Following its first morning of business on Tuesday, June 11, Synod recessed for lunch and then for meetings of the individual presbyteries. Following that, Synod reconvened and received annual reports from the presbyteries.

The following are some news items from the presbytery reports to Synod.


  • The Lo Prado Reformed Presbyterian Church in Chile was fully organized on Aug. 6, 2023. Not only is the Lo Prado Church the first Spanish speaking congregation in the RPCNA, but it is also the first Reformed Presbyterian Church in South America! Marcelo Sanchez serves faithfully as their teaching elder.
  • On Jan. 12, the River Valley Reformed Church was organized. Barry York has served as the organizing pastor. When a full-time pastor is in place, Dr. York will move to a teaching pastor role. Ian Gillies from the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland has accepted the congregation’s call.
  • This year, Grace (Gibsonia, Pa.) RPC began hosting Lifewise Academy (a public-school release time program) on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which has been a good outreach opportunity.
  • Trinity, Md., RPC’s pulpit has been vacant for 32 months, but they hope that soon Kevin Dennis will fill that vacancy in response to their call.
  • In May 2023, at an evening church event at Trinity, Md., RPC, two young boys in the congregation were involved in a serious accident. One recovered quickly, while the other continues to improve slowly; so please continue praying!


  • A special meeting was hosted by the Walton RPC on Apr. 20 for the ordination and installation of Ryan Alsheimer as associate pastor for work in Oneonta, N.Y.
  • Elder George Jackson, who served more than 50 years for Broomall RPC, passed away on Jan. 28.

Great Lakes–Gulf

  • Bloomington, Ind., RPC has been exploring mission engagements, with a working group sent to Pittsburgh in summer 2023 and a planned group to the Irish RPC this summer.
  • Orlando, Fla., RPC’s exploratory efforts in Celebration and Gainesville have continued. Other events include a monthly Coffee on the Corner event on the church lawn.
  • Selma, Ala., RPC tragically lost their historic building to a tornado. Their pulpit is being filled by Rev. James Martin. He started working with their city’s police department recently and sometimes his schedule does not allow him to minister every Sabbath. When he is not there, they meet with Cornerstone Presbyterian, and they participate in communion with Cornerstone most first Sundays.
  • Westminster (Prairie View, Ill.) RPC is now a bilingual congregation, translating services live each week into Spanish.


  • In Nov. 2023, Kasumigaoka RPC joyfully welcomed back their pastor, Rev. Yusuke Hirata, along with his wife Honami, and their sons, Yoshikazu and Tomokazu, from Northern Ireland. They celebrate Pastor Hirata’s achievement of completing his Ph.D. in Old Testament studies at Union Theological College.
  • The Mukonoso RPC church building underwent major renovations. This project, supported by the global RPC community, was successfully completed in December.
  • Mukonoso RPC is without a permanent pastor since April. In the interim, Rev. Hirata from Kasumigaoka RPC will serve as the moderator for their session and often preach for them.


  • Since Synod 2023, Ed Blackwood (Springs), Trace Turner (Houston Mission), & Keith Dewell (Washington) were ordained and/or installed as ministers.
  • Dallas RPC has petitioned to be dismissed from the RPCNA to the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing).
  • Pastor Gary McNamee from Columbia, Mo., RPC is making plans to take a one-month sabbatical in May; this sabbatical will include mentoring from experienced pastors, a pastor and wives retreat, reading and writing (hopefully creating a gospel tract for particular outreach efforts), and short vacation.
  • A commission was appointed to investigate matters of concern at Black Forest (Colorado Springs, Colo.) RPC and to help get them back on a path of peace and unity.
  • Springs (Colorado Springs, Colo.) RPC has a new pastor, Ed Blackwood. He was installed on Dec. 8.
  • Quinter, Kan., RPC gave a $10,000 gift to a community non-profit to establish an eldercare home in Quinter after its long-term care facility closed.
  • On Aug. 16 of 2023, Washington, Iowa, RPC voted in favor of extending a pastoral call to Keith Dewell. A service of ordination/installation for Pastor Dewell was held Jan. 26.

Pacific Coast

  • Upon the resignation of the teaching and ruling elder from Phoenix RPC, the Pacific Coast Presbytery established Phoenix as a preaching station. Three of the presbytery’s eight congregations have vacant pulpits—All Saints Ontario (formerly Brea), Great Basin, and San Diego.
  • Alex Tabaka was installed as pastor of Los Angeles, Calif., RPC on Jan. 27.
  • Central Valley Prison Ministry: Pastor Johnathan has utilized the Global Tel Link access for texting and calling inmates’ state-issued tablets, and has been in very regular communication to provide fellowship and orientation to membership. Tim McCracken seeks to recruit a few other individuals to explore with him the new opportunity tablet access provides.

St. Lawrence

  • A portion of the former Hudson–St. Lazare congregation, gathered in Glengarry (Lochiel) during the Covid restrictions, became the Glengarry Mission Church in 2023.
  • Fulton, N.Y., RPC has been reorganized. Martin Monteith is now ordained and installed as its pastor.
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