With the Lord’s blessing, the Ottawa RP congregation has grown to the point where it can no longer be sustained within its current facilities. Recognizing this, the Ottawa Session petitioned the RPCC Presbytery for permission to establish a new congregation comprising ten families (forty-five people) from the Ottawa RP Church, 40 minutes west of the city in Beckwith Township.

This petition was granted at the Presbytery meeting this week, with the Presbytery appointing a provisional session to oversee the establishment of the new Beckwith congregation. The members of the provisional session are Mr. Cory van der Meer, who will serve as session clerk and Rev. Vince Ward as moderator. Cory and Vince are currently elders in the Ottawa congregation. They will be joined in the provisional session by Mr. Peter Chan, an elder from Hillside RPC (Almonte). Two Ottawa RPC deacons, Mr. Jason Braden and Mr. Vince Giroux, will work with the provisional session to see the Beckwith congregation formed.

The Presbytery also agreed to formally organize the new Beckwith RP congregation on October 29, 2024, God willing.

Please give thanks to God for this development and pray for the establishment of this new congregation to His glory. Please also pray for the Ottawa congregation who are rejoicing at what God is doing but also know that, in due course, they will feel the ‘loss’ of these brothers and sisters deeply, as will the Ottawa Session and Deacons for their four fellow office bearers, when the Beckwith RP Church is formally organized; God willing, in October 2024.

Rev. Dr. Andrew Quigley, Minister Ottawa RPC – https://rpcottawa.org/

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