Saturday 13th April saw the third young adults’ event within a year. Young adults from congregations across the presbytery gathered together at Glasgow RP for an evening of updates from RP congregations and missions across the globe.

We had contacted pastors in RP missions and congregations worldwide for little overviews of what Christ’s work looks like in their settings, and we asked for pointers for prayer and thanksgiving that we can be bringing before our Father in heaven for them. We had the chance to get to know more about places that we knew very little about and were encouraged by how God has been working in each place. We heard updates from: the USA, Japan, South Sudan, India, Ireland, France, Australia, and Scotland. We were also challenged by how similar the needs of these worldwide missions are so often so similar to our own, one massive need in almost every area being the pressing need for God to raise up men for leadership in churches as elders and ministers, but also for deacons to look after the practical needs of God’s people. Please pray for this for the RP church across the rest of the world as well as for here in Scotland.

Different folk prayed throughout the evening for the needs of each place, and Stephen McCollum rounded it all out by challenging us to give ourselves fully to serving in this little corner of Christ’s bride when we’re young and have extra strength time on our hands, through prayer, visiting the other congregations, and helping at each others’ mission weeks/ GO teams.

After a tasty dinner of pizza, we cozied up to watch the film Chariots of Fire, telling the story of the Christian athlete and missionary, Eric Liddell, whom God honoured with Olympic gold after Eric honoured God in his decision to not compete on the Lord’s Day.

Keep your eyes peeled for one final event before summer comes!

Rachel McCullough

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