Very little sunshine on Leith at the end of March but neither rain nor hail could stop our North Edinburgh GO Team !

Our 2024 Go team consisted of Bonnie Hegarty (Letterkenny RPC), Campbell Quigley (Shaftesbury Square RPC), Trinity McConnell (Loughbrickland RPC), and a few days from both Ian Campbell and Matteo Plebiscito (Glasgow RPC). The main goal for the team was to distribute flyers with the church’s location, contact details, and the opportunity to take part in “Christianity Explored” a programme that investigates what Jesus and the Gospel is really all about. Our second aim was to try a new strategy for North Edinburgh which was to set up a table in a busy spot near some shops and hand out Gospels of Mark and other Christian literature.

Despite a small team and a bleak forecast, God blessed us immensely and over 5000 invitations to church plus 90 Gospels of Mark were given out over the course of the 5 day team. The team however could not have done this alone, many of the congregation helped in all sorts of ways from hosting us, feeding us, assisting in distribution, and most importantly praying for the team. The congregation were just so welcoming and kind, they really couldn’t have been more accommodating.

Another new endeavour of the church has been a Scripture Union lunchtime group that has just started up in the local high school. As a team we went in, played games, interacted with the young people, and then a Christian pupil who helps to lead the club spoke for a few minutes about Jesus and his death and resurrection as the kids left for their Easter break.

The last and certainly not least of our goals for this team was to encourage the congregation, with a special focus on the children and young people. Peter spoke to us about the importance of the young ones having good role models and being encouraged to serve themselves when they grow up. I certainly enjoyed the fellowship with the people of North Edinburgh, old and young, and hope they were just as encouraged by us as we were by them.

North Edinburgh is a region with such a great need, there are so many homes in darkness. But I could see in my short time there, the passion that the congregation has to share the light of the gospel and the hope that it brings. Pray for the work there, and that God would bless the church in their efforts to win souls and grow Christ’s church in Edinburgh.

Trinity McConnell

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