David McKay, Last Things: Preparing for the Future in the Present

Published by: Banner of Truth Trust, 129 pages, £5.00

Few subjects provoke such strong debate, and sometimes confusion, among Christians than that of the future. When and how will Christ return? What will the new creation be like? Where does the nation state of Israel fit in? These and other pressing questions are addressed by Dr David McKay in this latest addition to the Banner of Truth ‘Mini Guide’ series (other titles in the series include The Church by Mark Johnston, Salvation by Ian Hamilton and Sanctification by David Campbell).

Dr McKay deals with a range of subjects including “The Coming of the Kingdom”, “The Signs of the Times”, “Making Sense of ‘The Rapture’” and “The Solemn Truth About Hell”. Each chapter provides biblically-grounded and pastorally-minded explanations. The Mini Guide volumes are deliberately brief, providing a starting point for readers who may want to study more on the subjects covered. To that end, a ‘Further Reading’ section highlights some worthwhile resources.

Questions about the future can cause concern and anxiety, even for believers; a reassuring theme of this volume is that, whilst we cannot answer every question about the future, we can gladly leave these matters in the hands of a sovereign and gracious God, who has already determined the end from the beginning. Readers will nonetheless benefit from meditating on what God’s Word does tell us about the ‘last things’.

Rev McKay’s latest book is avaliable to buy from the Banner of Truth, and the Evangelical Bookshop for our UK readers, or from Christianbook.com for those in the USA.

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