We had an amazing young adults weekend this year at Mullartown house in Annalong from the 1st – 3rd of September. Here’s just a little about how it went:

After our arrival and greetings on Friday night, we had our first talk. Our speaker this year was Rev. David Sutherland (Newtownards RPC) and throughout the week we had three talks from David on the life of Samson. We looked at Samson as a type of Christ, and the different elements that foreshadowed and contrasted his life. It was a really interesting way to view a classic Bible Character through a new lens with a deeper meaning. This not only highlighted themes that I had not considered in Samson’s story but also served as a reminder of the purpose of Christ’s earthly life. I enjoyed both listening to David during the talks and chatting with him at the dinner table. We really appreciate him coming to share with us this year.

Following talk number one we were put into groups for some games just to get to know each other and break the ice a little. Then we had supper and a psalm. We had a morning and evening psalm every day and It’s always a highlight for me. Hearing someone talk about a psalm and why they love it as well as getting to praise God together as a group is such a blessing. Our first day ended with coffee and chatting, either around the bonfire or around a board game inside.

After our quiet time on Saturday morning we had our second talk from David, which was followed by Lunch. The afternoon was really up to us. Myself and a few others drove into Newcastle for coffee, whereas the more athletically inclined either went for a walk in the Mournes or stayed at the house for sports! We had our third talk before tea, and afterwards a seminar. After this we headed straight back down to Newcastle for some Ice-cream before supper and our evening psalm.

On Sunday Morning we headed to Newry and worshipped with the congregation at Riverside RPC. Once back at Mullartown we had a delicious lunch and we couldn’t be more thankful for our cooks who kept us well fed and watered the entire weekend!  Once we were all packed up we had one last psalm sing and then a walk before we parted ways.

It was a great weekend thanks to the committee, speakers, cooks and everyone who helped make it so enjoyable. We thank God for giving us a safe and blessed time and we look forward, God willing, to another amazing weekend next year.

Trinity McConnell, Loughbrickland RPC

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