Theology is an area of endless study. Other subjects may run dry with the passing of time, but theology provides infinite edification and learning opportunity.

Like a river of endless flowing water, is the study of God and His creation. This is because the object of the learning, the Creator of the universe, is Himself infinite. However, it can often be a daunting task to determine which books to trust for theological accuracy. I know for myself, that there are many times I have the energy to read theology, but don’t know where, in the sea of books, to turn. Furthermore, knowing which would be the most useful to me and my level of comprehension can be challenging. However, there are several books that I have read and concluded are a very helpful starting point. One that I particularly enjoyed was the second edition study guide, The Westminster Confession of Faith, by G.I Williamson.

In his book, Williamson clearly outlines the Westminster Confession of Faith and the application of it. He begins each chapter, by presenting the section of the confession he will be discussing, and then breaks it up piece by piece into digestible bits of information. Though I cannot endorse every word of Williamson, as I disagree on some of his conclusions concerning creation, and government, he is very clear and biblically sound. If you are like me and enjoy theology but are often overwhelmed with the amount of it, and have trouble even remembering what the creeds uphold, Williamson’s study on the Westminster Confession of Faith, is extremely helpful! I would place the book at a beginner level as a simple read, especially for new believers and as an encouragement and great resource for all Christians. At the very least, it is an excellent place to start if you desire to know a little bit more about the Westminster!

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