We are ‘Presbyterian’ (the word the Bible uses for elder), in that we are organised under the leadership of elders locally and meet with other congregations in a presbytery to oversee the work of Christ’s church.

We are sometimes known as the ‘Covenanters’ as we remember the continuing obligation upon us when our country made a solemn covenant with God, in which the church and nation proclaimed Jesus Christ the King.

Reformed Presbyterians have been present in Ireland since the early 1600′s. Our congregation was formed in 1829.  There are Reformed Presbyterian churches around the world from Australia, Japan and Africa, through France Scotland and Ireland to North America.

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