The Pacific Coast Presbytery Youth Winter Conference in Fresno this year was a productive time filled with fellowship between attendees. The conference took place at the Fresno Reformed Presbyterian Church. The camp lasted four days; from December 29 to January 1. Attendees came from various congregations, including the Fresno church itself. 

The speaker, Dr. David Whitla, led sessions in studying Psalm 130. His thought provoking style of preaching left much to take away from each of his sessions. Sessions included sermons such as “Ascent from the Depths” and “Forgiveness and Fear”. The attendees had regular devotions, both morning and evening, along with other activities to help strengthen their faith. Group activities primarily included Bible reading and discussion. In addition to group activities done at the church, the youth had opportunities to visit several locations around Fresno. The activity on the first day was laser tag, which the participants played soon after arriving at the conference. The second day started with an hour-long drive to Sequoia National Park, where the youth took a two mile hike while interacting with each other and enjoying their time in the snow. On the third day, the group got together to “stump the chumps” where conference attendees had a chance to voice any questions they had to the three speakers. The four day long conference ended on New Year’s Eve where the youth were invited to attend a party at a Fresno RPC member’s house.

Everyone had a great time socializing as they waited for the New Year to arrive. I would like to thank everybody involved in hosting the conference, from Fresno RPC to hosting us and to the people who made each part of the conference run smoothly.

Thanks to Akira Torii for writing this article. Akira is a junior at Heritage Christian School. He comes from the Reformed Presbyterian Church of San Diego. His hobbies include biking and writing short stories.

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