On Wednesday 13th of September 2023 New Life Fellowship in Letterkenny held a meeting in Arena 7 on the subject of “DEPRESSION”. Letterkenny and surrounding areas have seen a high rate of Suicide over the past years.

Rev.Robert Robb spoke of his own struggles with depression and the help he had received. Robert gave a long list of the symptoms of depression.

He went on to explain what depression is:

Depression is an ongoing, permanent, debilitating mood when one is overcome with feelings of inadequacy, worthlessness, despair and hopelessness causing life to seem a pointless, joyless burden with the result that a person stops being able to properly handle life and its daily responsibilities.”

He talked about the help he received from doctors and counsellors after his diagnosis and said he would be on medications to control his depression for the rest of his life.

At the end of the meeting he answered questions and also talked individually to people over some refreshments.

Colin, one of the Elders in the Fellowship, had also suffered from Depression and he wrote a tract which was given out with the Invitations to the meeting. He had many conversations as he gave out invitations and at the meeting. Pray that the tracts given out and conversations had would bear lasting fruit.

Caroline Tait, New Life Fellowship Letterkenney

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