This year’s Go Team in Airdrie ran from the 27th of March to the 2nd April. There were just four members on the team (Campbell, Matteo, Trey and Trinity). There were 15,000 leaflets to hand out inviting people to the Mission Services. Trey landed in Edinburgh and joined the rest who had finished the equally wonderful N. Edinburgh Go Team, and took the train to Airdrie.

Little time was wasted in introductions as the new arrivals set to clean the church sanctuary which was followed by this year’s team exciting addition of an evening distribution session. Brenda then made sure the calories we lost were refilled, through ice cream.

A Rare Sunny Picture

A recurring theme this year was the intense late night theological conversations, courtesy of Stephen. Topics ranged from the scary prospect of Stephen ruling his own kingdom to the possibility of beatboxing during psalm singing.

Most days were taken up fully by leafleting, although on Friday Stephen and Campbell did some evangelism in the town centre. Tim Duguid from church hosted a truly fantastic game night to round it off.

The exhaustion was catching up on Saturday but we were helped by fresh legs coming from Glasgow and Callander. Some in the congregation were a great flyering boost during the week, not least Jacob who was rarely out of action. Trinity gave her testimony to the Girls Group while the boys got to taste some of Airdrie’s finest takeaways.

Sunday’s Bible class’s subject for the morning was voted on by the Go Team “Why Are We Presbyterian” – comprehensively explaining our church government. Some people showed up at the service through the leaflets already. After the evening service we attended the congregational psalmody class and finished off with supper at the manse.

Jimmy and Helen Fisher from the congregation took us back through church history on a Reformation Tour. We started at Glasgow Cathedral and visited various other important sites in Covenanter history in Lanarkshire and Ayrshire. Our two final distribution shifts were either side of the tour, the total given out was 12-13k.

On the Reformation Tour

As a send off on Tuesday we were treated to a McDonalds breakfast, then finishing as we started by cleaning the church.

The weather was not always ideal but never impairing for which we give thanks. Thankful also for the warmth shown by the congregation and our exceptional hosts.

Let’s all continue to pray for God’s work and his people in this difficult town. Let’s pray that a seemingly hopeless place riddled with generational deprivation and mentalities will see that there is indeed hope in Christ. Let’s also pray that the congregation will be enabled to evangelise and sow more seeds in their day to day lives.

Matteo Plebiscito – Glasgow RPC

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