The Business of the RPCI Synod resumed on Tuesday 11th June in Limavady. Matters discussed included the denomination’s finances and best practice for gospel ministers arranging their pension plans, before extended consideration was given to the Church’s Mission Reports. Great encouragement can be taken from gospel witness in Limerick (Republic of Ireland), the completion of a building for worship in Nantes, France, and a steady stream of visitors and several new members in Seville, Spain. The Synod al then took time to consider the work of the Education Committee, established at Synod 2023.Considerable time was taken to pray for the work of Mission following the reports.

John Rodger brings greetings from the RPC

Synod also welcomed delegates from sister churches and invited them to address the Court. Revs Andrew Allan (Free Church of Scotland, Continuing) and Andrew Quigley (Reformed Presbyterian Church of Canada) spoke via Zoom, bringing greetings and updates from their churches. Rev. John Roger (Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ireland) led opening worship for the afternoon session and brought greetings. Rev. Florus van Der Rhee (Christian Reformed Churches in the Netherlands) also addressed the Court.

Philip Dunwoody, Dromore RPC

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