The Covenanter Youth (aged 14 – 24) of the RPCNA’s Midwest Presbytery met for a quarterly retreat from December 29th, 2023, to January 1st, 2024. Over one hundred and twenty young people – the highest recorded attendance for a Midwest retreat – traveled long distances across multiple states to share in fellowship, worship, and the study of God’s Word with their brothers and sisters in Christ. 

The Winter Retreat was held at the Topeka, Kansas RP Church. It took place over the weekend, with attendees arriving Friday night and departing Monday morning. Every day, the youth enjoyed wonderful meals prepared by the Topeka congregation, fellowship with one another, time for personal devotions, lectures and discussions, and free time to participate in volleyball, play board and card games, and spend time with one another.

Fun fact: The meals for the retreat were coordinated by Jan Powell, a member of the Topeka congregation, who hosted the first MWPCY retreat in her home back in 1991!

The young people also had the privilege of learning from three guest speakers: Don Reed, a ruling elder speaking on behalf of the MWP’s Church Vitality Committee; Keith Mann, the Coordinator of Short-Term Missions for RP Global Missions; and Brian Panichelle, from RPTS. The group also had a joint psalm sing with the Topeka congregation, and were able to spend a few hours on Saturday afternoon roller skating together at a local skating rink. On the Sabbath, the young people shared times of worship and prayer with each other. This year’s retreat concluded with ice cream and a New Year’s celebration before departing Monday morning. 

During the retreat, attendees had the opportunity to hear three lectures from James Tweed, a ruling elder in the Winchester, Kansas RP Church. The theme of his talks was “My Place in the Church.” He shared with the youth the importance of finding and establishing their role in serving and participating in the local church. Mr. Tweed also discussed the important effects the church has on one’s salvation, pattern of life, Christian walk, family life, and vocation. He entreated his listeners to “contend for the faith” (Jude 1:3) by living self controlled lives as part of the Body and Bride of Christ. After each lecture, the youth met in small groups to discuss what they had studied and to pray for one another. It was a fruitful time and a blessing to many of those in attendance. 

The next quarterly retreat of the MWP Covenanter Youth will be held in the spring, from March 29th-31st, in Morning Sun, Iowa. Pastor Gary McNamee from Grace Reformed Church in Columbia, Missouri will be speaking on “Living Beautifully in an Ugly World.” Youth aged 14-24 are invited to register. 

These retreats continue to be a blessing to the Midwest Youth and to the RPCNA as a whole. The youth are thankful for the opportunity to gather together in Christ for worship and fellowship. The MWPCY officers are especially grateful to the congregations of the Midwest Presbytery for their dedication to helping these retreats take place. 

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