With gratefulness to God for traveling mercies, delegates to the 192nd Meeting of the Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCNA) gathered on the campus of Geneva College this evening. After check-in to dorm rooms, and warm greetings among brothers, some went to bed early and others attended the third annual Covenanter prayer meeting at College Hill Reformed Church.

The Covenanter Prayer Meeting serves a vital purpose as a prayer meeting for revival in the Church. The organizers began this prayer service with a desire for it not to be a devotional period for convened Synod. Rather, it serves as an occasion where the ministers and elders of the church have gathered together, in God’s providence, specifically to pray for the RPCNA and the entire bride of Christ that the Lord would pour out the Holy Spirit, turn us unto Him, and revive our hearts (Psalm 85). It was a rich evening of worship and intercessory prayer for the spiritual vitality, witness, and holiness of the Church.

Delegates were tired after a long day of travel. This reporter interacted with a brother from El Salvador in South America, a Japanese delegate who flew in via Belfast (where he just graduated with his Ph.D.), plus friends from Southeast Asia. We will be posting daily reports of the RP Synod right here on RPWitness.org.

Please pray for Christ’s order and the mind of the Spirit as the court convenes at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday. There are weighty matters before the court, plus important updates from our various mission efforts in the USA and around the world. We hope to bring the preaching of the Word throughout the week, plus news and summaries of actions of the court.

May the Lord grant the greater purity, peace, unity, and progress of his church within the world!

Brad Johnston, Topeka Kansas

This report was originally written for the RP Witness and is shared with permission.

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