The Truth be Told Conference gathered at Cullybackey RPC on the 17th February and heard Dr. Sharon James deliver two comprehensive and clear talks on the topic of ‘Maintaining Eternal Truth in a Changing World’.

She began by explaining our current situation by showing that our society’s beliefs did not come from nowhere suddenly. Instead, they are the maturation and combination of several ideas and lies that have been handed down by several influential thinkers. With impressive clarity, the ideas of Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche, Foucault and others were summarised to explain how three main lies have begun to dominate modern thinking. These lies being first that there is no Creator God, secondly that there is no absolute morality and thirdly that there is no ultimate truth. Next, Dr. James moved on to show that these ideas are dangerous and not without consequences. Such ideas erode any sure foundation for valuing life or treating others with respect, thus opening the door for evils such as racism, abortion and medically assisted suicide.

  It is a credit to Dr. James that she was able to cover such a wide scope of secular and Christian history in her two walks, whilst maintaining clarity and brevity. Much of what she had to share was sobering and alarming, but it opened our eyes to the realities of what believers are facing in the West today. However, it also prepared, equipped and hopefully motivated us to share God’s truth with conviction and compassion. The two main talks were followed by a helpful Q&A and an update from Callum Webster on the work of the Christian Institute. 

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