On Friday 22nd of March, the annual CY spring conference was held at Loughbrickland RPC.  The speaker was Rev. Joey Dunlap, minister of the Loughbrickland congregation and his topic was ‘Pride’. The topic was split into three headings: inception, deception and interception. 

Inception refers to how God made man, perfect and upright, and how we measure ourselves. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve ceased to be upright as they sinned and exalted themselves rather than God, this is the root of human pride. Nebuchadnezzar was the perfect example of someone filled with pride, as seen in Daniel 4v30,when in the prime of Babylon he attributed all this kingdom to his own power and for his glory! 

On to the second point: deception. We discovered that when we become proud, we labour for our own glory rather than the honour and glory of God. We also learned that our hearts are quick to credit ourselves for the good things we have. We must not credit the fruits of grace to ourselves as this is a form of blasphemy. In the example of the pharisee and the publican we learn that we must not be blind like the pharisee and ignore our sin, but rather like the publican recognise our deep indwelling sin and need of forgiveness.

Finally, interception. Pride grows slowly within our hearts and is detrimental to our walk with Christ. We must not be like Pharoah saying: ‘Who is the Lord, that I should obey his voice to let Israel go?’ God is to be praised in all that we do and that we must decrease so that he can increase. 

Following the talk we had a game in the hall lead by Frank, followed by pizza! Overall it was a great night of challenge, encouragement and banter! 

Joshua Hughes, Loughbrickland RPC

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