The Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary continued in a multi-decade-long Westminster Conference on September 15-16, 2023. The recent series has focused on the Westminster Standards and the Means of Grace. This conference’s specific topic was Prayer – Our Special Part of Religious Worship. Speakers included Keith Evans (The Other Weapon – Praying in the Spirit as Warfare), Richard Gamble (Calvin on Prayer), David Whitla (Wariston at Prayer – Lessons on the Use and Abuse of Prayer from the Diary of a Covenanter), C. J. Williams (David’s Farewell Prayer), and Barry York (The Importance of Public Praying – Restoring Prayer in God’s House).

One hundred thirty people attended the conference, which was held at Providence Church (PCA) near the Pittsburgh International Airport. Vendors from Crown and Covenant Publishing, The Banner of Truth, and RPTS were in attendance as well, with some excellent book specials. Co-sponsored by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, ACE will have the recorded lectures available on their website at some point this fall.

All of the lectures will appear in manuscript form in the next issue of the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Journal, which will be available, free of charge, on the Seminary’s website once completed. Follow RPTS on social media or join the E-News distribution list for notification when the Journal is published.

RPTS is grateful for the generosity of Providence Church, Crown and Covenant, The Banner, and ACE in helping to provide an excellent conference.

Next year’s conference will be held, Lord willing, at Providence Church on September 20 and 21, 2024, topic to be determined.

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