CYPU (Covenanter Young People’s Union) is the youth ministry of the Great Lakes/Gulf Presbytery of the RPCNA, serving the high school age members of the church. Both change and tradition were both found at CYPU Winter Conference 2023!

A change of venue brought us to a new conference center, The Ark Christian Ministries in Converse, Indiana, just north of Marion and Kokomo (both cities are also locations of a congregation in our Presbytery: Marion RPC and Sycamore RPC, Kokomo). Despite the change in venue, the long tradition of Winter Conference continued strong.  The conference began on the Wednesday after Christmas and extended for three nights until a bittersweet farewell late on Saturday morning.  

This year the keynote speaker was Dr. Nathan Eshelman, pastor of Orlando (Florida) RPC, addressing the youth regarding our confessional heritage in the Westminster Confession of Faith.  His four addresses mirrored his recent book, “I Have a Confession,” published by Crown and Covenant Publications.  You can listen to the audio recordings of Dr. Eshelman’s addresses here.

Also scheduled each year is copious free time for games and fellowship among the youth, small-group meetings for Q&A and discussion during the day, and counseling groups at bedtime each evening.  In addition, each year there is a “Stress Challenge,” an afternoon of outdoor, physical challenges requiring teamwork, strategy, and competition.  A winning team is declared each year, but all the youth benefit from the opportunity to face the challenge, work together, and solve problems as a team.

Many thanks should be given to all the leaders who contributed to the success of CYPU Winter Conference 2023!  Visit for more information about the youth ministry of the Great Lakes/Gulf Presbytery of the RPCNA.

Thanks to Stephen Rhoda for writing this report. Stephen is pastor of Terre Haute RPC, Terre Haute, Indiana.  He and his wife Mary served as the event coordinators for CYPU Winter Conference 2023.  They have three grown children and no pets.

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