On the 23rd – 27th and 29th of October, we held a series of special services on the topic “Genuine Christianity and its counterfeits”. Leaflets were distributed in the village of Loughbrickland as well as some of the neighbouring areas. News of the mission was also shared on social media and by word of mouth through the members of the congregation.

We were delighted to have a good number of attendees each night, this increased gradually as the week progressed. An encouraging number of these attendees were visitors, averaging ten per night with a high of approximately twenty-five. We found that personal invitation by members of the congregation or announcements in other churches was the main reason that most visitors had decided to come along rather than the leaflet distribution. However, we did have at least four people from the village attend as a result of the leaflets which we are thankful for.

Rev. Dunlap delivered a series of six convicting sermons from Christ’s parable found in Matthew 25 v 1-13 on the ten virgins. Each night bringing a challenging message about the Christian’s readiness for Christ’s return by asking the question ‘Is your Christianity genuine?’. Reminding each of the listeners that a person can hold the pure outward image of a Christian but not have the heart to match

The Lord’s Day service was followed by a time of fellowship over tea and coffee. This was a brilliant opportunity for the church members and visitors to discuss the mission and to get to know and truly welcome the visitors into the church.

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