A group of young people from the Australian RP churches gathered at the beloved Dixons Creek Camp for Young Adults Camp in late January. Sessions were led by the Bridge Team (Alastair McEwen, Jane Blakston, Jolene Fisher, Reuben Feldman, Rose Blakston, and Adele Fisher) who recently spent time serving in Japan and focused on many aspects of living and serving alongside fellow believers. Each team member shared on a range of topics such as preparation, communication, relationships, obedience, cultural awareness, and God’s sovereignty. It was really beautiful to hear from a group diverse in age and experience about how they were encouraged in their faith by the Japanese Christians and their experiences of living and learning with and from one another during the trip. 

Additionally, one session was led by Daniel Bosveld, a Geelong RP member, who plans to visit Cush for Christ for a month later this year with a long-term perspective on agricultural missions. Daniel hopes to both learn new things from those in South Sudan that he can apply to his work in Australia and to determine whether he is called to missions in that community. The campers spent time discussing ways in which he can serve, challenges he may face, and methods for discernment he can take into his trip. This was a fantastic opportunity for the group to start applying some of the concepts discusses by the Bridge Team to the community in Australia. 

 On Sunday morning the group connected into the service at Cullybackey RPC in Northern Ireland. Between these sessions plenty of time was given for relaxing, bush walks, and conversation with a Saturday afternoon trip out to a local winery for grazing boards and live music with a fantastic view.

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity

Psalm 133:1

Thanks to Jacqueline Vicary for writing this report. Jacqueline is a member of the Geelong RP Church and attended the Young Adults Camp with her husband Roby and their 3mo old son Malachi.

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