The Jemphrey family is no stranger to Cloughmills RPC, and so it was with great delight that we welcomed them all back to join us for our annual church weekend! We began on the Friday evening with Peter delivering his first talk on the book of James. Over the weekend we would spend some time as congregation digging deep and mining the gems of wisdom given to the church in this short book. The talks were entitled: 1. Living for Jesus and not ourselves, 2. Living for Jesus in troubled times, 3. Living for Jesus in confusing times and 4. Living for Jesus in our material world.

After supper, Joel Loughridge interviewed Peter so that we could get to know him a little better. As our former minister, we didn’t feel that there was much about Peter that we didn’t already know in Cloughmills. However, we were delighted to discover that he has a long-standing special interest in the game ‘pass the pigs!’…which was certainly news to us!

Most of the congregation left for home around 10pm, however the Cloughmills young people stayed for an organised sleepover in the church building, supervised by CY leaders.

There wasn’t a lot of sleeping done, but much fun and fellowship were enjoyed into the small hours! It was a struggle to deflate and tidy away their camp beds before the rest of the congregation arrived for their breakfast at 8:45am!

Talk number 2 was about living in troubled times, and we were challenged about suffering, testing and trials. David and Yury Fleming then spent some time sharing with the congregation about their trip to Peru over the summer, and through their presentation challenged us to pray about many of the needy and difficult situations there.

Saturday afternoon was spent playing team games superbly organised by Cameron and Emmaline McCauley. These games were designed for all ages and abilities and involved code-cracking, Pictionary with spaghetti, Eiffel tower building and also acting out well known Nursery Rhymes. Who knew that the Cloughmills elders would have such skill in pretending to be ‘cows,’ ‘little pigs’ and ‘wicked witches?!’

Many of the congregation enjoyed a meal together in the evening in the local Millside restaurant before returning to the church buildings to watch a nail-biting Ireland/South Africa ruby match.

Sabbath morning began with an annual highlight of the weekend – the summer reports. Here, many of our young people had the opportunity to share with the congregation their experiences of Camps, Go Teams, Mission Trips and other times of Christian service. It is always such an encouragement to all present, to hear what God is doing in the lives of our young people and how He is guiding each of them in His ways.

After morning worship, we gathered as a congregation for a picnic lunch in the hall, and we were delighted that quite a number of visitors joined us for this. We thank God for the wonderful times of friendship and fellowship that we enjoyed over the weekend, and a special thanks must go to Peter Jemphrey for his ministry which was so warm, pastoral and encouraging. We pray that as a result of our time studying the book of James, we will become more faithful servants of the Lord Jesus Christ, just as James was. (James 1v1)

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