Girls’ Discovery Camp Reunion this year was so much fun. There were loads of brilliant activities, amazing food and helpful talks.

This year, we went to the Jet Centre in Coleraine to do ten-pin bowling and mini-golf. It was lots of fun trying to beat my friend at bowling and trying to get a hole-in-one at golf.

We were fed really well by lead cooks Anne McConnaghie and Anne Neilly. Sadly, Anne Neilly is leaving the GDC cook team this year, but we will always remember her and her fabulous pasta bolognese.

The talks about the Lord’s Prayer given to us every day by different officers really helped me to grow in my Christian faith and the discussion groups helped answer any questions I had about the topic. All of the officers at GDC are good fun and very easy to chat to. They give amazing talks and they help my Christian walk with God. Thank you to all of them and to the leader Vicki Crockett who give up their time to organise GDC – we really appreciate it! Thank you also to Cloughmills RPC for hosting us and giving us dinner after church on Sunday.

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