Hello, my name is Trinity, and I am a member of the Loughbrickland congregation. I have just begun short term service in Stranraer RPC and am settling in nicely. I’ve visited Stranraer three times this last year both for conferences and most recently for their GO week. I am currently taking a gap year after withdrawing from studying Human Biology at Queen’s University. I plan to return to university to study theology, but decided to take a gap year so as not to rush into another degree. As well as preparing for this next course, I wanted to use this free time that I have been given wisely. So after expressing my interest in doing short term service to the Rev. Stephen Steele and his wife Carla, and them explaining the different needs of the church in Stranraer at this time, it seemed like a perfect match.

A main aspect of my role here is with the children. The former Sabbath school teacher had moved back to Northern Ireland just weeks before I arrived and so I will fill her role during my time here. Please pray that God would provide a permanent teacher for the children when I leave.

It has been lovely getting to see the congregation again and possibly continuing some of the work done on the GO team. One thing that springs to mind is the drop in café we did. It was a really good way to get to know people in the town and for them to get to know the church , hopefully breaking down some of those apprehensions or anxieties people may have about entering a church building. It was really encouraging to see a good response, with nine people coming in and chatting with us within only two hours.

I am very excited to see what God has in store for me and for the church during this time and I encourage you to pray for the Stranraer Congregation and the needs that they have at this time.

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