The Pacific Coast Presbytery of the RPCNA met between March 8-9th 2024 in Phoenix, AZ.

After constituting the court in the name and by the authority of Jesus Christ, the retiring Moderator Rev. Tim McCracken (Central Valley Prison Ministry), began the meeting with heartfelt preaching from Colossians 3:12-15 calling the presbytery to love and peace in Christ. The court stood to sing Psalm 102B.

The agenda was approved and the clerk gave his report, recommending the election of a new clerk due to his need to focus on church planting.

Rev. Alex Tabaka (LA) was elected as Moderator, Rev. Kruis (Fresno, CA) was elected as clerk, and RE Greg Kothman was elected as assistant clerk. Rev. Tabaka did a wonderful job presiding over the meeting and directing the business in accord with the law and order of the church, as well as pastorally guiding the court through some difficult matters, turning often to prayer.

It was a joy to receive Bi Hong as a student under care as one eligible to receive a call. Bi Hong (Noah), was sent from our presbytery to RPTS in 2018, and it is a great encouragement to see him return with opportunity to serve at our Mandarin-Speaking church in Irvine, CA.

There were a number of communications received and dealt with over the course of the meeting. One communication was graciously withdrawn before the meeting began, and another communication was ruled out of order due to its redundancy in asking for the presbytery to consider something that was already on the agenda.

Two communications dealing with charges of sin were forwarded to 2 separate judicial committees of the day, along with some communications related to those matters.

The Central Valley Prison Oversight Commission gave an encouraging report on the faithful ministry of Rev. Tim McCracken. Please continue to pray that the light of the gospel would bear fruit in these dark places.

The court was blessed to receive greetings, updates, and prayer requests from fraternal delegates from the PCA and URC.

The HMB representative presented his report. He reminded the court of available grants and programs. He discussed the HMB’s limitations to organize domestic short term mission trips, but that they have compensated that with a willingness to train local congregations and presbyteries for running their own short term mission trips. He reported that there are some plants which have strong convictions in line with the RPCNA constitution but that most of the RPCNA congregations do not share. Presbyteries are encouraged to enquire if those convictions are held charitably.

The Report of the Youth Ministries Committee gave praise for the Winter Youth Conference that was held this past December after many years of not being able to resume this practice.

The presbytery passed the report’s recommendation to adopt a new presbytery child protection policy that catered more to presbytery wide events, rather than congregational life. The court continues to encourage congregations to adopt their own child protection policies.

A committee tasked to assess fruits of repentance from a previously rebuked Teaching Elder recommended that required fruits of repentance have been met. The court rose to give thanks for these fruits of repentance and its recommendations carried.

Other reports from boards, committees and commissions were received.

One judicial committee gave their report on Communication 24.2 They recommend that the charges of communication 24.2 Satisfy the Constitution’s requirements. After discussion, the court rose in prayer before voting, and the recommendation carried. This action was later rescinded.

After a wonderful dinner from our hosts the court heard the reports from our congregations and mission works. The reports expressed many reasons to give thanks for growth in number, maturity and unity. Specific prayer requests were offered and prayed for after each report.

The following day the court reconstituted and Rev. Kruis spoke on Philippians 2:1-5. He encouraged the court to pursue unity in the power of the triune-God, by love, truth, and humility in Christ.

The court took up the judicial matters once again, as well as the report from the Phoenix Commission. There was discussion about a Phoenix financial audit and determining the previous pastor’s severance.

The following motion was made regarding judicial matters: Given the broader concerns raised from communication 24.2 and 24.3 and the Phoenix financial audit, we rescind the action of yesterday to move to formal trial (Judicial committee report 24.2), and instead we appoint a judicial commission, appointed by the moderator, to investigate the concerns of Pastor Myers’s relationship with the Phoenix congregation. The commission has authority to formulate charges if needed and to move towards a special meeting of presbytery for a trial no latter than Fall 2024.

The motion was sustained unanimously by a roll-call vote.

The former moderator was given a point of personal privilege on behalf of the AIC acknowledging that it should have been noted in their minutes that they had received certain communications.

It was also determined to that Phoenix commission will work with the Phoenix preaching station within a month to determine the amount of severance to be paid to the former pastor.

Other reports were received, and the presbytery adopted a resolution of thanks for the way the Phoenix Preaching station graciously hosted presbytery.

We adjourned in prayer and the singing of Psalm 67.

Please join us in praying the God’s mercy and grace, that His way would be known to us, and that he would bless to the ministry to the Pacific Coast Presbytery that the whole earth would fear Him.

LORD willing, the Pac Pres will meet at the Treasure Valley Mission March 6th-8th 2025.

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