Alexander R. Wright grew up on a farm near Cullybackey, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.  He became a minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in 1934 and served in the Ballylaggan Congregation, Co. Londonderry until his retirement in 1971.

He was specially interested in young people and cared deeply for them.  As a result, he wrote “The Pages for the Young People” in the denomination’s monthly church magazine, “The Covenanter”, from 1935 until 1966. Each year he would take a series on some topic – varying from Young People of the Covenant to nature, our behaviour, flowers, insects, word pictures of the Bible, animals, descriptions of Jesus and many others. My father set questions for the different age groups of young people at the end of each month’s topic and over 120 letters with the answers would arrive at our home from enthusiastic readers.

May you here enjoy a sample of what he shared with them.

Lorna (née Wright) Donnelly,
Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.


By Rev. A. R. Wright 1

Original Foreword                     

Writing religious articles for children is not an easy task, and yet there can scarcely be anything more satisfying and rewarding, if what one has written makes Christ more real to them. It requires an awareness of what children can understand and what will appeal to them; it requires a determination not to talk down to them; above all, it requires a manifest love for them. Because all these requirements -and many more- are met in this volume of addresses by A. R. Wright, I am very happy to commend it to what I am confident will be a wide circle of readers, not only those who are children in years, but all who are young in heart.

For over thirty years A. R. Wright contributed a section for young people to the pages of The Covenanter, the magazine of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland. In those most attractive articles he drew memorable lessons for children from the Bible, from his wide reading, and from the common things of every day. It had often been suggested that a selection of them should be made available for children of a new generation, and J. A. Lyons Wright has paid a worthy tribute to his brother and has rendered an inestimable service to a new generation of children by arranging for the publication of this book. It cannot have been easy to choose from the wealth of material that was available, but the selection which has been made underlines precisely the things which were A. R. Wright’s primary concern – the Bible, the Lord Jesus Christ, the amazing variety of Christian experience, and the Christian life.

Writing almost one hundred years ago in the first issue of The Morning Watch, a magazine for children, published by J. P. Struthers of Greenock, the author said, “We shall count ourselves happy if we can help any who read our little paper to make God’s thoughts their thoughts, and His ways their ways; to believe that there is simply nothing that God will not do for them, and nothing that they may not do for Him, if only they seek the glory of His Son, standing with their loins girt2 and their lamps burning, patient, brave, and cheerful, waiting, looking for the Lord.” A. R. Wright in what he wrote for God would have sought no greater happiness than that.

Rev. Prof. Hugh J. Blair, M.A., Ph.D.,

Ballymoney, Northern Ireland.

December 1964.

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  1. Minister of the Ballylaggan Reformed Presbyterian Church- 1934-1971.
  2. dressed, ready for action.