On Saturday evening the 4th November, Airdrie RPC hosted an event organised by Tim Duguid, a member of the congregation who is also a lecturer at the University of Glasgow. The event, subtitled ‘Scottish Stories in Uncertain Times.’ was a night to focus on some of the men and woman of Scotland’s past and it was great to hear some insight into a few of the Covenanters stories.

The psalms were introduced by Jimmy Fisher, a deacon in the congregation. There was plenty of psalm singing and it was so encouraging to be able to join together with others to praise God.

The evening was well attended and there was a lovely time of fellowship afterwards. It was my first time attending the Airdrie congregation and I was made to feel very welcome. There were people in attendance from all five Scottish congregations and I enjoyed getting to meet some of them.

Overall I think it was an informative and encouraging evening for all who attended and I would love to see more events like this in future.

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