Junior camp 2023 was run by the three RP churches in the state of Victoria (Australia) back in September and it was very fun!

The campers brought a lot of energy which made it quite loud at times and adding to the noise and energy was a late nights and a few mouthfuls of mallows and bags of lollies!

The first fun activity we did was hut building in the bush, when we had finished we cooked damper in little fire places that we had made ourselves. 

The camp leaders were amazing! they where very welcoming to others outside the church which is important. Susan McCracken ran a study on what the ancient people thought of the world and how it was created, this was very interesting and made us think differently about  the creation story that we hear all the time.

A funny and a bit annoying habit that we campers had, was to clap at every mouth full someone took at meal times. Actually we clapped at anything anyone did if they made a proclamation about it.

Ball sports were always going especially markers up (where one person kicks the footy and everyone else tries to catch or mark it), that was a good way to spend the free time with each other. On the last day we got to do some skipping as well.

We where split into three teams the Kangaroos, Koalas, and Wombats, as well as doing the dishes together, we competed to get the most points, on Wednesday night by entering the talent show and winning trivia the Koalas won!

We also had dorm inspections which was the classic boys against girls and to the neat girls surprise the boys took the win ( well the tie breaker was skipping).

Spending time with church family is always great  especially when you are in the bush exploring nature there is so much room to just run and play. We came back feeling refreshed and ready to go back to school. 

 Thanks to Augusteen Ellery for putting together this article. Augusteen is 12 years old and is a baptized member of the Geelong RPC.

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