The Women’s Fellowship of the RPCI held their 4th Missionary Update and Prayer Evening by Zoom on Thursday 9th November. Approximately 175 ladies from different geographical areas and countries joined either individually or as groups in home or church settings.

Mrs Anne McConaghie, WF President, welcomed the missionary speakers and opened the meeting with prayer and by reading Acts 4:23-31. We were encouraged to pray for the missionary families that we know and to be bold for the Lord, speaking about Jesus where the Lord has placed us. Anne then introduced our speakers who gave short updates from their different works, providing photos and points for prayer. Miss Mary McCollum spoke to us from South Africa about her work as a teacher in George Royal Academy. She shared with us the opportunities she has had to speak to pupils about Jesus Christ but also told us about the very evident opposition from the powers of darkness seen in those caught up in ancestor worship and those influenced by witch doctors.

Mrs Rachel Berrocal was unable to join us but sent some photographs which were presented by Mrs Heather McCullough along with prayer requests from the recent Seville prayer letter. It is encouraging to hear of new people attending worship in Seville.

Mrs Heather Lytle shared many photos of the new church building in Nantes and told us of the excitement felt by all the members in the fellowship as this new phase of witness in Nantes begins. We were shown photos of the contents of the welcome pack prepared for visitors, the new logo for Église Nantes Nord and we were asked to pray for the members as they seek to invite people to join them in worship. The church’s new website is in both French and English:

Mrs Mary Hamilton joined us from Galway and described the work of the monthly Saturday Street Outreach, a visit from Nantes by a young couple who used their skills to upgrade the bookshop, and the work of Dochas and Elin Williamson in the universities in the Galway area.

Our final speaker was Mrs Elizabeth McDonnell from Limerick. Elizabeth introduced us to the work of the new Solas Church (‘Solas’ is the Irish word for ‘light’; the choice of name also refers to the Solas of the Reformation). She showed us pictures of the home that God has provided for the McDonnells just 10 minutes from the church’s meeting place, and introduced us to the people meeting together in Limerick. We were asked to pray for them as they look for a bigger venue and also as they seek to invite contacts to join them for worship.

After this we divided into breakout rooms to pray about what we had heard. On returning to the main group Mrs Heather McCullough, WF Vice President, thanked all involved in the evening, especially Sarah McDonnell for organising the Zoom technology. The WF Spring Conference is planned for Saturday 13th April at 2.00pm in Drimbolg Reformed Presbyterian Church at which Yuri Fleming will be our speaker. Once again, this meeting proved to be enjoyable, informative and a blessing for all involved.

Heather McCullough, Woodstock RPC

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